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Automated lifecycle email messages are critical to delivering on the email marketer’s dream of the “right time, right message.” Many marketers, however, get caught in the rut of simply churning out …

Automated lifecycle email messages are critical to delivering on the email marketer’s dream of the “right time, right message.” Many marketers, however, get caught in the rut of simply churning out more broadcast messages rather than adding these more sophisticated messages based on customer behavior and data.

In this session from the DMA 2012 conference, you’ll learn how to deploy high ROI, low volume triggered emails through a case study and examples from Carey Marston with SmartPak Equine. In addition, Loren McDonald of Silverpop will share best practices and additional client examples of automated programs such as:

• Cross sell and upsell
• Browse abandonment
• Cart abandonment
• Post-purchase series
• Onboarding programs
• Re-engagement programs
• And many more

Learning Points
• Email customers based on customer behavior and data
• Hear how SmartPak deployed high ROI, low volume triggered emails
• See additional examples of best in class automated email programs

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  • Over 3,000 shopping cart abandoned emails sent, per monthSegment versions between supplies versus SmartPaks cart abandonmentSent in AM to customers who abandon cart day prior
  • Sent 3 days before order is scheduled to be shippedServes as a reminder to customer that they can still add one-offitems to their order and not pay additional shipping22.9% Open Rate6.7% CTR$0.98 RPE22.8% Conversion RateTO NOTE: *Since launching the 2nd reminder email, we are seeing ADDITIONAL revenue (almost double) being generated from this campaign. It does not appear that revenue from the first is beingtransferred to the 2nd.
  • I removed the high unsubscribes from things like the reactivation campaigns, optin programs when we were given a list when a company went out of business, and campaigns we have killed. Still slightly higher, but not as high by far. Can either remove unsubs or leave.
  • Added this slide in to show that I think we are still OK to add more lifecycle emails without the fear that they might trigger multiple emails to someone on the same day. If we have emails that are similar in what someone’s actions could have been, then we can suppress one query from another
  • Transcript

