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Slide deck from keynote presenter Andy Solty of LinkedIn: How to leverage LinkedIn for your business

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Silicon halton meetup_#25_linked_in

  1. 1. Halton Silicon Meetup #25November 8th, 2011 Recruiting Solutions v
  2. 2. Recruiting Solutions 2
  3. 3. Recruiting Solutions
  4. 4. Our MissionWe connect the world’s professionals to make themmore productive and successful Recruiting Solutions 4
  5. 5. LinkedIn Canada  4.1 Million Unique Visitors  136 Million Page Views  57 Million total Minutes  4 Average Minutes Per Visitor Recruiting Solutions 5
  6. 6. 6 things you can do today Leverage your own personal and authentic brand Build networks you can rely on create your own communities The difference between an audience and a Take advantage of your global networkcommunity is in which direction the chairs are what you love Dopointing Hustle! Recruiting Solutions
  7. 7. Platform Connections Killer App Status, Friends, Family & Social Utility Social Gaming & Colleagues Photo Sharing Public Fans & Real time Communications Followers Micro-blogging Professional Colleagues & Professional Identity, Business Network Connections & Contacts InsightsRecruiting Solutions 7
  8. 8. The world is changing Recruiting Solutions 8
  9. 9. Finding success in a talent economy " ... The economy, generally, is going to be increasingly driven by talent...and I think were transitioning into a talent economy. Where its not just about the information you know, but about who you know and the information they possess.” -Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 9
  10. 10. How are you managing hyper growth? Recruiting Solutions 10
  11. 11. Recruiting Solutions 11
  12. 12. Recruiting Solutions 12
  13. 13. What are professionals doing on LinkedIn? Managing their professional identity Building business relationships Gaining Professional Insights Researching people and companies Recruiting Solutions
  14. 14. Huge global market opportunityMembers in200+ countriesand 150+ industries 135+ million members4+ million members in Canada 3 million new members/mo Members from every single Fortune 500 company Recruiting Solutions 14
  15. 15. Common Corporate Recruiting Challenges1. Cost per hire – Organization is spending too much money to source quality candidates and are looking to reduce the dependency on 3rd party recruiting firms2. Time to hire – The average time it takes to find qualified candidates exceeds the hiring plan and it’s impacting the organization’s ability to meet customer/product deadlines3. Qualityof applicants – Generally low quality of applicant from job boards and there’s an appetite to search and target more qualified candidates4. Your team finds themselves spending too much time sorting through resumes and you’re looking to create some operational efficiencies within the hiring process5. You have been mandated find ways to increase the awareness and strength of your company’s employment brand Recruiting Solutions 15
  16. 16. Recruitment Benchmark Report Recruiting Solutions 16
  17. 17. Recruitment Benchmark Report Recruiting Solutions 17
  18. 18. Why use LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions?Most efficient way to find, contactand attract the very best, oftenpassive and tough-to-find, talentUn-limit your access to the largest poolof top passive candidatesBoost your efficiency and scaleCut recruiting agency feesCatch up and pass your competition Recruiting Solutions 18
  19. 19. Best Surface Your Biggest Recruiting ChallengesLet’s Practices for recruiting using LinkedIn Understand Position your company as an your target audience “employer of choice”  Recruitment  Career Pages Insights  Work With Us Ads  Recruitment Ads Measure Engage Results top talent  Usage reports & metrics  Recruiter  Campaign analysis  Jobs Network Recruiting Solutions
  20. 20. LinkedIn Career PagesPosition your recruitment brand Control your LinkedIn presence “Our team here at CCA is on the cutting edge. Engage candidates with This is the coolest job “viewer-aware” content ever!” Your employees provide recruitment brand voice XYZ LOGO HERE Recruiting Solutions
  21. 21. Work With UsPosition - Build your recruitment brand with precision Key highlights •Sponsor employee profiles •Ad performance is 3-5x better than industry avg •Drives traffic to LinkedIn Career Pages (LCP) •Pricing based on size of company on LinkedIn “More than 80% of candidates believe that current employees are credible sources of information about organizations” Source: Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) survey Recruiting Solutions
  22. 22. Recruitment AdsPosition - Build your recruitment brand with precision Reach your ideal candidates with precision Your ads stand out on LinkedIn pages Maximize impressions by reaching the right audience Recruiting Solutions
  23. 23. LinkedIn’s unmatched talent pool delivers the highest quality applicants Recruiters and hiring managers rated LinkedIn as the top source of quality applicants at over 3x the rate of the job boardsQ13. Based on your experience, which job board would you rank highest in each of the following…Quality of applicants (LinkedIn Job Posters Survey, Dec 2009) Recruiting Solutions
  24. 24. LinkedIn RecruiterEngage with unrestricted access to the world’s best talent Get full access to names & full profiles Find the best, much faster Contact candidates directly Recruiting Solutions
  25. 25. Analytics Recruiting Solutions 25
  26. 26. Ten tips for successfully navigating hypergrowth using LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions 26
  27. 27. Build your profileRecruiting Solutions 27
  28. 28. Leverage employee profilesRecruiting Solutions 28
  29. 29. Use groupsRecruiting Solutions 29
  30. 30. Leverage LinkedIn Today for the latest newsRecruiting Solutions 30
  31. 31. Update your statusRecruiting Solutions 31
  32. 32. Follow companiesRecruiting Solutions 32
  33. 33. Go mobileRecruiting Solutions 33
  34. 34. Search skillsRecruiting Solutions 34
  35. 35. Own your employment brandRecruiting Solutions 35
  36. 36. Build your network with purposeRecruiting Solutions 36
  37. 37. Closing Words ht/209856 Recruiting Solutions 37
  38. 38. Questions? Recruiting Solutions 38
  39. 39. Resources https://help.linkedin.c om/app/home http://talent.linkedin. com/ http://marketing.linke Recruiting Solutions 39