•      Class-A fire safety rating-       the highest possible.•      Certified load rating of                             ...
Bringing Innovative Solar to Your Community•      Silicon Energy started in       2007.                                   ...
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Silicon Energy Introduction packet


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Silicon Energy manufactures a US made solar photovoltaic module with an industry-leading warranty. This document tells more about our product and company.

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Silicon Energy Introduction packet

  1. 1. • Class-A fire safety rating- the highest possible.• Certified load rating of Silicon Energy’s Cascade Series is not your 125 psf. typical module. It is one of the strongest,• Industry leading 30-year safest, most durable, and longest lasting power warranty. modules on the market and it is made in the• Potential-induced USA. degradation (PID) free. Strength - The Cascade’s certified load rating• All module and system is 125 psf (pounds per square foot) giving it the wiring is enclosed and 4.5kW - roof install plus solar patio awning inaccessible to remove strength needed for high wind and snow load electric shock hazards, environments. safeguard the system from weatherization effects, Safety - The Cascade’s Class-A fire rating, prevent rodent damage and combined with its fully enclosed wiring system reduce the risk of tampering provides a level of safety unmatched by other or theft. modules and mounting systems.• The open-frame design promotes shedding of Durability - The Cascade’s exceptional field water, snow, ice, dirt and performance history, durability results in NREL debris off the module, promoting greater (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Test- performance, even in To-Failure testing and its industry leading 30- 11.4kW - solar picnic shelter extreme conditions. year warranty provide investment confidence• The cascading design for customers and contractors. allows airflow behind the modules keeping them Attractive and Adaptable - The Cascade is cooler to increase system more attractive and adaptable than standard performance. modules. Its double-glass, open-framed cascading design allows light passage creating unique opportunities for building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications such as window awnings, carports, shelters and electric vehicle charging stations – in addition to traditional rooftop and ground-mount 1.9kW – solar window awnings reducing heat www.silicon-energy.com installations. Custom mounting hardware www.facebook.com/SiliconEnergy colors are available (architectural bronze is https://twitter.com/SiliconEnergy standard). http://pinterest.com/siliconenergy Silicon Energy, LLC 3506 124th Street NE Marysville, WA, 98271 (p) 360-618-6500 Silicon Energy MN, LLC PO Box 376 8787 Silicon Way 3.9kW – solar carport EV charging station Mountain Iron, MN 55768 (p) 218-789-1710 3.8kW - solar roof on playground structure Copyright 2012 Silicon Energy, LLC. All rights reserved. Product Overview August 2012
  2. 2. Bringing Innovative Solar to Your Community• Silicon Energy started in 2007. In 2007, Silicon Energy set out to Sustainable Product and Company• Silicon Energy is made in manufacture an innovative solar the USA. Our company sources products, photovoltaic (PV) module that was• Silicon Energy offers materials, services and talent locally unique and innovative PV attractive, durable, very safe, and whenever possible in order to reduce our solutions. made in the USA. carbon footprint as well as adhering to a• Silicon Energy integrates corporate social We started out with a simple question- philosophy of supporting the local responsibility principles Why are PV modules made the way economy through manufacturing, jobs, throughout our operations. they are? Decades of research local suppliers and partnerships.• Silicon Energy’s design conducted by the National Renewable process includes life- Silicon Energy uses sustainable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the cycle considerations. manufacturing practices to minimize our Fraunhofer Institute provided• Silicon Energy environmental impact. We recycle, reuse continuously strives for invaluable insights into the challenges product improvement by packaging materials and compost. partnering with industry of making a durable PV module. leaders and testing labs. We value and employ a diverse Equipped with this knowledge, our workforce. All employees are paid a living engineers set out to address these wage, are eligible for health benefits, challenges. After nearly two years of receive sick and vacation leave and combining emerging material science, participate in a profit-sharing program. evolving industry best manufacturing Our material choices and manufacturing practices and a little bit of luck, our practices result in environmentally sound team designed and produced the first products and a safe work setting for our Cascade Series PV module. staff. As a result, residential, commercial, Silicon Energy engages with the utility, and military customers now havewww.silicon-energy.com community by participating in and a PV product that is attractive, verywww.facebook.com/SiliconEnergy sponsoring events promoting local safe and exceptionally durable.https://twitter.com/SiliconEnergy renewable energy and sustainability.http://pinterest.com/siliconenergy The Cascade has now proven itself in Silicon Energy showrooms in Washington a variety of harsh environmental Silicon Energy, LLC and Minnesota are open to the conditions in multiple states. 3506 124th Street NE community. Please stop by and meet a Marysville, WA, 98271 Quite simply, the Cascade’s quality, small business making a big difference. (p) 360-618-6500 performance and energy harvest is Silicon Energy MN, LLC unmatched in the PV industry giving PO Box 376 contractors and customers confidence 8787 Silicon Way Mountain Iron, MN 55768 in their investment. (p) 218-789-1710 Copyright 2012 Silicon Energy, LLC. All rights reserved. Information Sheet August 2012