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  • 1.  My goals are to stay concentrated at class or anywhere else and to finish my work on time. And to learn more and different strategy on my math.
  • 2.  What I want to achieve for my social goals is to be more confident on my speaking, and to speak out more often.
  • 3.  For maths we have been learning to use a range of strategies to answer math’s problems and then decide which is the quickest method to find the answer. My number knowledge is: 7 My number strategy is: 7 What I like most about math’s is learning a new strategies to solve a problem.
  • 4.  For reading I have been learning to use a story map to find the orientation, setting, characters, story problem, response, action, and outcome. My reading age is: 13.0-13.5 My star score is: stanine 6 What I like most about reading is being hooked in to the story and reading books about other cultures.
  • 5.  For writing last term we have been learning to write narratives. My writing score is:4B What I like most about writing is learning to use special language features and making up stories from my head or something that has happened before.
  • 6.  I have been one of the lucky ones that have been chosen to be a halogen leader. And we also got to go for an amazing trip to rotarua for the young leaders conference, the trip was awesome but the smell was awful, but besides that, all of the speaker that had said there speech was really meaning full to me, because they really said things that makes me want to be a better leader to the kids at school but not only them I want to be a role model to my younger sibling so they can grow up and follow my foot step on day.
  • 7.  For P.E we did drills on softball, ripper tag, touch, and now rugby, and we even got to verse our class mates. This term I am in the rugby team, thanks to the support of my friends and also teacher. This year I will be joining every sport.