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Making a mistake with your email marketing program isn't a matter of "if" but "when." Even a sophisticated email marketer can commit an "oops": sending to the wrong list, forgetting to change the ...

Making a mistake with your email marketing program isn't a matter of "if" but "when." Even a sophisticated email marketer can commit an "oops": sending to the wrong list, forgetting to change the placeholder subject line, having a bad link or posting the wrong price on a hot-selling product in the email or on the website.

In this fun but practical Webinar, we explored 13 tips to minimize the fallout from the inevitable "oops," including:

> Identifying the mistake and its potential impact
> Determining whether and how to respond
> Deciding who should get the apology/correction email
> Correcting the mistake in other channels
> Choosing the right tone and personality
> Turning an "oops" into a positive outcome
> Reducing future mistakes



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Email marketing oops apology email tips Email marketing oops apology email tips Presentation Transcript

  • „Oops‟: 13 Tips for Dealing With the Inevitable Email Marketing Mistake
  • Speaker and Agenda• Loren McDonald • “Scoops of Oops” • 13 Tips – VP, Industry Relations • Resources – Silverpop • Q&A • Wrap-Up
  • Discovery & Decision Making Corrections EmailsMeasure,Learn & ResponseImprove
  • But first…
  • Oops come in different scoops…er flavors.
  • The Testing, 1,2,3…4,5 - Oops
  • We were just kidding about that discount - Oops
  • The We Like to Share What We Are Doing - Oops
  • Links, what links? - Oops
  • The old system misconfiguration trick - Oops
  • Ya, we didn’t mean to send you the “Dogs That Sing” Newsletter - Oops
  • Discovery & Decision Making Corrections EmailsMeasure,Learn & ResponseImprove
  • #1. Find the mistake  Use Twitter  Monitor other social channels  Educate call center, others 30% Off Sale!  Monitor unsubscribes & abuse complaints Reg. Price $100  Especially monitor reply-to 10% Off = $90 and comments email addresses
  • #2. Assess the potential impact major minor
  • Jump into the recipient‟s mindset…
  • Are the recipients…Even aware Pissed At Amused? Confused? Concerned?of the error? You?
  • For you and your company… Really Just Potentially concernedembarrassed lost revenue about it
  • Which leads to key questions?• Do we need to respond? – Typo or customer impact?• To whom? – All or just those affected?• How? – Which channels?• And by when? – ASAP or do we have time to catch our breath?
  • #3. Consider Responding Only to Those AffectedMistake:• Wrong price on Web site for top 2 products in emailAnalysis:• 700 customers had clicked one or both links• I estimated roughly 15 lost transactions due to wrong price• Client agreed to just email clickersCreative:• Offered additional $10 off next purchase over $100Results:• (see next slide)
  • RideGear Targeted Response - Results • 76% open rate • 26.3% click-through rate • 9.1% conversion rate • 22 orders • 0 bounces • 1 unsubscribe • 0 Abuse complaints
  • #4. Create an action plan Estimate impact in $, conversions, etc Agree on who to send apology to Create quick creative brief Know what you want from the correction Forecast performance, revenue lift, etc
  • #5. Focus on your response Later: • Blame • What caused it • How to prevent it
  • Discovery & Decision Making Corrections EmailsMeasure,Learn &Improve Response
  • #6. Keep mgmt/stakeholders in the loop Did you saythe email said 50% off? !@#%!@#% Notification:  Don‟t run, walk  Have a sense of the impact  Move past the cause  Have a high-level recommendation Updates:  Final recommendations  Positive spin  Expected outcomes  Results
  • Sample conversation points1. Wrong percentage in email2. Added a note on the Web site3. Estimated 5% clicked link4. Correction email to just 5%5. Expect 10% conversion rate and $ of X6. OK?
  • #7. Act quickly How much time do you have? > Very little… - Wrong price, % - People are talking > A bit of time … - No immediate impact
  • #8. Apologize in multiple channelsTweetBlog
  • Support + Blog + Email
  • #9. Use a personal tone that matchesyour recipients expectations1. Tell them you goofed2. Say you are sorry3. Explain what happened4. Make good
  • Simple. Straightforward. Personal.
  • Create strong subject lines Use humor, Acknowledge a personality mistake has when happened appropriateOops - Road Rash From RideGear – Wrong Price on Phoenix Pants and Jackets State the impact
  • NavigationBranding “on brand” Shop links
  • Be careful with humor, images
  • #10. Turn the error into a positive Provide a gift when appropriate
  • Retailer Case StudyMistake:• Sent $20 off of a $60 product email meant for Dallas-areastores – to entire list of 5+ millionCorrection:• Sent mea culpa email to entire list• Subject line: “WHOOPS! Texas Isn‟t That Big: $20 Off $60Nationwide”Results:• Ended up being retailer‟s highest performing, non-holiday,email ever
  • #11. Proof the correction email carefully Have multiple eyes proof it Send test messages Avoid having to send a correction, of your correction
  • Discovery & Decision Making Corrections EmailsMeasure, Learn Response &Improve
  • #12. Measure the impact Additional: • Opens, clicks • Conversions, revenue Did it generate significantly more than normal: • Abuse complaints • Unsubscribes • Complaints via email, phone
  • Positive & Negative Results
  • #13. Learn from the mistake  Create a “Mistake Plan”  Can you get quick analysis?  Create an apology template  Learn what works  Improve processes to minimize future errors (it burns if you touch it)
  • And a rant…(See Email Insider column)
  • The Fake OopsOops! Youre invited to our exclusive *December* Friends & Family event.
  • Key Takeaways Be prepared Apologize to those affected Move quickly Keep it simple, but sincere Turn the mistake into a positive – when appropriate Learn from it Don’t fake it
  • Resources / Q & A
  • About Silverpop• A leading email marketing /marketing automation provider• Email marketing• Transactional email• Landing pages• Surveys• SMS• API Integrations w/ Web analytics,personalization, reviews,recommendation technologies
  • Resources• Resource Center – White papers – Webinars – Blogs – Case studies – Newsletters –• Many presentations on SlideShare –
  • Q & A / Contact Information • Loren McDonald – – Twitter: @LorenMcDonald – Twitter: @Silverpop
  • Thank you! On Twitter: