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Presented at Silverpop's US Client Summit in May 2013. Originally titled "10 Ideas to Take Back to the Office."

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  • ability to track the responder’s behavior not only to the landing page of a … but also from there through the Web site to ultimate sale, hesitation, or outright cart abandonment. This tracking is critical to testing modifications in the construction and targeting of the email that might improve results.” - IDC Worldwide Web Analytics Software Applications 2006 - 2010 Forecast and Analysis: 2005 Shares and Current Out look in the Year of IntegrationJune, 2006But that is exactly what we enable ourselves to do when we integrate email and analytics in the online worldSegments: Thick Slices = High ImpactFrom the information we gain - as we learn about groups within our visitor segments - we can refine and tailor the conversation with “thinner” custom slices of our population. Omniture’s Data Warehouse give you the option of any number of segment definitions for a more custom segmentation and thinner slices.Integrating email and web analytics behavior data lets you listen to what your customer is telling you through their website behavior, interact with them in a dialog of additional offers, and refine your knowledge until ultimately you and the customer determine how you can best fulfill the customer’s needs. When you send a spray and pray email, you are putting earmuffs on your concierge.But when you complete an integration, you are taking off the earmuffs, and letting the conversation flow.
  • OfficeMax – not a client – sent March 1 for March 16 birthday – a birthday month approach
  • JW Sales Script Draft:So how does this change the way that you interact with your customers? Now you can make emails hyper-personalized, where every element of the email is relevant and customized to the recipient based on information about the individual, on what they have done or how they have scored. A few examples of this include <Rep can talk through a few or all of the points on the slide>. BB Transcript 2/14/2013:Now lets think about how this will change the way that you interact with your customers. We know that email is important to you and email is a primary way that you interact with customers, here we show you how you can make those emails hyper-personalized where every element of the email is so relevant and customized based on information about the individual, based on what they have done or based on lead scoring. Another way to think of this is as a use case….someone is on your website and they have signed up for Webinar A maybe a month ago and they watched that or downloaded something and the next time they get a message from you, you aren’t going to tell them about something they have already done, rather you are going to use their behaviors on your website to dynamically put new ads and offers in the content of an email that you are sending them. Again, hyper-personalized and relevant. ***********No single competitor can match these capabilites across the landscape
  • Over 3,000 shopping cart abandoned emails sent, per monthSegment versions between supplies versus SmartPaks cart abandonmentSent in AM to customers who abandon cart day prior
  • Silverpop brings the expertise and experience to support your marketing needs. We are the only digital marketing technology provider that brings together email marketing, marketing automation and social sharing, including location-based marketing.Silverpop serves over 1,400 clients across a variety of industries, geographies and business sizes. We have been in marketing technology for over 12 years, this brings you a partner with the financial and operational stability to support your business, it brings you a partner with a depth of experience and with a highly scalable infrastructure. Silverpop is a global company, we have over 400 employees worldwide. Our US headquarters is in Atlanta. We also have offices in London and Frankfurt and do business in Asia Pacific through a reseller.
  • Silverpop is the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile and social. Our customers achieve superior return on relationship by uniquely engaging each individual based on their behaviors and then automating personalized experiences that increase revenue, improve ROI and deepen brand loyalty.
  • Also available at silverpop.com/marketing-resources is more information about future webinars, recordings from previous webinars, You can also access slides from Silverpop presentations on social media and countless other topics at slideshare.net/silverpop. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Thank you for joining us today and welcome to Silverpop’s product presentation and demonstration. Over the next 45 minutes we will show you how Sil;verpop solutions can improve the return on relationship with your customers and prospects. We don’t have time to cover the full breadth and depth of our products but we hope that you will see the value that we bring and will be interested in taking a deeper dive.
