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Presenter 1 of 3 of 10 UX Methods To Help You Build Great Applications.

Rami Tabbah is a usability consultant with over 20 years experience. He holds a Masters of Engineering in Cognitive Ergonomics. His focus is to create efficient user interfaces that affect the business bottom line.



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  • A common issue is adding all the features we think the users need This is how products become complicated We need to focus on what matters to users
  • This takes me to the definition of usability. It is not about esthetics, it is… We need to help the different types of users achieve their goals, and we need to understand how they perform their tasks We need to measure the design Efficiency Effectiveness Satisfaction
  • To ISO 9241: The World's most influential usability standard ISO 13407: Human-centred design processes for interactive systems ISO TR 18529: Human-centred lifecycle process descriptions Guidelines: for windows, for the web Principles: error prevention, user control, minimizing workload Research: testing with users Science: Chunking: making more efficient use of short-term memory by recoding information in chunks. Similarity: When two elements have a similar size and shape, the brain will link them together Fitts law: Calculates time it takes to point at something, based on the size and distance of the target object.
  • To conclude, here are few points to remember: Usability is about a design adapted to users. We do not want to train users and have them rely on support. They should find the design intuitive and learn it by themselves. As you saw from the benefits, Usability has a huge impact on cost and performance. The ROI of these projects is high and can easily be calculated In the booklet you will find the slides and all the details we did not read. You will also find questions based on the usability maturity model. These questions will give you an idea about few steps you can take. We are all here to answer your questions And Feel free to come see us after the event. Thank you
  • Meetup 31 UX Presentation by Ergonaute Consulting

    1. 1. Beyond Product UsabilityRami Tabbah, M.Eng @Ergonaute
    2. 2. @Ergonaute
    3. 3. @ErgonauteDefining User Experience
    4. 4. @Ergonaute ISO 9241-11 usability definitionUsability is the measure ofhow easily, efficientlyand satisfyinglydifferent types of userscan accomplish differenttasks towards differentgoals
    5. 5. @ErgonauteOur Toolkit
    6. 6. @Ergonaute ISO 13407 (1999)User Experience • Early Focus on users Plan Strategy & Strategy Process and tasks • Empirical measurement of product usage Research & Specify • Iterative design: Design,User Research & the Context of Use test, modify Testing Evaluate Designs Research & Specify against Requirements Requirements Design & Produce Design Solutions Prototyping Design Meet Requirements & Produce DesignDocumentation Documents ISO 13407 : Human-centred design processes for interactive systems .
    7. 7. @Ergonaute
    8. 8. @ErgonauteTask 3: Order a Packaged Product Steps – current Steps – proposed 1- Pick “place a new order” 1- Select product from list (assuming one click 2- Pick exchange without opening the tree) 3- Click on next 2- Scroll down 4- Select package products 3- Click on “Order Selected Products” button 5- Click on “Next” without changing delivery 4- Scroll down method 5- Click on “Submit” button on the “Confirm 6- Select product from tree (assuming one click) order details” page 7- Scroll down 6- Click “Download Packaged Products” link on 8- Click “Next” the “Order submitted” page 9- Select product from sub tree (assuming one click) 10- Scroll down 11- Click “Next” 12- Scroll down 13- Click “Final submission” on summary page (assuming no printing) 14- Scroll down 15- Click “Download packaged products” on confirmation page Estimated time – current Estimated time – proposed M+P+2B+ 39 sec M+P+2B+P+12B+P+2B+ 14.8 sec W+M+P+2B+P+2B+P+2B+ W+M+P+6B+P+2B+ W+M+P+2B+W+ W+M+P+2B M+P+2B+W+M+P+2B+P+6B+P+2B+ W+M+P+2B+P+6B+P+2B+ W+M+P+6B+P+2B+ W+M+ P+6B+P+2B The total saving is thus approximately 62.05 %.
    9. 9. 6 @Ergonaute 4 7 51 3 8 2 9 10 4 1 2 3
    10. 10. @ErgonauteUnified Usability End to End user experience strategy  User Centric Design approach  Business objectives and strategy  Business processes & patterns  Multiple silos  Multiple user interfaces  Diverse data sources, devices and technologies  Different types of users and contexts of use.  Business and technology evolution  Accessibility and universal design Calculates end to end performance
    11. 11. @Ergonaute 11
    12. 12. @ErgonauteErgonaute’s Usability MaturityModel for Large Corporations Maturity 9- Strategic 8- Benchmarked & Optimized at Organization Level 7- Integrated in Delivery Framework 6- Implemented at Process Level 5- Standardized (guidelines, reuse) 4- Considered at Project Level 3- Recognized 2- Unorganized 1- Developer Centered Usability 0- Unrecognized Ergonaute’s Usability Maturity Model for Large Corporations, 2011
    13. 13. @Ergonaute
    14. 14. @ErgonauteUsability is User centric Engineering Measurement Cultural change Strategic Teamwork