RFPs for 2013: Best Practices for Better Responses


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Ashley Kissinger, Global Sales for Marriott International and Mark Hubrich, VP of Client & Industry Relations at SignUp4 will walk you through what happens to your electronic RFPs after you click “submit”, and how to ensure you are receiving the best responses.

Topics include:

-Statistics on Traditional RFP vs. Electronic RFP
-Understanding what hotels are able to view
-How each item in your RFP affects a response
-Best practices in the industry to make your RFPs a priority

If you would like to receive (1) credit hour in Strategic Planning for viewing this webinar, please access it via this link:


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RFPs for 2013: Best Practices for Better Responses

  1. 1. Ashley Kissinger Global Sales Marriott International Mark Hubrich VP Client & Industry Relations SignUp4
  2. 2. Presenters In her current role at Marriott, Ashley is one of five directors responsible for providing strategic leadership for the Corporate Global Sales Team of 70 associates, managing all revenue streams for approximately 300 multi-national customers generating $4B in annual revenue for their 3,700 properties worldwide. She is also responsible for developing best-in-class total account managers, and leveraging Marriott’s core competencies to develop value-added products and services for customers. Mark Hubrich is co-founder and VP of Industry and Client Relations of SignUp4, where he is responsible for managing client services that have resulted in an over 91 percent renewal rate for existing customer accounts. A technology entrepreneur with over 13 years of experience in developing software solutions for the meetings and events industry, Hubrich’s career path to SignUp4 began with his role in developing a hotel block module application for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games in 1996.
  3. 3. Agenda 1 Current State 2 Shift in Priorities 3 Large Hotel Chain Perspective 4 Best Practices 5 Evolving eRFP technology
  4. 4. Current State • eRFP Volume • Closure Ratio • Number of Hotels Sourced per Meeting
  5. 5. eRFP Volume
  6. 6. Closure Ratio
  7. 7. Number of Hotels Sourced per Meeting
  8. 8. Continuing Shift in Priorities
  9. 9. Procurement Driving Selections
  10. 10. Hotels as Assets
  11. 11. Large Hotel Chain Perspective
  12. 12. Hotel’s View
  13. 13. Hotel’s Process
  14. 14. Hotel’s Process Extra Resources
  15. 15. 42.9% 25.4% 19.6% 1 Hotel 2 Hotels 3 Hotels 17.8% 4 Hotels 15.7% 5 Hotels Closure Ratio by numbers of hotels sourced 14.7% 6-9 Hotels 12.3% 10+ Hotels
  16. 16. Best Practices
  17. 17. RFI vs RFP
  18. 18. Analyze Airlift First!
  19. 19. Educate Meeting Owners
  20. 20. Divulge Budget (and/or History)
  21. 21. Utilize Your GSO/NSO
  22. 22. Technology Perspective
  23. 23. Thank you for joining us! Questions? Mark Hubrich mhubrich@signup4.com Ashley Kissinger ashley.kissinger@Marriott.com Visit with us at …