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3 Email Marketing Must Dos For 2010

3 Email Marketing Must Dos For 2010



Given that most marketers have limited resources, budget and time, where should your team focus its energies in 2010 to maximize ROI and have email play a more significant role in your company's ...

Given that most marketers have limited resources, budget and time, where should your team focus its energies in 2010 to maximize ROI and have email play a more significant role in your company's success? This Webinar covered 3 key areas that email marketers will need to focus on in 2010, or risk seeing more sophisticated competitors pass you by:

Leverage the Data
Engage With Customers/Subscribers
Automate and Optimize



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  • 52% Open Rate (Nearly 150% higher than broadcast average) 13.8% Click through rate (125% higher than broadcast average) 10% higher conversion rate and slightly higher average order value.
  • 30% Open Rate (40% Higher than Broadcast average) 7% Click through rate (18% Higher than broadcast average) 15% Higher conversion rate than overall average Surprisingly slightly lower than average order value
  • Apple does it right – personalizedupsells with images on the right navUse the real estate – order more stuff, get more recommendations. When mixing Marketing content with Transactional:Keep the transactional portion front and centerKeep the design simple and don’t overdo it on the products and offersLeverage the info obtained by the orderFrom marketingSherpa email marketing Benchamark guide 2009, p 159
  • Double-down on the cross sell – apparently not customized to my order but better than nothing.

