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See How Smart Power Can Save your business money on your power usage..

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Smart Power Ppp New

  1. 1. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Green Energy & Solar Solutions
  2. 2. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Mission Statement • Providing environmental solutions to enhance energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs and green house gases by utilizing the latest advancements and technological advances.
  3. 3. Our Commitment • Today’s market demands that you be more efficient than ever before to survive and thrive. • Energy efficiency helps the planet, our environment and pays for itself which goes directly to your bottom line. • Only an energy professional can effectively assist your business in utilizing your energy more effectively • Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. can optimize your company's energy consumption policies and utilization by recommending and implementing effective energy strategies. • By implementing Smart Power & Consultant’s Green Energy Solutions you can simultaneously achieve energy savings for your company and help the environment.
  4. 4. Important Considerations • If your electric bill could be reduced by 10% to 25% with a proven Green Energy solution, would you be interested? • If that proven Green Energy solution: − Significantly reduces a costly power surcharge penalty − Protected and optimizes your entire electrical system including sensitive equipment − Reduced green house gas emissions . . . Would you be interested?
  5. 5. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. A Green Energy Solution • NASA - Discovered Technology • Reduces amperage and power actually drawn − Slow the utility company’s KVA electric meter, kilowatt hour meter (kWh) or demand meter
  6. 6. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Green Energy Solution • Energy efficiency achieved in days not weeks! • No interruption to your business − Initial inspection by our engineers takes approximately one hour and is FREE! − Price quotes within a week. • Get installed quickly and efficiently Savings start on day one!
  7. 7. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Green Energy Solution • Power Factor − The definition of “Power factor” is the percentage of electricity that is used effectively • For Example - If the power factor is 1.0 all the electricity being delivered is being used effectively • The power factor for most businesses’ is less than 0.76! • That other 24% is being wasted and guess who is paying for it, you!
  8. 8. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Green Energy Solution • The Green Energy Solution, in almost all cases, will increase the Power Factor to above 0.96 − Without the Smart Power & Consultants Green Energy solution more electricity must be delivered to your business with a low power factor . . . to perform the same work! Simultaneously save money and the environment
  9. 9. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Green Energy Solution “Reactive Power” – Reactive Power occurs when power is “pulled” and “pushed” to and from motors Heating of lines and motors is the unwanted result − The Green Energy Solution provides a unique approach to decreasing Reactive Power thereby: • Reducing strain placed on all electrical components • Increasing life expectancy of all electrical components − The Green Energy Solution stores and releases ONLY the energy that motors need to function efficiently
  10. 10. Benefits to your business − This Green Energy Solution lowers your electric bills − Reduces stress on equipment and increasing the life of the equipment − Protects against power surges to appliances and sensitive equipment • Power surge protect your entire building • Completely eliminates the need for any power surge devices
  11. 11. Common Misconceptions • Capacitors as the solution – wrong! − Capacitors are OLD technology developed over 150 years ago! − Expensive to purchase and time-consuming to install • “We are already green” > 90% wrong! − Many businesses have adopted “green programs” but it is unlikely that they have implemented anything like our Green Energy Solution for reducing electricity consumption! • Energy saving units are intrusive − Our Green Energy Solution’s wall-mounted units are small and usually fitting right under or between circuit breaker panels
  12. 12. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. Green Energy Solution • 5 Year Warranty • Manufactured in the U.S.A. • UL/NASA approved • Designed for single or three phase • Dedicated Circuit Breaker • Units rated for a 200/400 amp inductive load • Box size 6" x 6" x 4" up to 12" x 12" x12" • 20 Year Design Life
  13. 13. NASA-Developed Technology
  14. 14. Summary • Save 10-25+% on your electricity bill • ROI less than 12 months > 90% of all cases • Surge protect your entire facility • Prolong the life of your equipment • Reduce energy consumption • Cut green-house gases • NASA proven technology • UL/NASA approved / 5 year warranty
  15. 15. Smart Power & Consultants, Inc. The Green Energy Solution