Clubs nsw gold coast social media presentation


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My presentation on the Gold Coast to the NSW Clubs annual shindig. :)

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Clubs nsw gold coast social media presentation

  1. 1. Social Media Social Networks SOCIAL MEDIA, SOCIAL NETWORKS
  2. 2. Social Media Social Networks Laurel Papworth •slides at •delicious sep2010 •blog at •email •phone +61 (0)432 684992 •Twitter @SilkCharm •iTunes Social Media Business podcast reference
  3. 3. Social Media Social Networks
  4. 4. Social Media Social Networks
  5. 5. Social Media Social Networks
  6. 6. Social Media Social Networks How to Measure Clear Objectives & Goals - Outcomes Agree on Platforms - Twitter, Radio Agree on Measurement of Success KPI Agree on Tool for Measurement Provide Result There’s little point in growing a Fanpage just because you can. What are your business goals?
  7. 7. Social Media Social Networks KPIs A list of social interaction metrics / KPIs 1. Alerts (register and response rates / by channel / CTR / post click activity) 2. Bookmarks (onsite, offsite) 3. Comments 4. Downloads 5. Email subscriptions 6. Fans (become a fan of something / someone) 7. Favourites (add an item to favourites) 8. Feedback (via the site) 9. Followers (follow something / someone) 10. Forward to a friend 11. Groups (create / join / total number of groups / group activity) 12. Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc) 13. Invite / Refer (a friend) 14. Key page activity (post-activity) 15. Love / Like this (a simpler form of rating something) 16. Messaging (onsite)
  8. 8. Social Media Social Networks KPIs 17. Personalisation (pages, display, theme) 18. Posts 19. Profile (e.g. update avatar, bio, links, email, customisation, etc) 20. Print page 21. Ratings 22. Registered users (new / total / active / dormant / churn) 23. Report spam / abuse 24. Reviews 25. Settings 26. Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc) 27. Tagging (user-generated metadata) 28. Testimonials 29. Time spent on key pages 30. Time spent on site (by source / by entry page) 31. Total contributors (and % active contributors) 32. Uploads (add an item, e.g. articles, links, images, videos) 33. Views (videos, ads, rich images) 34. Widgets (number of new widgets users / embedded widgets) 35. Wishlists (save an item to wishlist) 36. Apps Developed (API 3rd party development) from
  9. 9. Social Media Social Networks Measurement A few examples are: • Reach • Exposure • Velocity • Sentiment • APPS/Ecosystem
  10. 10. Social Media Social Networks Outcomes Reputation - sentiment Awareness - brand recall Money - make any sales? Engagement - passive or active participation? Education - brand awareness + Entertainment - stickability
  11. 11. Social Media Social Networks Return on Investment for Marketing Dollar •Loyalty ROI: Online community participants visit a site 9x more often and stay 5x as long (Source: McKinsey) •Brand ROI: 4x un-aided brand recall vs a search engine (Source: NFO) •Acquisition ROI: Attract customers at $0-10 vs. $10-$400 per customer acquisition in traditional marketing venues •Support ROI: Community support services are 5x-10x more cost effective than phone support •Offline - 20.3% of online community members Liveworld
  12. 12. Social Media Social Networks ConnectNow CNow
  13. 13. Social Media Social Networks
  14. 14. Social Media Social Networks LinkedIn - Valued at 1 billion dollars - Revenue approx $100 million for 2008 - 1/4 of revenue from Ads, rest from premium & recruitment
  15. 15. Social Media Social Networks
  16. 16. Social Media Social Networks Whoever “owns” an online/offline community WINS Experiential Economy > Commodity/Product/Service/ Information Economy
  18. 18. Social Media Social Networks
  19. 19. Social Media Social Networks Twitter = Facebook Status Updates Foursquare = Status Updates with Location
  20. 20. Social Media Social Networks Twitter = Facebook Status Updates Foursquare = Status Updates with Location
  21. 21. Social Media Social Networks
  22. 22. Social Media Social Networks Negative Comments Ignore - run amok or die down Sue - bigger problems or scare tactics Ban- go elsewhere or die down ‘fess up - agree and offer fixes ‘man up’ - argue and debate with passion educate - inform and link to more information ‘own it’ - use humour, make a badge of it Consider Social Spaces - one area for “complaints” Timing - set times to “complain” Marketing and PR are fearful of complainers in social media. For Customer Service it’s “Business as Usual”!
  23. 23. Social Media Social Networks
  24. 24. Social Media Social Networks Hub and Spoke
  25. 25. Social Media Social Networks Hub: Website, Blog Content:YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare Distribution: Twitter, Facebook Plugins: Email this blog, RSS, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, “Share This” Facebook: NetworkedBlogs Twitter: SocialOomph
  26. 26. Social Media Social Networks
  27. 27. Social Media Social Networks Laurel Papworth •slides at •delicious sep2010 •blog at •email •phone +61 (0)432 684992 •Twitter @SilkCharm •iTunes Social Media Business podcast reference
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