Silicon Energy august 2012 newsletter


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Silicon Energy manufactures a US made solar photovoltaic module with an industry-leading warranty.

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Silicon Energy august 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. Continuing Improvements! You will notice some subtle changes over the next few months to the Cascade Series PV module and mounting system. These changes are exciting as were making advancements with our materials and design to provide customers with an even better product. Quick Links Quality, Reliability & ConfidenceSilicon Energy Homepage Were consistently reminded by our partners that the durability of our module and the reliability of our equipment gives you SiE 3840/5300 Solar confidence in your installations. Inverter(s) We want to share with you that in addition to National Cascade PV Modules and Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) testing, Silicon Energys Mounting System products have now been field tested for 3.5 years, in multiple states and under a wide variety of environmental Silicon Energy Installation conditions. Were proud to state that 99.94% of our Cascade Photo Gallery Series PV modules and approximately 99% of our new SiE3840 and SiE5300 Silicon Energy inverters are performing flawlessly. Contact US Were extremely proud of the Cascades performance and the reliability of our new inverters. Silicon Energy, LLC 3506 124th Street NE Silicon Energy products are extremely reliable, giving you and Marysville, WA 98271 your customers confidence for years. Thats priceless. Tel: (360) 618-6500 Fax: (360) 618-6501 email Office Hours: Silicon Energy Driving Test Monday - Friday" 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Showroom Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm ************************** Silicon Energy, MN, LLC
  2. 2. P.O. Box 376 8787 Silicon Way Mt. Iron, MN 55768 Tel: (218) 789-1710 Fax: (218) 789-1021 email Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm2012 SiE holidays Labor Day - September 3Thanksgiving Day and Friday - November 22-23 Christmas Eve and Day - December 24-25 New Years Eve and Day - December 31 - January 1Whidbey Sun and Wind install For fun, we parked our one-ton truck on top of a Silicon Energy Cascade Series module. NO DAMAGE! This is just an indication of the durability which is key to the performance longevity of our equipment. Although not indestructible, the Cascade is an amazingly durable solar PV product. We dont, however, recommend parking on your rooftop. Silicon Energy Modules are PID-Free Global Green Energy install Over the past decade, performance degradation and power loss have been observed in PV modules operating in the field when exposed to humidity and temperature changes. This is referred to as potential-induced degradation (PID). Present safety testing standards (i.e., UL, ETL, CSA, TUV, etc.) do not adequately test the durability of modules for PID. Modules, regardless of the technology used (crystalline or thin film) in continuously wet climates are expected to show the greatest effects of PID, due to moisture being the most important environmental factor affecting module performance. NRELs results, in combination with other research, suggest PV
  3. 3. module PID is exacerbated in wet climates more than in dry climates. Silicon Energys use of PID-free solar cells in combination with our high-durability module construction provides superior protection from PID. Additionally, Silicon Energy has undergone severe environmental testing, including PID testing, with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) since 2009 that clearly shows that our product is the most durable on the market. More reasons to choose Silicon Energy for yourPowerfully Green install investment in solar PV. To learn more, click on the NREL report. Sundial Solar install Considered the benefits of DC Optimizers? DC optimizers offer installers and end-users a highly efficient, cost effective and reliable method of addressing module-level shading, monitoring, and safety. Tigo Energys website has aHometown Electric install short paper summarizing these benefits and more. To learn more about this intelligent solution, click on the optimizer! Aladin Solar install Mounting Option Sunmodo offers several mounting options which are compatible with Silicon Energy rooftop and ground mount installations. To learn more, click on one of the images and go to Sunmodos
  4. 4. South Sound Solar install website. Class-A Fire Safety Rating! Artisan Electric install The Silicon Energy Cascade Series PV module is rated at the highest safety rating possible, giving you and your customers additional confidence. Social Media Just a reminder that social media is an inexpensive method to reach out and let the world know youre there. Silicon Energy is now on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Use your wall to post your installation photos to show-off your work and be sure to share them on our walls so we can help promote you. All Energy Solar install |