MegaDeck Heavy-Duty Composite Access MatsMega deck brochure oct2012


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MegaDeck composite matting is the most advanced interlocking panel system on the market today. It features rugged, internally-ribbed construction and a durable locking system designed to handle the rigors of the roughest jobs. MegaDeck is designed for convenient transport, is simple to install, extremely durable, and can be used to create temporary roads or pathways that protect sensitive turf and improve vehicle access over sand, mud, and marshy areas.

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MegaDeck Heavy-Duty Composite Access MatsMega deck brochure oct2012

  2. 2. EXPERTS IN MATTING SYSTEMS Experienced professionals in the world of portable floor- ing and advanced composite matting manufacturing, Signature Systems has long been at the forefront of por- table flooring and roadway innovations and composite mat engineering. Through our close relationships with custom- ers in the energy exploration and drilling industries, as well as construction, disaster relief, large scale events, and the military, we have been able to design and develop solutions specific to their needs. We don’t just design, engineer, and manufacture our products; we use them. Because we rent and install our roadways and interlocking flooring products all over the world, we are able to continually refine our designs based on our own field experience. With our corporate headquarters in New York City and manufacturing, sales, and distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Britain, Signature Systems is able to meet our customers’ manufacturing, shipping, and installation needs anywhere in the world. Our products are available directly from us and through our network of qualified distributors, dealers, and agents. | Sales in USA: 800 709 8151 | Direct+1 212 953 9123 | Fax: +1 212 953 1117 | IDEAL FOR: OIL & GAS INDUSTRIES UTILITIES INDUSTRY CONSTRUCTION SITES TRENCHING & SHORING PROJECTS MILITARY OPERATIONS EMERGENCY / DISASTER RELIEF HEAVY-HAUL APPLICATIONS ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN-UP CRANE ACCESS MATS WIND ENERGY AIRFIELDS MINING WATER WELL DRILLING BRIDGE BUILDING PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION TANK FARMS / OIL DEPOTS SPECIAL EVENTS
  3. 3. MEGADECKTM ACCESS MATS 14 ft x 7.5 ft HDPE PANELS • Heavy duty access matting • Provides traction over any type of terrain • Creates solid work and drill pads • Keeps workers, equipment and environment safe. Zero-disturbance installation. • 600 psi weight-bearing capacity • Simple and durable connection system • Fits in standard ISO containers • Made in the USA For lighter weight activities, inquire about DuraDeck® access mats
  4. 4. Heavy-Duty Composite Access Mats TEMPORARY ROADWAYS WORKING PLATFORMS GROUND PROTECTION MADE IN THE USA OVERLAPPING FLANGES MegaDeck mats nest and interlock for added rigidity and strength. BETTER THAN WOOD AND OTHER SYSTEMS • Does not warp, rot, crack or delaminate • Does not absorb water, chemicals or contaminants • Simple and strong connection system is superior to other composite mat systems • Easier to store, transport and install than other composite systems TRACTION NUBS Molded nubs on MegaDeck mats provide traction with- out interfering with tracked vehicle movement. | Vânzări SUA: 800 709 8151 | Telefon +1 212 953 9123 | Fax: +1 212 953 1117 | For lighter weight activities, inquire about DuraDeck® access mats
  5. 5. CROSS-RIB INTERIOR MegaDeck’s engineered interior construction reduces weight while adding strength. STRONG & FLEXIBLE • Can support compressive loads above 600 lbs. per square inch without buckling • Bends without breaking • Conforms to ground contours – HDPE memory allows MegaDeck to return to it’s original shape SUPERIOR DESIGN & ENGINEERING • Large panel access matting system provides stable access and superior ground protection for heavy-duty applications • Fits in standard ISO containers • Can be manuevered by a standard forklift or any other lifting device • Rugged yet easy-to-use connection system • Manufactured by Signature Systems