  • 10 email marketing tactics silverpop

    1. 1. 10 Email Marketing Ideas toTakeYour Program to the Next Level
    2. 2. #1: Capture More Home Page Opt-ins @LorenMcDonald
    3. 3. 56% hide opt-in at the bottom
    4. 4. 36% highlight opt-in at the top
    5. 5. Sears – mouse over drops down form field
    6. 6. Moving opt-in from below the fold to above 516% lift -Top of home page/Every page 348% lift –Top of home page/Every page 100% lift –Top of home page from bottom 50% lift -Top of home page from bottom Sample Results
    7. 7. Use Popovers Pop-overs = 200-400% lift
    8. 8. Click “Email Sign-Up” opens pop-over form
    9. 9. Don’t mess with my Web site …but more subscribers leads to more revenue!
    10. 10. #2: Evolve “Welcome” to “Onboarding” Program @LorenMcDonald
    11. 11. Welcome Progression – But still generic … Immediate 3-7 days 7-14 days Immediate Stand alone Email # 1 Email # 2 Email # 3 3-part series
    12. 12. Cruise Site Caribbean Mexico Alaska Email Sign- Up Welcome Email 1 Welcome Email 2 Mexico Offer Welcome Email 3 Hawaii BrowseGeneric Content Ooops
    13. 13. Email Sign-Up Welcome Email 1 Welcome Email 2 Welcome Email 3 Welcome Email 4 Or you try to convert them on Alaska Cruise Alaska offer – w/deadline Includes current Alaska cruise offer Includes survey/progressive form Includes current Alaska cruise video / Testimonials UsingWeb Tracking – marry browse behavior to email address
    14. 14. 3: Remarketing: Move Beyond Cart Abandonment @LorenMcDonald
    15. 15. Browse – Sniffing Around
    16. 16. Browse / Process Abandonment: Showing Interest Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Product Views Cart Additions Checkouts Orders Revenue Units
    17. 17. Browse Behavior • 37.6% Open Rate • 7.35%CTR • $0.44 Rev/Email
    18. 18. Browse Behavior
    19. 19. Browse Behavior
    20. 20. Browse Behavior
    21. 21. ThankYou! Wizard / Calculator Abandonment
    22. 22. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Finished Process • Sent when a customer receives their results but does not add items to cart or checkout • 40.17% Open Rate • 4.18% CTR • $0.38 Rev/Email
    23. 23. 4:Take Birthday (and other date based) Emails to the Next Level @LorenMcDonald
    24. 24. Your ordinary, but successful birthday email • Capture birthdate • Create email – often w/ offer • Set up trigger • Print money
    25. 25. New Rule: Make it dynamic, personalized and a series.
    26. 26. Prints You Viewed Recently • From cart • Wish list • Recommendation • Web tracking • Category browsed
    27. 27. Sample Birthday Program #1 • Offer • Personalized w/ recent browsed #2 • Reminder to non- openers few days later #3 • 10 days left reminder #4 • 24 hours left • Last chance
    28. 28. But really, think beyond birthday emails … • Programs • Web Tracking • Dynamic Content Features • Purchase anniversaries • Subscriber / Member anniversaries • Events Ideas
    29. 29. 5. Leverage Integration,Content & Data @LorenMcDonald
    30. 30. New Rule: Think of email is a dynamic messaging platform.
