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Key Email Marketing Actions 2010


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Presentation on key email marketing actions to deploy in 2010. Presented at UWEBC conference in Madison, WI November 2009.

Presentation on key email marketing actions to deploy in 2010. Presented at UWEBC conference in Madison, WI November 2009.

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  • An exciting new era in marketing has arrived in which interacting and building relationships with customers and prospects is the key to delivering unprecedented ROI. Welcome to the age of engagement marketing. Today, I want to discuss seismic shifts in purchasing behaviour and the resulting need for marketers to respect the power of informed customers and embrace the need for a two-way dialogue with them. And I’ll be sharing insights on the most effective ways to do this.Session Title:“Engagement Marketing: Anticipation Instead of Interruption”  Presenter: Will Schnabel—Vice President, International Markets, Silverpop Description: An exciting new age in marketing has arrived in which interacting and building relationships with customers and prospects is key to delivering unprecedented ROI. In this session, Schnabel will discuss the overwhelming need for marketers, in the consumer and B2B arenas, to shift their focus from traditional, one-way approaches to branding and lead generation, to programs that engage customers in a mutually beneficial two-way dialogue. He will also highlight some of the new and innovative strategies that enable successful engagement marketing programs.  
  • Embracing a marketing philosophy that enables you to connect deeply with customers and prospects is a smart way to build brand loyalty and weather the current economic storm. And when the economy eventually rebounds, the benefits of engagement marketing will put you in a position of strength compared to your competitors.So, let’s talk about how we do this.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Key Email Marketing Actions to Take in 2010
      Loren McDonald
      Vice President, Industry Relations
    • 2. Email Marketing
      is not
    • 3. Bad Email Marketing
      is, however
      On Life Support
    • 4. Free Shipping, 20% Off – “So What”
    • 5. Competition With Alerts/Social Notifications
    • 6.
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 9. Are you pounding
      engaging your
    • 10. 6 Actions for 2010
      Capture and Use the Right Data
      Create a World Class Welcome Experience
      Use Personality/UGC
      Create Value Through New Message Streams
      Re-engage and Retain
    • 11. 1. Capture and Use the Right Data
    • 12. Do your emails stand out?
      Do they involve the subscriber?
      Do they talk to, or at customers?
    • 13. No Data, No Relevance
      Logical Personalization?:
      • Gender
      • 14. Marital status
      • 15. Age ranges on signup
      • 16. Wedding anniversary
      • 17. Significant other’s birth date
    • No Recognition of Their Value Proposition
      How About Product Selection & Content that recognizes I’m:
    • 26th Anniversary…and I get This?
    • 21. Progressive Sign Up
    • 22. My Expectations:
      • Birthday wish and/or coupon
      • 23. Age-based content/offers
      • 24. Gender-based content/offers
    • Now for that haircut, I’d Pay More Than $16!
      What I Get
      • No birthday wish
      • 25. Content does not reflect age or gender
    • 26. Net-a-Porter
    • 27.
    • 28. Society of London Theatre
    • 29. Targeted Communications Based on Age
      Under 26 targeted mailings
      Age centric subject line
      Sent to recipients under 26 years
      Open rates around double average open rates
      Mailing for the over 50’s
      Targeted discount offer
      Open Rates 75% above average open rate
    • 30. Preference Center Touch Points
      At opt-in
      Welcome email
      Normal email stream
      Transactional emails
      Web site/Transaction process
      At opt-out
    • 31. 2. Welcome Emails – Start the Relationship Right
    • 32. What is the first email your subscribers receive?
      Do you throw them in
      mid-stream, or “welcome” them into the
    • 33. Research by marketing publisher MarketingSherpa shows email subscriber interest begins to disintegrate as soon as two weeks after the opt-in, as measured by the open rate.
      Within two months, the open rate typically falls 20% to 25%.
