How To Design and Order Car Window Decals
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How To Design and Order Car Window Decals






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How To Design and Order Car Window Decals How To Design and Order Car Window Decals Presentation Transcript

  • Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners
  • How To:
    Design and Order
    Car Window Decals
  • Car window decals are favorite among car signs but are also the most challenging and misunderstood. What do you need to know to be an expert?
  • Measure the Window
    There is no standard size. Measure the vehicle window to find what size decal you need.
    What to Measure? Top width, bottom width, center height, and side height
    What to order? Take your largest height and width and add 2”. This will leave you a “safe” area and ensure you have enough material to cover the entire window.
  • What’s Your Message?
    Brainstorm what you want your target message to read. Keep it short, clear and focused. Passing traffic does not have time to read. Too much information will overwhelm them and loose impact.
  • Create Your Design
    Design with opposing colors to ensure impact. Light, vibrant text on dark backgrounds and dark text on light background.
    Your message should be large for greater visibility. Each inch of letter height equal 10 feet of perfect visibility.
    Most importantly, pay close attention to the window shape. Keep your design within the shape to prevent loosing important details. Account for the location for wiper blades, hinges and handles.
  • Place Your Order
    Find a sign company that will allow you to order a custom size. Provide them with your window dimensions, custom design, and vehicle make and model to help ensure and accurate fit.
  • Installation
    • Clean the window
    • Measure to find the center point
    • Tape the decal to the window for a secure installation
    • Remove half of the backing and apply with a squeegee
    • Remove remaining backing and apply the rest
    • Follow along window edges with a razor to remove excess material
    For a visual guide, you can find an installation video online at
  • Feel like an expert now? Great!
    Order your car signs today at
    Still have questions? We can help!
    Visit us online at