Sustainable Destiny by Design - Stanwood, Washington


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Sustainable Destiny by Design - Stanwood, Washington

  1. 1. ... a conversation to create a healthier community Foodplain future... Downtown Vitality... Development and Protection Creating a Healthy Economic Core Transportation... Planning Wisely... Increasing Ways to Move Historic Designs and Land Patterns Around the Region Courtesy Silicon Energy Retrofitting Suburbia... Regionalism... Using Resources Wisely Cutting Across Boundaries Agrarian Urbanism... Sustainable Destiny... Feeding Our Community YOU Can Help Define Our Future w w w. s u st a i n a b l e d e st i ny b yd e s i g n . o rg w w w.fa c e b o o k . c o m /s u sta i n a b l e d e st i ny
  2. 2. Sustainable Destiny by Design A message from the American Institute Of ArchitectsO n behalf of the American Institute of Architects - Center for Communities by Design - SustainableDesign Assessment Team (SDAT), we look forward tomeeting with the community. The success of the SDAT program is founded onextensive community engagement and involvementduring the nationally-based team’s visit. In-forming the discussions Your Opportunity to Make a Difference!and studies of the SDAT Share your thoughts and ideas!Team through meaningful public dialogue is critical toour making recommendations and suggested action A Conversation to Create a Healthier Sustainable Destiny by Design –steps that will assist Stanwood and Camano Island. Community: A Community Input Session An Unveiling of AIA Recommendations The SDAT program is a community assistance pro- Monday, July 23rd 6-8 pm Wednesday, July 25th 6-8 pmgram that focuses on the principles of sustainability. Stanwood Middle School Cafeteria Stanwood High School Performing Arts CenterSDATs bring teams of volunteer professionals (suchas architects, urban designers, downtown economists, A project of:planners, hydrologists, regionalists, transportation/land use specialists, and others) to work with com- Design Stanwood Island County Economic Sustainable Destiny by Design Development Councilmunity participants, decision-makers and stakehold-ers to help them develop a vision and framework for a City of Stanwood Windermeresustainable future. Josephine Sunset Home and You! We ask for your participation and engagement,as part of the greater community, in the our opening Stanwood Chamber of Commerceday Town Hall Meeting on Monday, July 23, and in ourSDAT Final Presentation the following Wednesday. Please join us in this important planning effort. w w w. s u sta i n a b l e d e st i ny b yd e s i g n . o rgLee Quill, FAIA - Team Leader Principal, Cunningham Quill Architects w w w.fa c e b o o k . c o m /s u sta i n a b l e d e st i nyJoel Mills Director, Communities by Design (National AIA)Erin Simmons ch the Wave Forward! Director, Design Assistance (National AIA) Ca t This message proudly brought to you by: !"#$%&()*!+,"-,".(*(+"-,%/ !"#$%(")*% "(!+*,")-(!."/-(0%+1)*%0(,%2*- & The City of Stanwood welcomes 3).")(4%-05)(-2-(!"#-(*6(7%1($-+*-2-(*(!+*,")-(!."/-8 the opportunity to listen to In advance of “Sustainable Destiny by Design ... a conversation to create a healthier community” community members WHAT WILL BE YOUR Building Better REASON share their FOR CHOOSING THE Communities One Catch the last FREE Showing! Home Sale at a Time CONVENIENCE thoughts on building a more OF ORGANIC PRODUCE Wed. July 18th -- 7 pm HOME DELIVERY? Camano Country sustainable future. 7359 267th St NW Ste D Club Fire Station Stanwood, WA 98292 Health By working together we can Phone: (360) 629-8233 Family Website: Community achieve our dreams and use our Environment resources to keep the 360.652.4663 18826 Marine Dr, Stanwood/Camano region a great place. Stanwood WA 98292 CLAYWAY MEDIA PRESENTS A PETER BYCK FILM “CARBON NATION” EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS PAULA CROWN, GIGI PRITZKER, NICK PRITZKER, PEGGY & HENRY SHARPE & THE LEMELSON FOUNDATION Call Snow Goose Bookstore at GRAPHICS BY MFACTOR, INC. ANIMATION BY SIX POINT HARNESS AFTER EFFECTS ARTIST ANDREW FINK SOUND DESIGN BY ROBERT HAWES/NEPTUNES BROILER COMPOSER FLEXI P ORCHESTRATOR ROBERT HAWES Sincerely, Mayor Dianne W. White ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS 629-3631 to reserve your seat! MICHAEL COCHRAN, GILL HOLLAND, JIM SLAMA, GUETA MEZZETTI, MICHAEL LEIFER, PATRICIA JONES BLESSMAN & NICK STREET PRODUCED BY PETER BYCK, CRAIG SIEBEN, KAREN WEIGERT, ARTEMIS JOUKOWSKY & CHRISNA VAN ZYL NARRATION BY BILL KURTIS WRITEN BY PETER BYCK, ERIC DRISCOLL, MATT WEINHOLD & KAREN WEIGERT EDITED BY ERIC DRISCOLL & PETER BYCK DIRECTED BY PETER BYCK © 2011 Clayway Media