    31. 31. 1 1 2 6 3 4 5 7 8 Subject Line Personalization First name personalization Personalized Content Name and contact info for each customer’s personal rep Dynamic Subject Lines The subject line changes based on the type and duration of club membership Individualized Content Lists For any customer who has purchased two or more items in the last 90 days, list each purchase with review links E-commerce-driven Personalization Display totals and other engaging content to drive follow-on purchases. Website-driven Content Directly track each customer’s web activity and prompt them to visit new areas of the site. Send Time Optimization The message arrives in each individual’s inbox at precisely the time that individual is most likely to check email. Data-driven Dynamic Image Image is selected based on demographic and profile info Score-driven Dynamic Offer Discounts/prices vary by social influence and time since last purchase 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Truly Individualized Email Messaging
    32. 32. SmartPak: Abandon Cart w/ Recommendations • 38.5% open rate • 10.15% CTR • 50% conversion rate • $4.80 revenue/email Dynamic product recommendations
    33. 33. 6. Launch an upsell/cross-sell program @LorenMcDonald
    34. 34. Upsell: Buckets to SmartPaks Customer orders supplements in buckets for their horse GOAL: Convert customer to order supplements in AutoShip SmartPaks
    35. 35. SmartPaks Upsell Series • Customers suppressed from promotional marketing stream • Program checks before each mailing to determine if they purchased a SmartPak or not. • If yes, removed from program and placed back in promotional marketing stream – If no, get next mailing in line on specified scheduled date
    36. 36. SmartPaks Upsell Emails
    37. 37. 7. Segment Based on Behavior @LorenMcDonald
    38. 38. PaperStyle – Custom Invitations - Sending batch and blast - No targeting - Response rates declined Agency Whereoware - Analyzed site behavior - Purchase patterns - Wedding process - Created wedding timeline
    39. 39. Purchased wedding products Wedding essentials Wedding nurturing Wedding favors Bridal party gifts Thank you cards Friend’s wedding nurturing Bridal shower invites Shower tableware Bach. invites Bach. tableware Wedding gifts Your wedding? Clicked on wedding link Yes No 7 days 6 weeks 3 weeks 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days Nurture Program BRIDAL SEGMENT
    40. 40. Web site or email click behavior drops you into Your Wedding or Friend’s Wedding nurture
    41. 41. YourWedding Track
    42. 42. Friend’sWedding Track Results – Avgs Across Both Programs - Open Rate Increased - 244 % - CTR Increased - 161 % - Revenue Per Mailing Increased - 330 %
    43. 43. 8. Focus on EarlyActivation Over Reactivation @LorenMcDonald
    44. 44. How big is the inactives challenge?
    45. 45. Typical Actives vs. Inactives Ratio
    46. 46. So what are you going to do about it???
    47. 47. Typical Re-engagement Series - Incentives
    48. 48. Typical Reactivation Rate: 1%-2% High Performers: 5%
    49. 49. Don’tWait: Create “Early” Inactives Program New subscribers who don’t open/click first XX messages / X weeks Move these early inactives into “activation” track Send survey, different offers; best of, different subject lines, testimonials, etc.
    50. 50. Inactive Re-Engagement Day 45: “Help Us ServeYou Better” Day 75: “It Pays to be Smart” Day 90: “We Miss You! Come Back and Save 10%” Evaluate for 30 days for activity, move into once a month frequency for 6 months.
    51. 51. 9. Get Creative; Have Fun @LorenMcDonald
    52. 52. Get creative, think outside the box
    53. 53. Think Outside the Box – Special Days
    54. 54. Results Slight sales increase over regular emails 10X sales on some SKUs Some SKU sales 2-4X normal since promotion
    55. 55. Results Highest revenue- generating promotion so far in 2013 About 19% higher than their second- highest!
    56. 56. What’s your day? •Programs •Right-brain creativityFeatures •Months, Days, Weeks •Events, Make ‘em upIdeas
    57. 57. 10. Get Focused, Get Started @LorenMcDonald
    58. 58. Overwhelmed with ideas… don’t freak out
    59. 59. Solve your biggest business problem first!
    60. 60. Focus on “starting” – not “Best” practices
    61. 61. Don’t try to be perfect …
    62. 62. Loren’s Request Pick 1 Idea/Program Launch it Improve it Launch another program ShareYour Story
    63. 63. Contact Information Loren McDonald VP, Industry Relations Silverpop lmcdonald@silverpop.com @LorenMcDonald
    64. 64. Silverpop is the digital marketing platform that delivers superior overall return on relationship powered by the deepest insight into the way customers behave.
    65. 65. Interested In Learning More? silverpop.com silverpop.com/marketing-resources www.slideshare.net/silverpop Twitter.com/silverpop Facebook.com/silverpop