Strategic Meetings Management Best Practices


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A practical guide to applying the best practice fundamentals of Strategic Meetings Management into current organizational structures that will transform theoretical conversations into customized action plans.

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  • Thanks for sharing! Pairing strategic meetings management best practices with innovative tools make for much more effective and efficient meetings. is a great platform for meetings and decision-making. It has useful features like anonymous feedback (for the introverted), automated meeting minutes, and clear/structured agendas.
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Strategic Meetings Management Best Practices

  1. Best Practice Fundamentals of SMM:Turn Conversations Into Action Plans
  2. How can you infuse best practices of Strategic MeetingsManagement Programs into your current organizationalstructure?
  3. Driving the implementation
  4. False: Requires hundreds of thousands of dollars, complicatedre-engineering, & years of data collection
  5. True: There are practical ways for any-sizeorganization to apply SMMP
  6. ‘One SIZE does not fit all’ But‘One STYLE does not fit all’ either
  7. Action Blocks for successfulbusiness P.O.A. a framework for driving SMMP into your business
  8. #1 Get the ball rolling
  9. Identify a business mentor whom you trust for guidance. This person should be in a position at least one organizational level above you.Request calendar time with your mentor to discuss the strategicprogram and inform him/her you would like insight & feedback.Obtain a copy of current mission statement & businessobjectives.
  10. #2 Visibility can impact your organization
  11. Answer the following:With visibility into the meetings spend volume & activity levels, companyleadership would be in a position to do what that they cannot do today?What recent business situation could have been avoided, improved, ormanaged differently if the company had visibility into this area of spend?
  12. Which 1 or more business goals from theprevious year, that were not met, could havebeen impacted (positively) if the company hadvisibility into this area of spend?Which business goals that were met could havebeen exceeded if the company had visibility intothis area of spend?
  13. #3 What is ‘at risk’ for your company that anSMMP can help mitigate? (Use missionstatement & business goals from #1)
  14. Identify what your company has determined areHIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW risk priorities to its viability and abilityto achieve its goals this year.
  15. Looking at each risk, evaluate the way in which a SMMP canpotentially mitigate them. Determine how that could bearticulated and validated.
  16. #4 Whatcompliancematters toyour company
  17. List three internal company compliance expectationsplaced on all employees. ex: corporate travel policy, expense reimbursement policy, etc.Identify what ways SMMP can directly assist in drivinghigher compliance rates.
  18. Identify 3 industry regulatorypolicies that your company isrequired to be in compliancewith. Identify what ways SMMPcan directly assist in drivinghigher compliance rates.For past 2 tasks, understand andbe able to articulate the cost ofeither non-compliance or theopportunity loss of lowcompliance.
  19. #5 Positioning for leadership
  20. Within the industry verticalor competitive set thatyour companyresides, your company isconsidered in a leadershipposition in what area of itsbusiness?How would an SMMPreinforce/strengthen theposition(s) identifiedabove?
  21. Within your own company, research andidentify up to 3 other similar spendcategories that are managed strategicallyand considered exemplary.Reach out to more than 1 of thoseidentified spend category leaders above tounderstand how they achieved theexemplary level of respect you’veidentified.
  22. #6 Complete each following statementfor the company’s CORE missionstatement and objectives for currentfiscal year from task #1.It is recommended that this exercise be performed at bothcompany and divisional/departmental levels in which SMMPpractitioner resides.
  23. Visibility into the meetings spendcategory will enable the organizationto: ______________________Which creates opportunity for:__________________________If we had that opportunity, it directlysupports the manner in which wecould achieve the following goal:___________________________
  24. Risk Mitigation: contractcompliance, event hazardsreduction… Define It.A current risk we face within ourcompany is: ______________An SMMP could help mitigatethat risk in the following ways:_______________________Without the kind of riskmitigation an SMMP canprovide, we substantially impactour ability to achieve thiscompany goal: _______________
  25. The penalties for non-compliance to industry regulations wemust follow are:_____________________________________The missed opportunity in low compliance to internal policies(i.e. travel) is: __________________________Our low level compliance adversely affects our ability toachieve the following goal: ________________________
  26. My company considers itself a “leader” in the following areas:_________________________An SMMP directly is in alignment with what leadershipposition from above: __________________________A lack of an SMMP is in direct contradiction to whichleadership position from above: ____________________
  27. #7 Building out the process illustration
  28. Request the event planningprocess map or illustrationfrom the internal meetingsdepartmentIf your organization has nomeetingsdepartment, identify up to3 meetings/events that aresponsored by yourcompany, reach out to theperson in charge & createtheir process map
