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The basics of seo presentation w template
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The basics of seo presentation w template


Published on

Meetup 7, May 18, 2010 …

Meetup 7, May 18, 2010
Sekey Vincint of

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. The Basics of SEO
  • 2. Review of Topics
    1. What is SEO and why is it so important?
    2. Internal Factors (your site)
    Domain Name
    Meta Tags
    3. External Factors (the outside world)
    Links to your site
    Anchor text
    Social Media
    4. Practices to Avoid
  • 3. What is SEO and Why is it so Important?
    Search Engine Optimization
    An internet-based tool that searches an index of documents for a particular term, phrase or text specified by the user
    If you develop your SEO correctly, it can become your main source of visitors.
    Most people will not click past the first search page when looking for the information they want
    Cost-effective advertising
    SEO can become a clear and measurable ROI
  • 4. Domain Name
    Short, unique, memorable
    Domain Extensions
    Country specific (.ca vs .com) – more is better
    Many search engines will take into account your domain extension, where your site is hosted, and consider the address information within your site
    Keyword if possible
    Helps people better understand your business focus
    Helps SEO
    Related domain names
    If you don’t take it, your competitors will
    Can help improve your rank
  • 5. Keywords & Search Phrases
    Not specific to your business, but to your market
    You want to reach people who don’t know you already
    Find your niche: keywords specific to your specialty and location
    Keep in mind the competition
    Just like you have competition in the real world, you will be competing with keywords also
  • 6. Meta Tags
    What are Meta Tags?
    They are a script of words or phrases that are used by search engines to find relevant websites
    Title Tags – approx. 60 characters
    Description Tags – approx. 140 characters
    Keyword Tags – approx. 140 characters
    Separate by comma
    Less is more…
  • 7. Content
    Search Engines Read Text
    The Higher the better
    Label your images with ‘alt txt’ vs just having image text
    Reflective of your keywords
    The matching game – words and phrases
    Less is better
    Concentrate your keywords in relevant content
  • 8. The Outside World
    Links & Social Media
    Incoming links from relevant sites
    Anchor Text in links
    Social Media – same technique to help drive relevant traffic to your site
    Analytics & Alerts
    Monitor how visitors are finding your website
    What terms are working to get them to your site?
    What terms are not working? Revise
  • 9. SEO Practices to Avoid
    Black Hat SEO
    Techniques intended to misrepresent a website by displaying different information to the search engine versus the userE.g. hidden text, redirects, etc.
    Link Farms
    Some websites offer link exchanges for the soul purpose of attempting to improve page rank. These sites may have thousands of links, often to unrelated sites
    Paid Links
    Links that are paid for can become questioned by search engines.
    Search engines prefer organic and natural links
  • 10. Summary of Better Practices
    Research desirable keywords and search phrases
    ‘Clean’ and optimize your website’s HTML code
    Make sure your content copy appeals to both search engines and actual website visitors
    Study your competitors websites
    Implement a quality link building campaign – organic and natural
    Content – stay relevant, high density of keywords and search phrase
    Utilize descriptive meta tags
    Make sure that your text is HTML text and not image text
    Monitor your search engine rankings and more importantly your website traffic statistics
    SEO is Not a One Time Deal