Group – pioneers in portable roadways and modular flooring systems MAT SIZE LARGE SIZE MAT: Consists of 2 small mats bolted permanently together Actual: 7.5 ft / 2.286 m (L) x 14 ft / 4.2672 m (W) x 4.25 in / 10.795 cm (D) Useable (due to flange): 6.5 ft / 1.98 m (L) x 13 ft / 3.9624 m (W) x 4.25 in / 10.795 cm (D) SMALL SIZE MAT: Actual: 7.5 ft / 2.286 m (L) x 7.5 ft / 2.286 m (W) x 4.25 in / 10.795 cm (D) Useable (due to flange): 6.5 ft / 1.98 m (L) x 6.5 ft / 1.98 m (W) x 4.25 in / 10.795 cm (D) WEIGHT LARGE MAT: 521.6 kg / 1,150 lbs SMALL MAT: 260.8 kg / 575 lbs MATERIAL COMPOSITION High-quality virgin HDPE with special impact modifiers and nanoclay fillers accommodate thermal expansion and provide tremendous strength. An anti-static additive reduces static build-up, allowing for use in environments where static is a risk. UV protection prolongs the lifespan of the mats. COLOR Beige. Custom colors available.
  6. 6. | Sales in USA: 800 709 8151 | Direct +1 212 953 9123 | Fax: +1 212 953 1117 | MegaDeck Wooden Access Mats Mat Dimensions 7.5’ x 14’ x 4” 8’ x 14’ (2.13m x 4.27m x 10.16cm) (2.44m x 4.27m) Weight 1,150 lbs. (521.6 kg) 2000-2850 lbs (907-1293kg) Weight bearing 600psi* 200psi* Fits in standard ISO container Yes No Is chemical resistant Yes No Is heavier when wet No Yes Recyclable Yes No Average life span 15-20 years 2-3 years Environmentally Responsible Yes No Can be repaired in field Yes No Can be tracked by RFID chips Yes No Custom colors are available Yes No Anti-slip traction pattern Yes No *over ideal soil conditions COMPARE MEGADECK TO WOOD MAT SYSTEMS TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES All the tools and accessories neccessary for an easy MegaDeck installation including our locking tool, pry bars, transition ramps and extra locking pins are available for purchase directly from Signature Systems Group.
  7. 7. SMART CONNECTION SYSTEM LARGE LOCKING PIN 5” diameter locking system - no small pieces to lose on site NESTING RADIUS-EDGED FLANGES Allows for quick alignment of locking components USES A STANDARD HEX KEY Connect mats simply with twist of a hex key or our ergonomic MegaDeck Cam Locking Tool For lighter weight activities, inquire about DuraDeck® access mats MegaDeck Composite Mats are Better Than Traditional Wooden Matting Don’t be lured by the false econ- omy of wooden and steel framed wood access matting. They may appear cheaper upfront, but giv- en their much shorter life span (about 1/10th of MegaDeck’s expected life span) and higher freight costs, MegaDeck com- posite mats are easily the more economical choice. MegaDeck also outperforms wooden systems in just about every way. MegaDeck is an en- gineered product that retains its strength and other properties throughout its lifespan. Our proprietary blend of materials will not rot, splinter, or delaminate. Wood absorbs water and chemicals, making wooden mats heavier when wet and likely to carry contaminants to other work sites if reused. MegaDeck does not ab- sorb water and is chemical resistant. MegaDeck is easily cleaned with a power washer and ready for reuse for decades to come without risking cross-contamination of worksites. MegaDeck also contains a UV additive that prevents degradation from UV exposure while even treated wood mats start to degrade the moment they are exposed to the elements. Not only will sunlight change the color of wood mats over a short period of time, the cycle of absorbing rain water and drying out will expedite decomposition. Rain water and chemical spills can also leave the sur- face of wood mats slick and dangerous for workers and equipment alike. MegaDeck’s anti-slip traction pattern provides a consistently safe surface for your entire worksite. MEGADECKTRANSITION RAMPS Made from recycled tire rubber, MegaDeck ramps are lightweight and simple to install. Provide a safe and smooth transition to your MegaDeck surface.
  8. 8. MegaDeck is manufactured by Signature Systems Group, LLC 50 E. 42nd Street, 14th Floor New York, NY 10017 Sales in USA 1 800 709 8151 Direct +1 212 953 9123 Fax +1 212 953 1117 WORLDWIDE SHIPPING FITS IN STANDARD ISO CONTAINERS ALWAYS IN STOCK vol.2: 10/12