Poem writing – a myopic child
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Poem writing – a myopic child






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Poem writing – a myopic child Poem writing – a myopic child Document Transcript

  • Siir Tecirlioglu 11A 10 January 2011 Poem Writing – A Myopic ChildIdeas Other kids + Myopic child – SHORTsightedness + Playground+ Voices rising up + Joy and impertinence + Reading the whole time+ Rectangle of bitter silencewindow is a rectangle and there is silence + Fell asleep on the window sill in the afternoon Voices of his own age + Glasses + Bike leaning against a treechild =tree. Bike=glasses + Child who diedOther Kids and A Myopic ChildOther kids and a myopic child always differ,Even if you are wearing contact lenses.Behind those lenses lies the same personBecause they are just circles in front of a bitter silenceBut yet the silence is so deafening that others’ voices aren’t heard.They say the voices rise up,then why is it that some are trapped in and just echo?That is the difference between other kids and a myopic child.A myopic child is like a rust bike;No matter how much it leans against a tree, it can fall into pieces at any moment.Other kids close their eyes with their hands when playing hide and seekBut a myopic child just needs to take off his glasses.But then he carries the risk of hearing their joyful voices,making fun of him, making fun of his glasses.And in the rush of putting the glasses back on, he is in danger of getting hit by a car.Can you imagine all those other risks a myopic child carries unlike other kids?That is why a myopic child reads, studies and thinks.A myopic child cannot go to the playground as freely as the other kids.But he doesn’t regret working; he doesn’t regret being blind nor being deaf to insults,Because in the end, he will be remembered as a successful man, not as a little nerd.