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  • Hello Park City!Are you ready to get your mocialmojo on?Are you ready to rock?OK, this morning I’m going to talk mocial – using mobile, social and local initiatives to grow your email database.Now before I begin, I have a very special treat. So special you may want to get your cameras and video cameras out.
  • Yes, I was able to get the mocials to stop by a sing one of their biggest hits…
  • So I think except the youngest of you in the audience should know the words to their big hit – A Mocial Day’s Night – so I want to hear everyone joining in with the band…
  • The first thing to note though..the website is not the centre of your universe.For the last 10 years we invested in our websites.. Ultimately website is still important but it is not likely to be the first stop online.. But if people are congregating elsewhere Be it fb/twitter specialised sites etcWe need to ..
  • Social Sign-In is a very exciting new feature that enables your site visitors to register or opt-in to your database simply by clicking on their Social Network logo of their choice.So rather than filling out detailed forms – the consumer simply clicks and a variety of data from that network is then shared with you the marketer. Research studies have shown that 66 percent of consumers prefer social sign in over traditional registration forms. Secondly and more importantly, on average companies using social sign-ins are seeing from 10-50% higher form completions rates.
  • Get data from their social profile and use progressive forms to get the rest over time.
  • Another approach to building your opt-in list is by using SMS or Text to opt-in.Whether at point-of-purchase, at events or on ads – you simply promote an opt-in code and number and consumers provide their email address and are immediately opted in to your email program.
  • Anther new feature is our iPad Pop-In capability. Like SMS to opt-in, this enables you to collect subscriber data and opt-ins wherever they are – at point-of-sale, at events or throughout your physical location.As an example, one of our museum clients will soon be deploying iPads and Pop-In throughout their museum – allowing museum visitors to opt-in to museum newsletters and information at the point of the consumer’s interest.
  • At a high level,PlacePunch serves as the connection between location-based social networks like foursquare and your marketing campaigns. As I mentioned, PlacePunch handles all of the technical aspects of a location-based marketing programs and enables you to focus on running your marketing programs.
  • In order to know when a person has checked-in nearby your locations, PlacePunch requires that participants in your location-based marketing program give us permission to access with their location information from Foursquare and Facebook. At Silverpop, we inherently believe that marketing is most effective when there is a value exchange. Users give you permission to market to them in exchange for valuable content.With PlacePunch, users essentially provide you with access to their location-based check-in profiles so that you can deliver relevant content to them. Here’s how it works.
  • Check-in contests enable you to run a sweepstakes or scavenger hunt program where customers can get entered to win prizes when they check-in at your locations. This enables you create a program that drives in-store traffic and social-media buzz while avoiding the need to worry about validating offers in-store. Our customers love these programs because they generate significant online buzz and in-store visits. Let’s walk through an example of how this works.
  • The first step is for participants to register for the program using their Facebook or Foursquare account. This enables them to opt into your terms and conditions for the program.
  • Once someone has signed up for your campaign, we then forward an email confirmation to that person. This email can contain any type of content that you like.
  • From there, participants will be entered into your contest by actually checking-in. A check-in is needed to actually trigger the entry into the contest. For example, you might run a program where you say, for every check-in, you’ll be entered to win.
  • Silverpop has long been known as a leader in email marketing technology – but while email marketing is core to our business we provide a number of features and solutions that include:Marketing and Campaign AutomationSMS MessagingA survey toolTransact, a dedicated transactional email systemA Landing Pages toolAnd our growing collection of social features such as Share-to-Social and Publish-to-Social
  • Silverpop supports companies of all sizes across a variety of industries and we currently serve more than 1400 clients.Some of our clients are focused on business to consumer, click to buy sales while others support complex, multi-interaction sales cycles, this brings you the best of both worlds helping to understand and incorporate best practices and innovation from both sides of marketing. We work with marketers who want to be leaders in their industries and provide measurable value to their businesses.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mocial Acquisition:Growing Your Email Database ThroughMobile, Social and Local Initiatives@LorenMcDonald
    • 2. MEETTHE MOCIALS! They’re gonna be HUGE
    • 3. A Mocial Day’s NightIts been a mocial days night,and Ive been emailin’ like a dogIts been a mocial days night,I should be acquirin’ like a hogBut when I get your email addressI find the things that you doWill make me feel ROI
    • 4. OK, let’s get serious…
    • 5. Digital Marketing Channel Explosion
    • 6. Your Web site may no longer be the center of your universe Pre-Copernicus (1543)
    • 7. Not a fad…but a way of life 25M 50M800M 250+M
    • 8. Smartphone Sales Pass PC Sales Q4 2010
    • 9. 100+ Million Tablets Expected to Sell in 2012
    • 10. Mobile Apps are Exploding 25 billion downloaded by 2015 Juniper Research
    • 11. Mobile & Social are Converging
    • 12. Foursquare Adding 1 Million Users a Month Now 15MM Facebook also has 350MM Mobile users Over 3 million check-ins per day 500,000 using the Merchant Platform
    • 13. So what the “!@#%” is Mocial?
    • 14. Social Email Conversation ConversionEmail drives the ROI in “Mocial”
    • 15. Mocial opt-in
    • 16. Mocial as a feeder system
    • 17. It’s easy…follow along
    • 18. Mocial Paradigm - Social
    • 19. Social Sign-In: Increasing Registrations 66% of people prefer social sign up
    • 20. Social Profile Data by Network Email        Name           Location        Birth Date       Gender    Friends/Contacts        Profile Photo        Interests    Source Janrain
    • 21. Mocial Paradigm - Mobile
    • 22. SMS to Email Opt-in
    • 23. Pop-In: iPad Opt-in Capture
    • 24. Tablet/Kiosk Opt-ins: The Math10 opt-ins per day100 stores = 1,000360 days = 360,000 new opt-ins
    • 25. 25+% of Apps Used Only Once
    • 26. Capture opt-ins during app download
    • 27. QR Codes to Email Opt-in • Printed collateral • Tradeshow booth • Signage • TV
    • 28. Mocial Paradigm – Local/Location/Checkins
    • 29. Gamification
    • 30. Why should marketers care?
    • 31. Could Foursquare Follow Twitter Growth Rate? @LorenMcDonald - joined Twitter on October 31, 2008 Today 250 million+ Twitter users
    • 32. Check-in Marketing Opportunities Local Offers Sweepstakes Loyalty Twitter Messaging
    • 33. Opt-Ins Increase Email Signups
    • 34. Sweepstakes & Scavenger Hunts Run sweepstakes and scavenger hunts based on when someone checks in to a location with Foursquare or Facebook
    • 35. Sweepstakes Sign-Up
    • 36. EmailConfirmation
    • 37. Participants Check-In
    • 38. Reporting & Winner Selection
    • 39. The Finish Line
    • 40. Be where they are! Facebook / Twitter Checkins QR Codes Email Mobile Database Social Apps Sign-In SMS Tablets / To Kiosks Email
    • 41. Mocial Adoption ContinuumAcquisition Integration CRM ROI/LCV
    • 42. Don’t be afraid to jump in
    • 43. About Silverpop
    • 44. Marketing Automation PlacePunch Email Social Engage SMSConnect Product Platform Landing Survey Pages Transact
    • 45. Integrations and Technology Partners
    • 46. Working with Industry Leaders Financial Services Retail Energy & Utilities Media Business Services SoftwareTravel & Hospitality Non-Profit Food & Beverage Hardware Entertainment Education
    • 47. Thank you! On Twitter: