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Yard Sign Maintenance Tips
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Yard Sign Maintenance Tips


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For the most part, yard signs are a very low-maintenance product. Here are some quick and easy tips that will ensure the long life of your signs.

For the most part, yard signs are a very low-maintenance product. Here are some quick and easy tips that will ensure the long life of your signs.

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  • 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners
  • 2. Yard Sign
    Maintenance Tips
  • 3.
    • One of the primary benefits of yard signs is that they are user-
    friendly and require very little maintenance.
    • There are a few things that you should do every so often to make
    sure your sign is in top shape.
    • This will prolong the life of your sign (saving you money) and keep
    your sign looking professional (bringing you more customers).
    • Here are a few quick tips for long-lasting lawn signs.
  • Periodic Cleaning While Mounted
    • Keeping your yard sign clean prevents the material from
    • Corrugated plastic is coated to prevent weather damage, but
    harsh substances (lawn fertilizer, road grime) might damage it.
    • Metal signs are rust-resistant, but over time and without cleaning
    this could wear down.
    • Every couple of weeks, clean your lawn sign with
    soap and water.
    • This makes your sign look good-as-new and brings
    in customers!
  • 4. Check Mounting Area
    • Check the area in which your sign is mounted periodically.
    • 5. Severe weather, can change the consistency of the soil around
    your sign, causing it to shift in position.
    • Ensure that your sign is mounted firmly and securely at all times
    to prevent damage to the sign as well as the yard.
  • 6. Tighten Fastenings
    • Many customers display yard signs screwed into a sign frame or
    attached to the side of a building or fence.
    • If you’re using fasteners to hold your sign in place, check them
    often to ensure that they are still tight.
    • A strong storm or vandals could remove the sign if the fastenings
    are loose.
    • A quick tightening will ensure the long life of your lawn signs.
  • Clean Before Storing
    • Yard signs are easily removable when necessary.
    • 7. If you are going to store your signs for later use, make sure they
    are clean first.
    • Wipe down the sign and any mounting accessories thoroughly
    with soap and water.
    • Any dirt or grime left on the sign over time could cause
  • 8. Store Carefully
    • Be careful with where you place your yard signs.
    • 9. Leave framed signs in the frame to conserve space.
    • 10. For corrugated signs with wire stakes, remove the stakes and
    store them separately.
    • Don’t place the stakes directly on top of the signs as it could
    scratch the printing on the sign.
    • Store signs on a flat surface, out of the way of traffic, to ensure
    they don’t get bent or broken.
  • 11. Feel like an expert now? Great!
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