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Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
Klabs Conference 2009
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Klabs Conference 2009


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Terry Butler of Sigma Systems presents at the Klabs Conference 2009 in South Korea. …

Terry Butler of Sigma Systems presents at the Klabs Conference 2009 in South Korea.
The presentation shows the Triple-play Service initiative between Klabs and Sigma Systems, for which the objective is to demonstrate end-to-end service provisioning for triple-play services.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. September 2009 KLABS 2009 Conference Delivering Triple-play Services
  • 2. Who We Are
    • Sigma … Global Leader in Advanced IP Service Fulfillment Solutions
      • Over 12 years dedicated OSS development & deployment experience
      • Strategic, global offices (Canada, India, EMEA, APAC and CALA)
      • 50+ Deployments Worldwide
      • 20+ VoIP deployments
      • Over 100 million services managed across Voice, Video, Data, and Multi-media services
  • 3. Who are our Customers Sigma’s customers are some of the largest service providers in the world.
  • 4. Automated delivery of any service, any network, and any device Service Diagnostics Service Inventory Service Order Management Service Provisioning and Activation Resource Management Active Mediation Platform Operations Fulfillment Assurance Billing Operations Support & Readiness Customer Relationship Management Service Management & Operations Resource Management & Operations Supplier/Partner Relationship Management Service Configuration & Activation Service Problem Management Service Quality Analysis, Action & Reporting Service & Specific Instance Rating SM&O Support & Process Management Service Management & Operations Readiness Supplier/ Partner Interface Management S/P Buying S/P Purchase Order Management S/P Problem Reporting & Management S/P Performance Management S/P Settlements & Billing Management S/PRM Operations Support & Process Management S/P Relationship Management Operations Readiness Resource Provisioning & Allocation to Service Instance Resource Problem Management Resource Restoration Resource Data Collection, Analysis & Control RM&O Support & Process Management Resource Management & Operations Readiness Retention & Loyalty Customer Interface Management Billing & Collections Management Customer QoS / SLA Management Problem Handling Selling Order Handling Marketing Fu l fil l ment Response CRM Operations Support & Process Management CRM Operations Readiness Sales & Channel Management
  • 5. TPS initiative with KLabs
  • 6. TPS initiative summary
    • Joint efforts between KLabs and Sigma
    • The objective is to demonstrate end-to-end automated service provisioning for triple play services.
    • We plan to demonstrate TPS operational scenarios/functionalities to Korean MSOs at the KLabs test-bed.
    • Completed HSD and VoIP integration. DTV integration is in progress.
  • 7. Triple Play Service (TPS) demo Service Management Platform Service Profile Manager Validation rules Sub/Service Mapping Provisioning History WorkFlow Service Definitions Service Enabling Topology Realtime Provisioning Order: Video, Voice, Data, ISP services Success, Failure (error info)  Customer Order, Inquiry,..  Customer follow-up, information to enable subscriber self service.  View customer orders, order status, and order history Order Entry  Enable CPE Devices for TPS  Success, Failure (error info) KLabs test-bed Set-Top Box Cable Modem Voice MTA Tel Provision TPS Session Border Controller (SBC) Xener Softswitch Cisco CNR Nagravision CAS PC PC TV
  • 8. TPS Service – High Speed Data (HSD) Service
    • Activating cable modem/PC
      • provisioning use cases:
    • activate HSD
    • deactivate HSD
      • Demo scenario: Browsing Internet
    Internet CM Cisco CNR provisioning
  • 9. TPS Service - VoIP
    • VoIP:
      • Activating two eMTAs/phones
      • Demo the dial tone
      • Demo call between the two phones
    Xener Softswitch MTA/ATA MTA/ATA RTP SIP SIP I am doing great. How are you? provisioning
  • 10. TPS Service - Video
    • Video
      • Activating STB w/channels
      • Demo showing TV programs (channels) on TV
    DSTB/CM Broadcasting System Nagravision CAS entitlement provisioning HFC Channel
  • 11. Operational scenarios – TPS provisioning
    • Integrated TPS subscriber view
    • Provisioning and activation of TPS subscriber
      • Order tracking and monitoring
      • Workflow execution
    • Define new service bundle
    • Define new workflow
  • 12. Integrated subscriber view
  • 13. Order tracking and monitoring
  • 14. Workflow execution
  • 15. Define new service bundle
  • 16. Define new workflow
  • 17. Sigma TPS Case Study
  • 18. Business Value…Quantified Experience OSS service fulfillment generates proven ROI
    • Support for rapid development and delivery of new services:
      • Revenues grow by 9% per year
      • RGU counts increase by 40%
      • Churn rates for multi-play are 52% lower than single play
      • Blended ARPU’s up by 6%
    • Support for flow-thru order automation:
      • Over 5% reduction in service management costs
      • Up to 3% reduction in churn rates
      • Operational efficiency in call centre order entry with 5% cost reduction
    ROI Modeling helps operator’s develop business cases using proven metrics
  • 19. Sigma Delivers New Services Recent Case Studies and Successes
    • ZON Media (Portugal)
      • Quad Play support
      • Increases Revenue and ARPU’s
    • Charter (USA)
      • Voice, HSD and advanced video support
      • Reduces Operations Costs
      • Scalable and flexible for complex voice services
  • 20. Benefits Statements … From ZON Customer Deployment
    • ZON has realized multiple benefits. Its technical order decomposition, orchestration, and fulfillment are automated across multiple services, networks, suppliers, technologies, and device types.
    • All of this is accomplished from one common OSS platform that in turn provides a centralized view of subscriber profiles, service fulfillment processes, and service order status.
    • Sigma has enabled ZON to roll out mobile MVNO offerings, which make it a true all-play provider.
    • Since implementing Sigma’s solutions, 45 percent of ZON’s gross customer additions have come from triple-play packages . Also, ZON now supports more than 230,000 VoIP customers.
  • 21. Benefits Statements … From Charter Customer Deployment
    • At Charter, order processing improvements have resulted in automation to handle over 6000 orders touch-free in a single day.
    • Sigma also plays a critical role in fully automating and enabling flow-through provisioning from both of Charter’s billing environments for both installs and disconnects.
    • Sigma has handles VoIP provisioning volume for 150,000 to 200,000 transactions per month. Automating residential voice service fulfillment eliminated the previous manual processes, which lead to a substantial reduction in daily operating expenses.
    • The BSS integration has resulted in significant order automation and enables 102,000 automated provisioning orders per month. This has eliminated a previous cost of $4 per order which resulted from manual keying in a call center
  • 22. Charter – Significance in Adding VoIP to TPS Bundle
    • Residential Bundled customers increased to 2.749M from 2.501M in 2008 versus 2007
    • Telephone revenues have grown to $555M USD
      • This growth was from a base of $345M USD in 2007
      • Achieved an annual growth rate of 61%.
    • Residential Bundled customers include:
      • Customers receiving a combination of at least two different types of service, including video service, high-speed Internet service or telephone
      • "Residential bundled customers" do not include residential customers who only subscribe to video service.