3 Email Marketing Must Dos For 2010 3 Email Marketing Must Dos For 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Your 3 “Must Dos” for Email Marketing in 2010
  • Speakers
    Richard Evans
    Senior Manager, Product Marketing
    Loren McDonald
    VP, Industry Relations
  • Email Has Been “Easy Pickens,” Like…
  • …but…it is getting tougher.
  • Real-time expectations
  • Multiple Inboxes
    Web Browser
    Web Version
    PC client
    Mobile Client
    Social Network
    RSS Feed
  • So 3 Must Dos in 2010
    Leverage the Data
    Engage With Customers/Subscribers
    Automate and Optimize
  • Buckle Up!
  • Leverage the Data
  • It is all about the data…
    Observe behavior
  • My Expectations:
    • Birthday wish and/or coupon
    • Age-based content/offers
    • Gender-based content/offers
  • Data Is the Foundation of Relevance
  • Preference Centers
  • Why Preference Centers?
  • Preference Center Touch Points
  • Society of London Theatre
  • Targeted communications based on age
    Under 26 targeted mailings
    Age centric subject line
    Sent to recipients under 26 years
    Open rates around double average open rates
    Mailing for the over 50’s
    Targeted discount offer
    Open Rates 75% above average open rate
  • Sky Europe – Sign Up
  • Capture Only Data You’ll Use
  • Happy Birthday
    • 52% Open Rate
    • 13.8% CTR
    • 10% higher conversion rate
    • Slightly higher AOV
  • Gather feedback – use surveys
  • Maintenance Follow-Up Survey
    Determine whatis working
  • Engaging With Surveys
    Move-In (day-14)
    5 Month (day-150)
    Maintenance Follow-up
    Build Good Will
    Identify Issues
    Identify Net Promoters
    25% Participation
    Increased Satisfaction
    Irvine Company
  • Leverage Behavioral Data
  • Fabric.com Segments List by Purchasing Habits
    • Active – Buying, opening and clicking regularly
    • Semi-Active – Buying, opening and clicking occasionally
    • Inactive – No longer buying, opening and clicking
    • Active – Opening and clicking regularly
    • Semi-active – Opening and clicking occasionally
    • Inactive – No longer opening or clicking
  • Purchase Anniversary
    • 30% Open Rate
    • 7% Click through rate
    • 15% Higher conversion rate than overall average
  • Re-engage subscribers before it is too late.
  • Engage With Customers/Subscribers
  • Manage Expectations
  • Subscriber Expectations
    Other communications
    Subscription management
    Relevance and personalization
  • Welcome Emails
  • Within two months of opt-in, the open rate typically falls 20% to 25%.
    Source: MarketingSherpa
  • Bring the Flowers
  • Welcome Email Ecommerce Case Study
    • Text
    • Single email
    • IT Generated
    • No marketing messaging
    • HTML
    • 2-part email series
    • Marketing generated
    • Promotions, education
    75% increase in conversions
  • Create content that is shareworthy
  • Social Email is the New Viral
  • Share to Social/SWYN in Email
    Increased views, clicks
    Reach new audience
    Obtain new subscribers
    Viral buzz
    Increased ROI
    Most valuable sharers
  • “Dough” + Valentine = Shareworthy
  • Content that is Engaging & Human
  • Unexpected content
  • Incorporating Social Aspects Within Emails
    User ratings
    Top read, top purchases, etc.
  • Email That Educates & Sells
  • I’m Too Sexy for My Subject Line
  • Like, Awesome Dude!
    • Personal reviews/ comments from staff members
    • While not objective, puts real people behind the products and emails
  • Re-engage
  • 25% to 80%+ of your list
    is “inactive”
  • Don’t Wait, Be Proactive
  • Dell Reengagement Email
  • Re-engagement Series
  • Re-engagement Series Results
    Performed abysmally (not unexpected)
    5.8% Open rate
    1.8% click through rate
    1-2 orders per fiscal quarter
    So why bother…
  • Verifies email address is no longer of valueandImproves list quality / deliverability
  • Deliverability Reputation
  • The future of deliverability is
    managing reputation at the
    individual level.
  • Evolution of Spam Filtering
    No Email Boundaries
    Personal Preference
    Border Patrol
    Stone Walls
    Picket Fences
    • Consumer Relevancy
    • ISPs adopt adaptive learning models and determine delivery based upon consumer preferences – both explicit AND learned
    • Reputation
    • If you have a good reputation in the eyes of the ISPs your mail will be delivered
    • Authentication
    • ISPs use Authentication to help reduce false-positives
    • Blast and Spray
    • All emails were welcomed by ISPs and consumers
    • Whitelist & Blacklist
    • ISPs incorporate basic spam filtering techniques to thwart spam
    ISPs will continue to adapt their filters and other technology to mirror end user preferences
    The progression of spam filtering
    Source: Pivotal Veracity
  • 20 Emails in 22 Days
    Free Shipping
    20% off
    $5, $10 off
  • Value-Added Message Streams
    …and more
  • Wine of the Day - Cadence
  • Provide alternatives to leaving
  • Why Recipients Opt Out
    • Too Frequent
    • Irrelevant Content/Offers
    • Also, lack of email address change functionality
  • Promote Alternatives In the Email
    50% of one company’s subscribers stay when presented
    with alternatives to unsubscribing!
  • 3 Key Options
  • Automate and Optimize
  • Why automate?
  • Automation to the rescue!
  • Use Triggers: Cart-Abandonment/Reminders/Etc
  • Swatch Order Reminders
  • Open, CT and Conversion Rates that are MORE THAN DOUBLE broadcast email rates
    Average Order Value is 53% HIGHER
  • Cart Abandonment Emails
    52% Open Rate
    27% CTR
  • Click-Through Rates that are 350% higher than broadcast email rates
    Average Order Value is 10% HIGHER
    Conversion rates 50% higher than broadcast
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Time Variables Are Endless
  • Send Time Matters Most…
    Because we are all individuals
  • The Right Time Of Course Is…
    …when each individual recipient is
    most likely to respond:
    The time when they consistently
    open and act on your emails.
  • For Silverpop Clients
  • Send Time Optimization Results
    The Test:
    Group 1 received emails at 9am
    Group 2 received emails based on the time of their last open.
    Open rates increased 6%
    Total revenue generated increased 52%
    Average value per order grew 47%
  • Manual Approach
    Export your email data from a recent send
    Group recipients by their open time
    Test your next send
    50% get the email at the standard time
    50% get it at the hour of day they last opened
  • Transactional Messages – Leverage Non-Marketing Emails
  • Marketing Content in Transactional Messages - Benefits
    One Silverpop client estimates that email is
    64 X cheaper than a phone call
    Graph Source: Jupiter Research “The Transactional Messaging Imperative,” 2008
    n=200 email marketers, US
  • Transactional Email Can Engage Too
  • The Old IT Approach
  • Dynamic Promotional Content Based On Purchase
    More real estate? More offers!!
    Customized cross-sell offers
  • Promotional Content Doesn’t Have to be Customized
    Main message clearly communicated in subject line and top of message
    Great HTML Layout
    Order details
    Same promotional content reiterated
  • Landing Pages
  • Email without a well-designed
    landing page/Web site is like….
    …a day without revenue
    or conversions.
  • Netflix Landing Page
    • Scannable headline
    • Bulleted copy covers key information
    • Pricing info in large graphical button
    • Simple form – just what’s needed
    • Visual 1-4 steps
  • Testing
  • Only 40 percent of email marketers test their campaigns on a regular basis.
    Jupiter Research, 2008
  • …those who did were rewarded by an average 25 percent improvement in response rates.
    Jupiter Research, 2008
  • Are you leaving money on the table?
  • Example - College Colors Day Promotion
    Stamps.com team debated using image of a fan in the email
  • Real-time Content Testing
    A/B image-based assets are served in real time
    When winner is determined, winning asset served to all recipients
  • Real Time View
    • In this example, they didn’t see a significant difference in conversion, they did see a difference in sales (customers ordered larger quantities).
  • Things to Test
    Subject lines
    Time of day/day of week
    Short vs long
    Opt-in forms/page layout
    Re-engagement offers
    User generated content
    Button design
  • Go for it!
  • Resources / Contact Information
  • Resources
    Resource Center
    White papers
    Case studies
    Many presentations on SlideShare
  • Next Webinar
    January 21
    2 pm ET/11 am PT
    Tentative Topic:
    Video and Email
  • Contact Information / Q & A
    Richard Evans, Silverpop
    Twitter: @rlevans
    Twitter: @silverpop
    Loren McDonald, Silverpop
    Twitter: @LorenMcDonald
    Twitter: @silverpop
  • Thank you!On Twitter: @Silverpopwww.slideshare.net/silverpopwww.silverpop.com