      The Honeymoon is Over!
    • 34.
    • 35.
    • 36. Williams-Sonoma 3-Part Series
    • 37. Welcome Email Ecommerce Case Study
      75% increase in conversions
    • 45. 3. Incorporate Personality/UGC
    • 46. Do your emails stand out?
      Do they involve the subscriber?
      Do they talk to, or at customers?
    • 47. Ratings, Popularity, Top Sellers
    • 48. Incorporating Social Aspects Within Emails
      User ratings
      Top read, top purchases, etc.
    • 49. Leveraging Member Reviews in
      Email Content
    • 50. We Like Personalities
      Jim Cramer – Mad Money
      Keith Olbermann – MSNBC
    • 51. …Not Faceless Corporations
    • 52. Can we talk?
      More than ever, we want to connect with brands via real people
      Think Twitter
      We want a personal note, not a direct marketing promotion
    • 53. A Dash of Personality
      From a real person
      Employee, customer stories/comments
    • 54. Can You Say Mimes in Portland?
    • 55. Woot is a Hoot
    • 56. Like, Awesome Dude!
    • 57.
      • Personal reviews/ comments from staff members
      • 58. While not objective, puts real people behind the products and emails
    • Fun Subject Lines
    • 59. One-of-a kind content
    • 60. 4. Move to Lifecycle / Behavior/ Trigger / Event-Based Messaging
    • 61. You Know Who You Are…
      20 Emails in 22 Days
      Free Shipping
      20% off
    • 62. Have you calculated the long-term impact of increased frequency?
      Do your emails create
      value for subscribers?
    • 63.
    • 64. What’s the Potential Impact of Over Mailing?
      5 times
      per month
      12 times
      per month
      Revenue – Churn – Reputation….
    • 65. Retailer – Increased Frequency
      Unsubscribes and spam complaints went through the roof
    • 66. Financial Impact of Increased Mailings
    • 67. Pinball, Earrings, Shredder…
    • 68. Relevant – Based on Purchase Data
    • 69. Cross-Sell/Upsell
    • 70. Behavior-Based Programs
      Cataloger shifted to
      series after
      key purchase:
    • Customer Lifecycle Series Emails
      • End Of Lifecycle Series
      We Miss You
      We Want You Back
      Last Chance
      • Birthday Email
      • 73. Anniversary Email
    • Prospect Lifecycle Series Emails
      Conversion Series
      Give Us a Try
      Please Give Us a Try
      • End Of Lifecycle Series
      We Miss You
      We Want You Back
      Last Chance
      • Birthday Email
    • Big Results after One Month:
      (compared to all previous email campaigns)
      48% lift Click through rate
      129% lift in Net Conversion rate
      Accounted for 10.4% of the total revenue from email marketing while representing only 2.7% of the total email volume.
    • 74. Break Through the Clutter With New Message Streams
      …and more
    • 75. Date/Event-Based Emails
    • Emma’s Diary: Date-Targeted Emails
      Count down to baby’s due date is a great example of a date triggered campaign
    • 88. Wine of the Day - Cadence
    • 89. Consistency – Every Tuesday
    • 90. 5. Re-engage & Retain Unsubscribers
    • 91. List Churn and Inactives – The Good and Bad News
      The bad news…
      A typical list will lose 1/3 of its members each year
      Bounces + spam complaints + unsubscribes = 2-4% / month
      25% to 80% of your list is inactive
      Subscriber has not opened or clicked in specific time frame (e.g., 6, 12 months+)
      The good news…
      • Churn can be reduced
      • 92. You control most of your destiny
      • 93. Some inactives can be reengaged
    • Do you know what your
      list churn rate is?
      What percentage of your
      list is “inactive”?
    • 94. Why Recipients Go Inactive
    • 95. Why Recipients Unsubscribe
      • Too Frequent
      • 96. Irrelevant Content/Offers
      • 97. Also, lack of email address change functionality
    • Don’t Wait, Be Proactive
    • 98. Don’t Wait, Be Proactive
      Monitor inactive subscribers
      Look for demographic, list source, etc. patterns
      Test different frequency, content
      Promote preference updates
      Survey subscribers
      Obtain feedback
      And of course, send more relevant emails 
    • 99. Ask for Feedback
    • 100. Dell Survey/Preference Reminder
    • 101.
    • 102. Value Proposition Reminder
    • 103. Alternatives Are Promoted In the Email
      50% of subscribers presented with alternative to unsubscribing stay!
    • 104. Preference Center/Unsubscribe Pages
    • 105. Q & A