Sigma Xi Student Research Showcase Presentation


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Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society hosts a virtual student research conference, or "Student Research Showcase" each March. More information at

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Sigma Xi Student Research Showcase Presentation

  1. 1. Creating a presentation site for the Sigma XiStudent Research Showcase
  2. 2. ContentI. Procedures and Timeline for Student Research ShowcaseII. Creating a Presentation SiteIII. Sharing your PresentationIV. Student – Judge Discussion PeriodV. Awards
  3. 3. Procedures and Timeline1. Preliminary Approval: submit project description meetings@sigmaxi.org2. Presentation Creation: after you have been approved to participate, create a presentation site3. Presentation Finalized: submit the URL of your presentation to Sigma Xi by March 84. The Showcase (March 18 – 23): Discussion Period via blog (Monday – Friday) Final Judge evaluations (Saturday morning) Awards announced (Saturday evening)
  4. 4. Creating a Presentation SiteThe following description explains how to create a presentation site using the freeblogging software provided at www.tumblr.comYou may choose to use other blogging software such as WordPress or host your ownhtml webpage.Regardless of the software you choose, your presentation site MUST have thefollowing:1. An abstract that describes your research project (200 words maximum)2. A technical slide presentation3. A brief (2-3 minute) informal video introduction of you and your research aimed at a general (non-technical) audience4. A discussion widget similar to DISQUS (described further below)
  5. 5. How to use Tumblr for your site• Create a free account at• Don’t forget to verify your email address• From the Dashboard go to your Tumblr Page (blank workspace you can now customize)• Click on
  6. 6. On the Customize page youmay create the look and basicfeatures of your page• The default Theme is fine or you may select another• Title should be brief statement of the focus of your research (not formal research title)• Description should tell who you are and list your institution
  7. 7. Adding a Discussion WidgetAdd DISQUIS (recommended) orother discussion widget to yoursite.• Register (free) at• Verify your email address as requested• On the DISQUIS installation page, select the tumblr platform• Follow the 3 easy installation steps• Default settings on DISQUIS are adequate
  8. 8. Content PlacementRemember – blog software (like Tumblr) will placethe most recently added item at the top.If you want your page to appear (from top tobottom) as Abstract > Presentation > Video, thenyou need to post in reverse order: Video >Presentation > Abstract.We do not require a specific order – just that allthree elements (plus a Discussion widget) appearon your page.
  9. 9. Adding an Abstract onTumblr• From Dashboard select Text• Under “Title” enter “Abstract”• In the “Post” field enter your formal project title followed by your abstract contents (~200 words)• Select “Publish Now” if you are satisfied with the placement order of the abstract (see previous slide). You may return to edit abstract contents later.
  10. 10. Text Content Editing• Blog software often has limited text formatting capabilities• If you need special characters, you may cut and paste from a word processing software• Many special characters will work – such as ≤, Σ, Δ, Ʊ• Subscripts and Superscripts often will not display • Example: C6H12O6 may appear as C6H12O6 • You may wish to say “Glucose” rather than C6H12O6 • You may also insert an image of a complex formula or concept• You may edit using the HTML feature if you have that expertise
  11. 11. Adding a Slide Presentation using Tumblr• Upload the technical slide presentation to a hosting site such as SlideShare or Google Docs• Generate embed code from the slide hosting site• Add a “Text” post on Tumblr• Click on the .HTML Code Button• Insert the embed code and save
  12. 12. Hint: Adding the slide presentation to the samepost as the abstract is an easy way to maintain thepositioning. Usig Tumblr, you may accomplish thisby doing the following: • Open the “Abstract” post by clicking edit • Click on the .HTML button and scroll to the bottom • Insert the embed code and saveOtherwise, you may add the presentation as aseparate post (see previous slide).
  13. 13. Adding a Personal Video using Tumblr• From the Dashboard, select Video• You my embed the video from a hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo) by adding the URL or you may upload the video directly• Adding a caption is optional but often a nice touch
  14. 14. Sharing your Presentation Site• Submit the URL of your presentation site by email to• Your site will be linked at the Student Research Showcase hub hosted at• You may view student presentations and other content at the Showcase hub
  15. 15. Student – Judge Discussion Period• During the week of the Showcase (Monday- Friday), judges will pose questions to you on your site (via DISQUIS)• Once a judge (or anyone) has posted a comment, you will receive an email notice from DISQUIS• Log into your DISQUIS account to reply to the comment as well as to "Delete", "Approve", or "Spam“ as appropriate
  16. 16. Recognizing Outstanding Presentations• After the discussion period ends, judges will provide evaluations and rank the best presentations• Awards will be announced on the Saturday evening of the Showcase• Award winning presentations will be featured on the Sigma Xi website• All student presenters will receive feedback from judges
  17. 17. For more information visit www.sigmaxi.orgOr email