How to Design Vinyl Banners for Your Karate Studio

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  • 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners
  • 2. How to Design Vinyl Banners for Your Karate Studio
  • 3. Large, visible advertising banners have proven to be effective for improving registration. Banners are ideal for bold advertising that makes an impact and draws new students to your school.
    Following a few simple pointers can help to create a custom banner advertisement that looks great and conveys your message.
  • 4. Message
    • Know your goal and determine your message before you start on your design.
    • 5. Whatever your karate studio is trying to announce, your message should be very simple and direct.
    • 6. Overloading your design with too much information will confuse customers and distract from your message.
  • Banner Size
    • Measure the area where you’d like to display the banner.
    • 7. Small indoor banners are typically 2’x4’ or larger.
    • 8. Outdoor banners can range from 3’x6’ or larger.
    • 9. The larger the banner, the larger your message, and the more effective your design is.
  • Create Your Design
    • As a karate studio, you are selling discipline and life lessons. Use photographs of your well disciplined students or famous high kick to emphasize your school.
    • 10. Add a color scheme that emphasizes your school emblem or school colors.
    • 11. The key to any good design is contrast.
    • 12. keep your fonts simple and large. No intricate script fonts.
  • Location
    • Vinyl banners include metal grommets (holes) on each corner of your vinyl banner, and approximately every two-feet.
    • 13. If your banner will be outside for a few months, consider “outdoor” finishing. This uses a thicker material and re-enforces the grommets.
    • 14. If your banner is going on a banner stand or stakes, you’ll need pole-pocket finishing. This creates a pocket at the end of each banner that you can run a pole through and secure it to the stand.
  • A great message can be lost with a poor, overloaded design. Carefully edit your design and your message so your intended message is clear and visible. Karate banners are an inexpensive and effective way to promote your karate school and encourage kids and adults to register. Keep your first impressions strong with professional looking vinyl banners.
  • 15. Feel like an expert now? Great!
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