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6 Keys To Email Sharing

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Joint presentation from Loren McDonald, SIlverpop and Brian Brown, ideapark at the MIMA Annual Summit on the key success factors for incorporating social sharing into your email marketing program and …

Joint presentation from Loren McDonald, SIlverpop and Brian Brown, ideapark at the MIMA Annual Summit on the key success factors for incorporating social sharing into your email marketing program and messages.

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  • The Direct Marketing Association estimates that commercial e-mail will generate $45.65 for every dollar spent in 2008. Contrast that with $22.52 for non-email Internet marketing (search engine optimization and ads) and $7.09 for catalog.
  • National Express did 3 important things with this email..Firstly - it was a compelling offerSecondly – there wasn’t huge amounts of confusion around the message being sharedFinally – they made it easy and explained what the links were for those unfamililar with the concept
  • B2B Marketing emailB2B email marketing and social
  • Best of all, users can create a list of the recipients who shared the email to Social Network. These Influencers are especially valuable to marketers, and in a few clicks they can be identified in a list. That list can be used to easily target this valuable group with special offers or special communications that will harness their value.


  • 1. 6 Keys to Successful Integration of Social Networks and Email
    Brian Brown, ideapark @idpkbrian
    Loren McDonald, Silverpop -@LorenMcDonald
  • 2. Email is Dead, Right?
    CAN-SPAM Act
    Overloaded inbox
  • 3. Twitter is Hot, But Email is Ubiquitous
    Twitter has roughly
    50 million users
    *The Radicati Group
    Email has more than
    1.4 billion worldwide users*
  • 4. In Fact, Social Usage = More Email Usage
  • 5. Email marketing outperforms virtually all other media in terms of ROI*
    *DMA, CMO Council
    Email Still Rules Dude
  • 6. Social Email is The New Viral
    Less than 0.1% CTR
    0.5% CTR
  • 7. One to One to Many
  • 8. Extends the Reach of Email
    Social network users are, on average, connected to
    between 150 and 200 friends
    24% average
    increased reach
  • 9. High-Value Sharers Emerge
  • 10. Agenda and Goals
    How Does Share-to-Social Work?
    The 6 Keys to Success
    Key Takeaways
    Q & A
    Provide context
    Better understanding of sharing
    Share best practices
    Provide benchmarks
  • 11. Share-to-Social (S2S)/Share With Your Network (SWYN): How it Works
  • 12. This is NOT Share-to-Social/SWYN…
    But this is…
  • 13. Insert Share Links
    Custom Coding
  • 14. Personalized by recipient
  • 15. Shared with Friends
  • 16. The 6 Keys to Successful Integration of Social Networks and Email
  • 17. 6 Keys to Successful Social/Email Integration
  • 18. 1. Understand What Motivates People to Share
  • 19. What Motivates People to Share?
  • 20. Contributing to the Conversation
    Sharing benefits people through the value of the information shared in return
  • 21. Self Interest
    Sharing rewards the pocketbook
  • 22. Altruism
    Sharing makes them feel good
  • 23. Validation
    Sharing feeds the ego
  • 24. Affinity
    Sharing makes people feel more a part of the "community"
  • 25. Prurience
    Sharing makes people feel less guilty for gawking
  • 26. 2. Target the right social networks and media
  • 27. Facebook Links Included 100% of the Time
    B2B Emails
    LinkedIn = 83%
  • 28. Are 4 to 5 Networks the Right #?
  • 29. Smaller Networks Generate Higher Share of Clicks
    # of Share Clicks / Message Unique Clicks
  • 30. …But Facebook is Most Effective
    Which social networks drive the
    most additional email “views/opens”?
    Facebook has highest social network effectiveness:
    • Average = 68%
    • 31. Top Quartile average = 195%
  • Keys to Targeting the Right Networks
    Utilize third-party research
    Survey subscribers/Monitor network activity
    Test and analyze click/share activity
    Identify subtrends
    e.g., High-value sharers
    Kill the losers
  • 32. 3. Educate subscribers on how/why to share
  • 33. Why Education is Key
    Despite growth, “sharing” is still early
    Different levels of social adoption
    Sharing features/networks can differ in approaches
  • 34. Share to Social in Action
  • 35. Explain...
  • 36. Encourage
  • 37. 4. Optimize email sharing design and link location
  • 38. Link Location - Top, Middle or Bottom?
  • 39. Content, Content, Content
  • 40. Eat Better America - Bottom
  • 41. Eat Better America - Top
  • 42. Dinner Made Easy - Bottom
  • 43. Dinner Made Easy – Near Top
  • 44. Consider Blocked Images
  • 45. 5. Create shareworthy content
  • 46. 8 Keys to Shareworthy Emails
  • 47. What B2B Emails Are Shareworthy?
    • Relevant Articles
    • 48. Event /Webinar Notifications
    • 49. News / Press Releases
  • B2C - Recipes Are Naturally Viral
  • 50. What’s Not Shareworthy?
    • Highly Personalised Emails
    • 51. Transactional Emails
    • 52. Long newsletters
    • 53. Negative News
  • “Dough” + Valentine = Shareworthy
  • 54. 6. Test, Analyze and Refine for Increased Sharing
  • 55. Test – What’s Working/Not Working
    Link Style
    Link Location
    Broad versus Narrow Focus Messages
    Viral-Only Messages
    High-Value Sharers…
  • 56. Identify Key Influencers
    Identify recipientswho shared yourmessage
    Create lists of key influencers
    Target them with future offers andincentives
  • 57. How to Measure Success
    Email share click-through rate
    Network opens/rate
    Network clicks/rate
    Performance by network
    Who is sharing – influencer rates
    New subscribers
    Additional reach
  • 58. Takeaways/Resources
  • 59. What to Tell Your Boss
  • 60. ...but it does require more than just inserting links
  • 61. Key Takeaways
    Narrow your network focus
    Make it easy to share
    Determine what your subscribers find most ‘Shareworthy’
    Identify and reward your key influencers
    Test everything and don’t be afraid to fail
  • 62. Resources
    Whitepaper, Email Marketing Goes Social
    Emails Gone Viral, Social Sharing Benchmark Study
    Shareworthy card
  • 63. Q&A
  • 64. Contact Information