    • 1. Delivering IncreasedRelevance and Revenue with Automated Emails @CareyMKegel @LorenMcDonald
    • 2. “Trigger” horse senseCarey Marston Kegel, SmartPak @CareyMKegel Loren McDonald, Silverpop @LorenMcDonald
    • 3. Happy Birthday Carey!
    • 4. Why Automation?
    • 5. 1. Relevance …Hope is not a marketing strategy.
    • 6. 2. Revenue - Low Volume, High ROI! Volume of Emails sent Sales Generated 4.1% Triggered Campaigns 40.2% Triggered Campaigns 59.8 % 95.9 % Batch Batch Campaigns Campaigns
    • 7. 3. Relaxation …and no need to push the “send” button!
    • 8. Agenda SmartPak Email Program Overview SampleQ&A Automated Emails Process / Takeaways
    • 9. SmartPak Background
    • 10. About SmartPak• Founded by riders and horse owners for riders and horse owners• Finding a better way to administer supplements led to a quest for discovering innovative, smarter products• Convenience, peace of mind, time savings Benefits:• How SmartPaks work: • Fed right every time • Custom orders • Delivered free, monthly
    • 11. Email Channel Promotional Transactional Lifecycle Newsletters Order Confirmation SmartPaks Welcome Order Shipment Offers Confirmation Order Reminder Order Delivered Confirmation Abandoned Cart Delivery Confirmation SmartPaks Up-sell Password Recovery Post Purchase24 triggered and Review Credit Card Failure transactional Notification Consumable Replenishment programs in SmartPaks Cancelplace, ~50 unique Confirmation Browse Behavior automated Returns Notification ColiCare mailings/day + 8 More
    • 12. SmartPak Email Program Email Volume Transact. & Triggered Promotional 12% 88%• ~2MM+ emails sent, per month• Email generates 30% of all online marketing Email Revenue revenue Transact. & Promotional Triggered• Healthy transactional 70% 30% and triggered email program drives high return4 years ago = 2% volume / 1% revenue
    • 13. SmartPak Email Team Business Owners with many requests for email campaignsEmail Marketing Manager Email Designer
    • 14. Where we came from Separate systems Email startingNew ESP to get respect Hired Consultant
    • 15. Sample Lifecycle Emails
    • 16. Browse Reengagement CartReplenishment Sample Automated Order Status Emails Upsell Onboarding Shipment Review Request Reminders
    • 17. Pre- to Post-Purchase Emails Pre-Transaction Purchase Process Post-Purchase Relationship• Browse • Order • Satisfaction • Bounceback abandonment Confirmation Survey • Account reminder• Cart • Order status • Review request • Loyalty programs abandonment • Shipping notice • Review • Account status • Shipment notification • Purchase confirmation • Recommendation anniversary • Trip preparation • Replenishment • Repurchase • Upgrades
    • 18. Browse Behavior
    • 19. Browse Behavior • 37.6% Open Rate • 7.35% CTR • $0.44 Rev/Email
    • 20. Browse Behavior
    • 21. Browse Behavior
    • 22. Browse Behavior
    • 23. Cart / Wishlist Abandonment
    • 24. Updated Abandon CartThe results:• 38.5% open rate• 10.15% CTR Dynamic product recommendations• 50% conversion rate• $4.80 revenue/email
    • 25. Abandon Cart Enhancement Enhancement+ Add “reminder” to existing stream to increase conversion » Test timing (5 days with no conversion) » Test subject line and headline » Streamline copy
    • 26. DEMCO ResultsConversion rate is just as high on the first email as it is on the last email– without an offer Cart Email A Cart Email B Cart Email C Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 AVERAGEOpen Rate 40% 39% 32% 37%Click-to-Open 44% 47% 28% 41%Click-thru-Rate 18% 18% 9% 15%Conversion Rate 22% 15% 24% 20%Sales/email $8.60 $8.40 $5.04 $7.46
    • 27. Abandon Wishlist + Encourage subscribers to update their SmartPak wish list and/or share with friends + Potential to pair with birth date targeting (and timely email encouraging subscriber to share list with friends and family) + Send reminders around holidays + 36% Open rate + 2% CTR + $0.73 Rev/Email + Offer a forward to a friend feature, but have so far seen little usage
    • 28. Supplement Wizard
    • 29. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Finished Process • Sent when a customer receives their results but does not add items to cart or checkout • 40.17% Open Rate • 4.18% CTR • $0.38 Rev/Email
    • 30. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Did not get results • Sent when a customer starts the Wizard, but does not get to the results page • 44% Open Rate • 7.61% CTR • $0.25 Rev/Email
    • 31. Order Status
    • 32. Order Status: Another $ OppOrder Confirmation24.16% Open Rate Shipment Confirmation Delivery Confirmation$0.13 Rev/Email 36% Open Rate 34.44% Open Rate $0.16 Rev/Email $0.05 Rev/Email Next Steps: • Insert dynamic product recommendations to increase rev/email • Potentially insert offer for repeat purchase
    • 33. Product Review Request
    • 34. Post-Purchase Review“Customer input gives shoppers the confidence to buy, increasing sales, conversion, average order value, and more.” Source: Bazaarvoice • Launched home-grown product review tool in early 2006 – Gathered 5,000 customer reviews • Use Bazaarvoice (launched January 2009) to handle customer reviews • Sent generic broadcast email to customers to review products they have purchased • Launched a daily triggered email to review first time ordered products post-purchase – Currently have over 80,000 product reviews
    • 35. Onboarding Emails
    • 36. SmartPaks System Welcome Email – New Creative 41% Open Rate 5.46% CTR Answers questions customers may have when their package arrives
    • 37. SmartPaks System Welcome Email #2 • Sent 7 days after the 2nd shipment • 34.5% Open Rate • 8.9% CTR • Goal – increase retention of new customers
