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  • ability to track the responder’s behavior not only to the landing page of a … but also from there through the Web site to ultimate sale, hesitation, or outright cart abandonment. This tracking is critical to testing modifications in the construction and targeting of the email that might improve results.” - IDC Worldwide Web Analytics Software Applications 2006 - 2010 Forecast and Analysis: 2005 Shares and Current Out look in the Year of IntegrationJune, 2006But that is exactly what we enable ourselves to do when we integrate email and analytics in the online worldSegments: Thick Slices = High ImpactFrom the information we gain - as we learn about groups within our visitor segments - we can refine and tailor the conversation with “thinner” custom slices of our population. Omniture’s Data Warehouse give you the option of any number of segment definitions for a more custom segmentation and thinner slices.Integrating email and web analytics behavior data lets you listen to what your customer is telling you through their website behavior, interact with them in a dialog of additional offers, and refine your knowledge until ultimately you and the customer determine how you can best fulfill the customer’s needs. When you send a spray and pray email, you are putting earmuffs on your concierge.But when you complete an integration, you are taking off the earmuffs, and letting the conversation flow.
  • OfficeMax – not a client – sent March 1 for March 16 birthday – a birthday month approach
  • Dairy Crest Introduction Customers that have not recently placed an order, milk&more offer an incentivise place another order.
  • 7 email marketing ideas tactics uk

    1. 1. 7 Ideas to ImplementWhenYouGet Back to the OfficeLoren McDonald@LorenMcDonald
    2. 2. OLD NEW TWIST
    3. 3. So buckle up…
    4. 4. #1: Capture More Home Page Opt-ins@LorenMcDonald
    5. 5. 56% hide opt-in at the bottom
    6. 6. 36%highlightopt-in atthe top
    7. 7. Mouseoverdropsdownform field Moved opt-in from the bottom of the home page to the top Gave a first order incentive Saw an increase in campaign revenue by 189%
    8. 8. Moving opt-in from below the fold to above516% lift -Top of home page/Every page348% lift –Top of home page/Every page100% lift –Top of home page from bottom50% lift -Top of home page from bottomSample Results
    9. 9. Use PopoversPop-overs = 200-400% lift
    10. 10. Don’t messwith myWeb site…but moresubscribers leadsto more revenue!
    11. 11. #2: Evolve “Welcome” to “Onboarding” Programmes@LorenMcDonald
    12. 12. Welcome Progression – But still generic …Immediate3-7 days7-14 daysImmediateStand aloneEmail # 1Email # 2Email # 33-part series
    13. 13. FashionSiteShoes Bags DressesEmail Sign-UpWelcomeEmail 1WelcomeEmail 2BagsOfferShortsBrowseGenericContentOoops
    14. 14. Email Sign-UpOnboardEmail 1OnboardEmail 2OnboardEmail 3OnboardEmail 4Or you try to convert them on “Dresses”Dresses offer –w/deadlineIncludes currentDresses offerIncludessurvey/progressiveformIncludes dresses topsellers/recommendationsUsingWebTracking – marrybrowse behaviorto email address
    15. 15. DynamicWelcome Campaign – Based on Source
    16. 16. 3: Remarketing: Basket & Browse Abandonment@LorenMcDonald
    17. 17. Browse / Basket Abandonment: Showing InterestSentDeliveredOpenedClickedProduct ViewsCart AdditionsCheckoutsOrdersRevenueUnitsBrowseBasket
    18. 18. #2 - Under £90 #2 - Over £90#1 - All01/01/2012 – 31/12/2012Recovered SalesTotal Value £615,342.86Total Number 4,493Average Order Value £136.96
    19. 19. Browse – Sniffing Around
    20. 20. Browse Behaviour• 37.6% Open Rate• 7.35%CTR• £0.28 Rev/Email
    21. 21. Browse Behaviour
    22. 22. ThankYou!Wizard / Calculator Abandonment
    23. 23. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Finished Process• Sent when acustomerreceives theirresults butdoes not additems tobasket orcheckout• 40.17% OpenRate• 4.18% CTR• £0.24Rev/Email
    24. 24. 4:Take Birthday (and other date based) Emails to theNext Level@LorenMcDonald
    25. 25. Your ordinary, but successful birthday email• Capturebirthdate• Create email –often w/ offer• Set up trigger• Print money
    26. 26. New Rule:Make it dynamic,personalised and a series.
    27. 27. Prints You Viewed RecentlyFrom:• Basket• Wish list• Recommendation• Web tracking• Category browsed
    28. 28. Sample Birthday Programme#1• Offer• Personalisedw/ recentbrowsed#2• Reminder tonon-openers fewdays later#3• 10 days leftreminder#4• 24 hours left• Last chance
    29. 29. But really, think beyond birthday emails …• Programs• Web Tracking• Dynamic ContentFeatures• Purchase anniversaries• Subscriber / Member anniversaries• EventsIdeas
    30. 30. 5. Segment Based on Behaviour@LorenMcDonald
    31. 31. PaperStyle – Custom Invitations- Sending batch and blast- No targeting- Response rates declinedAgency Whereoware- Analyzed site behaviour- Purchase patterns- Wedding process- Created wedding timeline
    32. 32. Purchased weddingproductsWeddingessentialsWedding nurturingWedding favorsBridal partygiftsThank youcardsFriend’s weddingnurturingBridal showerinvitesShowertablewareBach. invitesBach. tablewareWedding giftsYourwedding?Clicked on weddinglinkYesNo7 days6 weeks3 weeks7 days7 days7 days7 days7 days7 daysNurture ProgrammeBRIDALSEGMENT
    33. 33. Web site oremail clickbehaviourdrops youinto YourWedding orFriend’sWeddingnurture
    34. 34. YourWedding Track
    35. 35. Friend’sWedding TrackResults – Avgs Across BothProgrammes- Open Rate Increased - 244 %- CTR Increased - 161 %- Revenue Per Mailing Increased - 330 %
    36. 36. 6. Focus on EarlyActivation Over Reactivation@LorenMcDonald
    37. 37. How big is the inactives challenge?Really BIG!
    38. 38. Typical Actives vs. Inactives Ratio
    39. 39. So what are you going to do about it???
    40. 40. Typical Re-engagement Series - Incentives
    41. 41. Typical Reactivation Rate: 1%-2%High Performers: 5-8%5% X 40% = 2% of your DB
    42. 42. Don’tWait: Create “Early” Inactives ProgramNew subscribers who don’t open/click first XXmessages / X weeksMove these early inactives into “activation” trackSend survey, different offers; best of, differentsubject lines, testimonials, etc.
    43. 43. Dairy Crest – Lapsed Banner using DCAverage openrates of 43% withapproximately20% re-activatingand takingadvantage of theincentive offer
    44. 44. 7. Get Focused, Get Started@LorenMcDonald
    45. 45. Overwhelmed with ideas… don’t freak out
    46. 46. Solve your biggest business problem first!
    47. 47. Focus on “starting” – not “Best” practices
    48. 48. Don’t try to be perfect …
    49. 49. OurRequestPick 1Idea/ProgrammeLaunch itImprove itLaunch anotherprogrammeSpeak atAmplify nextyear
    50. 50. Q & ALoren McDonaldlmcdonald@silverpop.com@LorenMcDonald
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