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How to Install Car Graphics
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How to Install Car Graphics


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  • 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners
  • 2. How To
    Install Car Graphics
  • 3. Car advertisers have seen a great boost in the popularity of large scale car graphics called car wraps.
    Most graphics are bold and exciting and great at grabbing attention through mobile marketing.
  • 4. Car wrap installation can, however, be very tricky. A process best left to the professionals, car wraps must be manipulated to flow with the curves of the vehicle.
    By following these instructions carefully, you can feel confident with your DIY installation.
  • 5. Clean your vehicle and let it dry. Detailing the vehicle might be a good choice and allow it to dry indoors overnight.
    Plan ahead for your installation and allow plenty of time. Lay out the graphics on the vehicle and tape them down with masking tape so you know exactly where each graphic will go.
    You will need:
    • Masking tape
    • 6. A squeegee
    • 7. Razor blade or Exact-o knife
    • 8. A heat source (blow dryer, heat gun, etc.)
  • Start first by wrapping the hood, installing small sections at a time.
    Start at the center and work upward. Then, return to the center and work downward. A squeegee will help remove wrinkles. If that’s not effective, use a heat source to relax the film before applying it over curves.
    Once the hood piece is installed, trim away excess material. Do not wrap it around the inside of the hood- trim it to the edge.
  • 9. With a partner, tape the side panel at the bottom of the vehicle and remove the backing.
    Use the squeegee to adhere the bottom half of the panel, and then move upward.
    Repeat on the other side panel.
    Trim excess material around wheel wells.
  • 10. Next is the bumpers. This is most difficult because bumpers are the most curved.
    Take your time and work the film with heat to fit it to the contours of the vehicle.
    Once your wrap is installed carefully inspect the entire vehicle. Trim off any excess material with a razor. Use a pin to pop air bubbles and smooth over with your finger.
    • If this seems overwhelming or intimidating, it is worth using a professional for the installation. This will help guarantee your graphics will look amazing and last for years.
  • Feel like an expert now? Great!
    Order your car signs today at
    Still have questions? We can help!
    Visit us online at