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Mobile App Basics for Beginners


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Creating mobile apps for events and meetings is becoming more of a common practice both to drive attendee interaction but to also assist in decreasing carbon footprints. This quick guide answers a few …

Creating mobile apps for events and meetings is becoming more of a common practice both to drive attendee interaction but to also assist in decreasing carbon footprints. This quick guide answers a few questions for those unfamiliar with the mobile app space. The ideal scenario for top performing event professionals would be to incorporate mobile apps and event management software to help maximize their ROI and ROO.

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  • 1. Going mobile with your meetings & eventsThe basic questions answered
  • 2. Why do I need a mobile app?
  • 3. Reduce your carbon footprintUse digital contentLower your print costsHelp your attendeesKeep everyone informed of event updatesDrive interaction & networking opportunities
  • 4. Why I want a native app
  • 5. A native app runs directly off the device’soperating system and can be adapted formultiple devices.They can be accessed with noconnectivity. For example, inplanes, subways, and dead zones.They’re more effective with integrationinto special features like GPS and contactlists.Allow for push notifications. When youchange your content, users can receiveupdates in real-time.
  • 6. What should I include in my app?
  • 7. Local maps with map points of localdining, entertainment, lodging, and points of interest.Depending on your event you may want to pinpoint yourevents locations, venues and/or routes.Highlight your breakout sessions and guest speakers &keynote speakers.Create a tab for your event sponsors and link to their sites.Offer opportunity to schedule appointments with exhibitors& sponsors.
  • 8. Get your attendees chatting about your event witha social section.Will they be taking notes? Create a digital notepad.Make your attendee binder a digital one!Allow attendees to interact with each other viacontact lists.Gamification will also help to drive participation.
  • 9. Can I see who used my app, how it was used, andon which devices?Yes! Most apps will come with analytics.These analytics will allow you to see statsincluding:demographic of your userswhich mobile devices were usedwhich sections of the app were usedhow much, when and how oftenhow many downloads on each platform
  • 10. Do I need HTML experience?Can someone build my app for me?
  • 11. It will depend on which app provider youchoose.Most native mobile app platforms do notrequire any html knowledge, IF they have asimple WYSIWYG editor which would looklike a Word editor. Some apps may requiresome Javascript for special features.Yes, most providers can build the app foryou. Keep in mind the cost will dramaticallyincrease as will your timeline to receive thefinished product.Building your own app my require someassistance, however the upside is that youare in control of your production scheduleand you will save … big time!
  • 12. If I’m using a native app, how long does it takefor it to be approved?
  • 13. The Google Play store has a speedy turnaround. Maybe 2 days max butremember times change and there’s no standard answer.The Apple App Store is much more strict. Remember, your app can berejected in which case you will need to make updates and resubmit or filean appeal. Be sure to add some cushion space just in case this were tohappen to you. Approval could take approximately 2-3 weeks but planahead and do not make last minute moves.
  • 14. What if I want to make changes to my app?
  • 15. Yes, you can usually make changes. Check to see if your app provideroffers real-time updates and push notifications.
  • 16. How can I make sure my attendees use my app?Social media is first and foremost theeasiest & least expensive means ofpromotion.Post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin &LinkedIn groups, create aSlideShare, and post pictures on yourPinterest.When you send email communicationsabout your event be sure to includeapp announcements.
  • 17. Promote the gamification section of yourapp & get people excited (if applicable).Advertise your event in print mediathroughout the tradeshow or exhibit hall.Offer incentives or hold a contest throughthe app for app users only.
  • 18. Want more information?Call us at 404.237.8945Email us at communications@signup4.comVisit us at