    • 38. Order/Shipment Reminders
    • 39. Autoship Reminder Email • Reminds customer of upcoming SmartPaks order • Allows customer time to make changes before order is processed • Top revenue generating triggered email The results: • 36% open rate • 13% click-through rate • $1.39 revenue-per-email • 18%+ conversion rate Real time products based on purchase behavior
    • 40. Follow Up Reminder Email • 22.9% Open Rate • 6.7% CTR • $0.98 RPE • 22.8% Conv. Rate - Sent 3 days before autoship order ships - Since launching the 2nd reminder email, we are seeing ADDITIONAL revenue (almost double) being generated from this campaign.
    • 41. Upsell Emails
    • 42. SmartPaks Upsell Emails Customer orders supplements in buckets for their horseGOAL: Convert customer to order supplements in AutoShip SmartPaks
    • 43. SmartPaks Upsell Emails • Focus on the most important product purchase
    • 44. SmartPaks Upsell Emails
    • 45. SmartPaks Upsell Emails• Launched early September• Slow to start• 15% Open Rate• 1% CTR• 3 SmartPaks started (1% conversion)• Potentially re-assess timing and/or welcome onboarding as the majority are brand new customers
    • 46. Replenishment
    • 47. ReplenishmentGoal: Increase sales of repeatpurchasesTiming: Based on a calculation ofwhen product will run outResults:- 29.4% Open Rate- 3.56% CTR- $0.41 Rev/Email- 9.56% Conversion Rate
    • 48. Inactive Re-Engagement
    • 49. Inactive Email recipient does not open, click or purchase in 45Re-Engagement days• Goal: Reactivate customers before Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Update Profile - 1.1 they become inactive• Results: • Open Rate – 5.6% Opens or clicks any • CTR – 0.5% email or makes a purchase in 75• Timing previously was 75 Day, 90 days Day, 180 Day. • Observed low engagement • 3% Open Rate Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Exits Inactive Re- Enagagement Pays to be Smart – 1.2 • 0.35% CTR Program • Decided to make the switch to catch people earlier in the Opens or clicks any inactive process email or makes a purchase in 90 days Inactive Re-Engagement Email: 10% off Order – 1.3
    • 50. Inactive Re-EngagementDay 45: “Help Us Day 75: “It Pays toServe You Better” be Smart” Day 90: “We Miss You! Come Back and Save 10%”
    • 51. Process / Takeaways
    • 52. How we did it? – Phased Approach • Identified critical segments and articulated the goals for each (e.g.1 convert supplement bucket buyers to SmartPaks buyers) • Mapped out existing email framework to understand the flow from2 one lifecycle stage to the next (and identify gaps!) • Prioritized opportunities and executed (while keeping an eye on3 simplicity and automation to make the most of our limited resources) • Completed relational tables integration4 • Our motto: Pilot > Optimize > Automate!5
    • 53. Where to Focus????What marketing What marketing What What marketing What marketing programs will programs marketing programs programs will help will help programs will will help help you capture you convert help you grow you ensure you win new email prospects to customer customer back lost addresses? customers? value? loyalty? customers?
    • 54. Identify current and wishlist campaigns
    • 55. Reasons to Targeted Email SmartPak SmartPak Promotional Lifecycle & Email Transactional Email Open Rate 17% 28%  64% higher Click-Through Rate 2% 5%  150% higher Conversion Rate 6% 11%  83% higher Revenue-Per-Email $0.16 $0.44  175% higher Unsubscribe Rate 0.043% 0.05%  16% higherSpam Complaint Rate 0.047% 0.043% 10% lower
    • 56. Too much email with triggered messages? Average No. Emails Received Per Month by Customer Segment 14 12.1 12 10 8.5 8 6 4 3.1 2.8 2 0 Email Subscriber… Email Subscriber… Non-Email Subscriber… Non-Email Subscriber…* Includes promotional emails and reminders (when applicable), order shipped emails with tracking number, rate and reviewemails, and abandoned cart emails. Does not include transactional emails such as delivery confirmation, orderconfirmation, password recovery, etc.
    • 57. Test First - Purchase Cross-SellGoal: Increase supplies sales of Subject Line: “You Might Like the Backsupplement buyers by marketing on Track Saddle Pad”a relevant product to themResults:- 26.59% Open Rate- 6.73% CTR- $0.23 Rev/Email- 2.6% Conversion Rate - Of the orders, half sold the saddle pad - Test group performed 2.4x better than control
    • 58. Test First - Purchase Cross-SellGoal: Increase sales by Subject Line: “Stop Sore Feet in theirmarketing a relevant product to Tracks”customers - Targeted customers with aparticular need - Reused previous creativeResults:- 19.41% Open Rate- 4.31% CTR- $0.58 Rev/Email- 12.5% Conversion Rate- Test group performed 2x better than control group - (small test groups, difficult to draw solid conclusions off of)
    • 59. Upcoming Goals Anniversary Customer-centric conversion Creative/brand refresh on all current triggered emails Real-time product recommendations Integrated marketing database Post-purchase upsells and cross-sells
    • 60. TakeawaysHave an action planMap out your existing framework and where you want to goDon’t get overwhelmedPrioritize based on business goalsTestSpeak to your customers in a timely mannerAnalyze your business and what value you want to give to yourcustomers via emailDemonstrate results of email along the way. Share success
    • 61. Q&A / Contact Info• Carey Marston Kegel – SmartPak – Email Marketing Manager – Twitter: @CareyMKegel –• Loren McDonald – Silverpop – VP, Industry Relations – Twitter: @LorenMcDonald – Google+: +LorenMcDonald – Pinterest: intevation –