Silicon Energy - CrystaLite Press Release PV-Integrated Structures 05-16-13
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Silicon Energy - CrystaLite Press Release PV-Integrated Structures 05-16-13



Silicon Energy and CrystaLite are partnering to provide pre-engineered PV-Integrated structures to give system owners solar photovoltaic options beyond the traditional rooftop or ground mounted ...

Silicon Energy and CrystaLite are partnering to provide pre-engineered PV-Integrated structures to give system owners solar photovoltaic options beyond the traditional rooftop or ground mounted systems.



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    Silicon Energy - CrystaLite Press Release PV-Integrated Structures 05-16-13 Silicon Energy - CrystaLite Press Release PV-Integrated Structures 05-16-13 Document Transcript

    • For Immediate ReleaseSilicon Energy and CrystaLite Deliver Beautiful Solar PV-Integrated StructuresSeattle, WA – May 16, 2013 – CrystaLite, a Northwest manufacturer of high quality skylights, sunrooms,and railing systems, and Silicon Energy, an innovative manufacturer of high durability, double-glassphotovoltaic (PV) modules, are working together to deliver pre-engineered, integrated, customized PVsolutions. This unique partnership delivers dual-purpose PV-integrated patio and carport coverings,electric car charging carports, and picnic shelters that provide cover while also generating electricity foryour home or business.By combining high quality custom structures and railing systems from CrystaLite with Silicon Energy’stempered glass solar modules and mounting systems, architects and designers can specify integratedstructure and railing systems that are strong, durable, weather resistant, and nearly maintenance free.Additionally, these pre-engineered PV solutions provide solar contractors new opportunities to offerbeautiful, PV-integrated structures to their customers. These structures are offered in modular 4’widths, and can incorporate CrystaLite railing systems with glass panel, aluminum pickets or stainlesssteel cable railings. Silicon Energy and CrystaLite PV-integrated structures can be grid-tied,or batterybacked to generate electricity in remote locations, giving system owners an alternative to traditionalroof or ground mounted installations.This 7.2kW PV-Integrated system reduces summer heat, provides shelter, and generates electricity.
    • Silicon Energy manufactures an innovative double-glass PV module that balances beauty, safety,quality, and long-term durability. Backed byCrystaLite’s expertise in engineered high qualitystructural solutions, home and business owners can benefit from an integrated PV structure that is builtto last, even in the most severe environmental conditions. CrystaLite‘s railing systems are structurallydesigned and stamped by an independent structural engineer, and can be sized and spaced to meetcode requirements and exposure criteria for wind speeds up to 120 mph. An engineers wet stamp isavailable on request for job specific requirements, for both railing and structures.Silicon Energy’s double-glass design allows light transmission through the PV module with a mountingsystem that fully encloses and protects the system wiring, delivering an aesthetically pleasing andpractical shelter. The open-framed, shingle-like mounting of the Cascade Series PV Module andMounting System maximizes shedding of snow, dirt and debris from the modules, which optimizessystem performance. Silicon Energy’s modules come with an industry leading 30-year power warranty, a125psf load rating, and Class-A fire safety rating."A paradigm shift is needed in how we look at PV,” commented Silicon Energy President Gary Shaver.“We need to think beyond the roof and fields and integrate PV even more into our local communities,bringing the beauty and benefits of distributed generation of PV into our built environment. Thepartnership between Silicon Energy and CrystaLite will provide the tools to do this with pre-engineeredPV structure packages that combine beauty and functionality."3.0kW and 5.0kW electric vehicle charging stationsCrystalLite and Silicon Energy Integrated PV Solutions are modular and flexible, offering architects anddesigners a customized offering for patio covers, carports, deck covers, or picnic shelters. Solutions areavailable in 4’ widths and lengths, with both self-supporting and lean-to options. Installations areperformed by CrystaLite and Silicon Energy’s preferred installation providers, and may benefit from the30% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit.CrystaLite’s Marketing Manager, John Westerfield, stated, “This partnership raises the bar for PVinstallations, allowing PV to be more integral to the design, and architecturally pleasing. Our approachmakes it a viable option for residential and commercial integrated PV structures, building resilience intoour environment with onsite, distributed self-generation of power. Our relationship with Silicon EnergyPV PATIOS & CARPORTSPV ELECTRIC CHARGING CARPORTSPV PICNIC SHELTERS
    • brings new meaning to a community collaborative business model––both companies are located inSnohomish County, WA and are focused on delivering high quality, high durability structural solutions.”Preferred installation partners can purchase Silicon Energy and CrystaLite systems starting July 1, 2013.4.8kW solar picnic shelterAbout Silicon EnergyFounded in 2007, Silicon Energy delivers the highest quality and most durable photovoltaic (PV) modules on themarket today, backed by one of the best warranties in the world. Located in Washington and Minnesota, SiliconEnergy’s sustainable approach to doing business offers customers a world-class, locally manufactured andenvironmentally-friendly solar PV product. The company’s philosophy of supporting the local and US economy andits commitment to creating long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing PV allows customers to be confident that while theyare reducing their carbon footprint they are also contributing to their local economy. Silicon Energy PV Systemsare available through select partners for home, commercial, government, and utility installations. For moreinformation about Silicon Energy, please visit or call (360) 618-6500 or (218)-789-1710.About CrystaLiteFounded in 1982, CrystaLite is a Northwest Washington manufacturer of high quality roof glazing, sunrooms, andrailing systems. Made in America, Built Local - by local employees throughout the regional supply chain. Primaryvendors are located in Portland and Hood River, OR; with 80% of raw materials sourced locally in Washington andOregon. For more information about CrystaLite, Inc., please visit or call (425) 259-6000.For Media InquiriesRevolution PR for Silicon EnergyJennifer Karkar Ritchie, 206-354-8049, Jennifer@revolutionpr.comAaron Hilst, 206-355-3506,