  29. Reach out to one of the leading industry organizations (i.e. NBTA or MPI) for their standard meetingStep 1 planning process maps. Step 2 From an SMMP technology provider, request a process flow Step 3 chart showing how their system drives the process around SMMP. Step 4 Compare & contrast each model Step 5 for similarities and differences making special note of any unique internal attributes that are currently in practice in your organization.
  30. #8 Building the People Framework
  31. Create a list of thoseperson(s) that are involvedwith the management of keysponsored events.Determine if any outsourcedcompanies are employed tosupport their programs.Develop a profile of what the‘Product Team’ within yourcompany looks like today.
  32. Reach out to a procurement executive to better understandhow this spend category is classified with your company (i.e.non-core, etc.) and what is the standard in-source/out-sourcepolicy that applies
  33. What key executives (noless than 5) have avested interest in thisarea of spend categorymanagement? Defineeach person’s top 3areas of interest &assess the value theirvisibility might bring toan SMMP effort
  34. As a starting point, identify 3 similar spend categories(include Travel) and learn who is the executive sponsor foreach & evaluate their performance in that role. Use this tocreate a short list of potential executive sponsors for SMMP.
  35. #9 BPA Situation Assessment
  36. Look at current process of meetings – whattechnologies are in use right now?Look at similar spend category processes:what internal technologies are in use thathave cross-over benefit to meetingprocess? (i.e. internal communicationtools, business travel apps, etc.)What’s missing? Determine what toolsmight be missing by looking at existingtechnology tools to validate theircapabilities in providing the data support toprovide the organization with visibility, riskmitigation and/or compliance data.
  37. Educate yourself on the market offerings in the area of SMMPtechnology – access whitepapers provided by NBTA, MPI, ACTE.Request product overview information from key providers.Review & understand the level of financial and product supportresources that would be available for an SMMP initiative.
  38. #10 Finding quick win seeds
  39. Reach out to owner of CorporateTransient Travel spend category todetermine if there are any market sharecommitments to suppliers that are injeopardy in the current year.Reach out to an executive within Financedivision – with responsibility overpayment processing specifically, anypayment card products. Learn level ofadoption and how that compares withdesired level of usage.If your company has a meetingsdept., learn what criteria must be met inorder for them to provide their services toa meeting sponsor (i.e. attendeecount, spend amount, etc.). Ask how theyhandle requests for support that falloutside the criteria.
  40. Speak to administrative assistants of at least 3 C-level executives tounderstand how they are planning executive meetings today. Identifyareas of pain & areas that need support.Speak to an executive in contracts/procurement department. Find out ifthere are any company-standard contracting terms that exist for thiscategory or in general. Seek out a sampling of meetings contracts frompast 12 months to validate whether those terms are included in thosecontracts.
  41. #11 Confirming the Executive SponsorPrepare a presentation to the Sr. Level Executive whom youwould like to assume the position of corporate sponsor.
  42. The SMMP Value Drivers that will directly support the company’sobjectives and that of this particular Sr. Level Exec.A comparison of current practice to the most relevant competitor set oforganizations.Specific near term role you need that Sr. Level Exec. to play and whatwould the time and resource commitment be. List specific activities andevents you will need his/her direct participation in.Identify at least 1 quick win that would most powerfully support his/herown business objectives for current year.
  43. #12 Complete value statements
  44. The top 3 most significant benefits my company will gain as aresult of the SMMP is:____________________________________________Each benefit will position the company for higher levels ofsuccess by: ___________________________________The way I will assess whether or not any component of theSMMP contributes to driving the benefit noted above is:_____________________________________________
  45. #13 Three benefits review
  46. From task #12, review the top 3 SMMPbenefits that must be delivered to theorganization immediately.In order to deliver those 3benefits, what process, people & toolsmust be in place?What is the direct impact to the overallcompany of not delivering each of the3 benefits listed above?As you look at the 3 benefits, what ishappening today organizationally thatis preventing the company fromenjoying those benefits?
  47. A successful SMMP will behow YOU defineit, implement it, and validateits benefits.It does not have to replicate agraphical model, or the wayin which a Fortune 100company has done it.
  48. Design your SMMP for your own specific needs.Keep it clear of purpose, concise of value andconsistently validated . . . Don’t overcomplicate it!
  49. ‘After you’ve done a thing the same way for twoyears, look it over carefully. After five years, lookat it with suspicion. And after ten years, throw itaway and start all over.’ - Alfred Edward Perlman
  50. For a detailed SMMP’s best practices and Plan Of Action guidedownload the 23 page whitepaper:The Pragmatist’s Guide to SMM: Moving from action to theory( learn more about SignUp4’s Meetings Management software:Call: 1.877.745.5826Email: sales@signup4.comVisit our site: www.signup4.comView SU4 blog: stories:
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