The red candle presentation (Joy Luck Club)


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Presentation of a chapter in the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

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The red candle presentation (Joy Luck Club)

  1. 1. The Red Candle Narrated by: Lindo Jong Siir Tecirlioglu 11A
  2. 2. • Lindo is promised to marry Tyan-yu.• At the age of 16, they get married.• The marriage is represented by a candle which means if it blows out, then the marriage should be canceled.• Lindo does everything to escape this marriage with a man she does not love.• She, at the end, fools everyone by using the ancient Chinese traditions that everyone except her believes in.• After the marriage is canceled, she goes to America.
  3. 3. • An introduction to future events in Lindo’s life.• Explains the characters in detail.• Talks about her freedom, choice, and promises.• How her real mother treated her• How she was treated by her mother-in-law• Lindo talks about her own personality• Some of the Chinese traditions-importance of disgrace, and promises and the process of marriage in China
  4. 4. Why did I choose this section?• It summarizes all the major conflicts that will be explored in detailed later in the story• Great detail on the different characters• All the detail and the use of languageforeshadows the future events that Lindo will experience.• Hints on almost every event except for the conclusion.
  5. 5. • She is treated as a servant in the marriage. – This is the main goal in the choice of brides in China.• Love is not important• Compared to a horsehorses work hard.• Matchmaker is the one who says thisChinese traditionbelief in matchmakers.• (for example, in another story “Like Water for Chocolate”, this is the main aim of Mama Elena)
  6. 6. •The paragraphdescribes the unforgettable look•I dont like Huang Taitaitype of person which you can never please•Future intentionsforeshadowing. İs makes me ask: “what are these intentions?”•The look”is it significant in the future?”•“why did she smile?”•“gold tooth”rich familygives me hint about the Huangsthe word “gold” isconnected to the word “gold” on page 49 (i was wondering why she was mentioninggold on that page)•“swallow me down in one piece”actually she will swallow down yourrightsconnection to the previous paragraph: “...serves you well...”•PenetrateSucceed in forcing a way into or through (a thing)
  7. 7. •The paragraph talks about Tyan-yudetails on this character•Taitaia restaurant in Belgrade. I just realized it.•She was only 2 years old! She has no personal rights or whatesoever•Marrying a guy who is 1 year youngerEW!•Tyan-yufirst time her name is mentioned in the story •-yuseemed very interesting to melt means: “leftover”not a nice way to call your son.•Grandmotherspiritual beliefsis this common in China? Chinese culture?•Tyan-yu is spoiledthere are proofs of this later in the storynot sleeping on the sofa butmaking the girl sleep on that uncomfortable place.•BetrothedThe person to whom one is engaged
  8. 8. •Is Taiyuanese the name of the place they are living in?•Comparing the city traditions and the countrysocietyi asked my self: “WHY? What cuts off the traditions•They are “cut off” from this improvement-it selfish?•Choosing your own daughter-in lawisnt in•Girls have NO CHOICE in Chinadecision is made for thembut i am still not sure if this is onlycommunication? way so that the old tradition continues •İt is done thatfor girls or for children in general, becuase in “willprevious paragraph, in the last sentence, it says•Country is worse than city I asked myself: the she go to the city?” •Did the same thing happen to Taitai?that everyone made thethey are mostly lies) to scare andbe thethe old traditionsdoes lindo•Stories are told sounds honorable for Tyan-yu.it family burial grounds long after the old ladies decisions could keep tradition of deciding own •Doing this (ı think (“sweeping thechildrens’ these? fates.believe inhone to their graves.” had•İn countryold Chinese traditions are a lot more common than in towns. •There is actually a special day for that and it will be mentioned on page 63festival of• slow modernisation. pure brightness.
  9. 9. •The importance of promise in this situationmarriage to Huangs’ son•“PROMISE”the word is the key word in this chapter•Unfair. Harsh. Sad.being have to marry someone you do not love and being treated by yourOWN family as if you belonged to someone elseinsecure. •Own family has given up on you for their traditions•Does lindo like this situation?being treated like you have someone else’s traits andcharacteristics
  10. 10. •Though place to be for the momshe is faking it•She is trying to get used to the fact that her daughter will leave her for anothermother. •Acceptance of mother—in—law as real mother
  11. 11. •The paragraph is talking about Lindoherself•Obedience is very importantthat is why she starts her description with that word•Another example of how the mother already considers Lindo as a part of the Huang family.•İmportance of disgrace in Chinaif Lindo is rejected by her mother-in-lawthen this will be ashame to Lindo’s own family.•She cries on purpose to look uglier (a reaction to what is waiting for her in the future) or is shecrying becuase she is really sad about what her mom just said?•İnterior monologuethe first sentenceshe is thinking to herself.
  12. 12. •There is no way to change what has been promised.•SYMBOL!PROMISE IS A SYMBOLit is a marriage contracta must to do what you aretold/you told.
  13. 13. Conflicts• Even from here, we can see that there are 3 conflicts: – Internal Conflictwhat Lindo wishes to do and what she has to do (promise) – Man vs. SocietyLindo vs the Chinese traditions – Man vs. Fateher fate being decided by others’ choices but she can do nothing about it
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