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Affärskritisk mobilitet. Stefan Brämberg, Ascom. Från Camp Digital Marstrand.

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  • Presentation Name Month Year
  • Presentation Name Month Year LONE WORKER Change profile in handset 1002 to ’Alarm’ to get man-down/no-movement alarm activated. Click on the test panel for link to DuraTest or perform test manually from handset 1002 Activate man-down alarm on 1002 to get an alarm in 1001 and 1200 (GSM number) with location + alarm notification in DuraAlarm. Click on computer screen for link to DuraAlarm Change profile in 1002 to normal when demo is done Click on home icon in lower right corner to go to INDUSTRY DEMOS
  • Presentation Name Month Year WIRELESS IT MAINTENANCE Example of IP equipment supervision; Turn off handset 1001 or 1002 and wait for error message in the other handset. Disconnect Trixbox IP-PBX to get error message in handsets. Click on home icon in lower right corner to go to SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIY DEMOS
  • Unite Axess is an enabling smart device application that helps healthcare providers and mobile clinicians deliver improved patient care. It does so by effectively, securely and accurately handling and presenting alarms and other events, allowing caregivers access to prioritized and dedicated situation based information, anywhere and anytime. To use Unite Axess, your healthcare facility must have previously purchased and installed Ascom Unite. Within the modern healthcare industry, physicians, mobile clinicians and other caregivers increasingly want to use their personal smart devices at work. Unite Axess represents a powerful solution to this issue, enabling access to all messages, notifications and alarms when off site and functioning as a standard IP-DECT or WiFi handset on site. Unite Axess enables complete integration with other Ascom solutions such as Patient Monitoring or Nurse Call, fire or other alarms and building management systems. Furthermore, the application also facilitates message diversion and escalation functionality, ensuring mission critical information always receives an appropriate response, even if the first intended recipient is off site or does not respond. Unite Axess also delivers high levels of patient and information privacy and security – all data is stored centrally, so even if a device is lost, data is safe. Furthermore, the application also offers support failover via SMS / SMTP to the same or another device and the increased security of end-to-end encrypted messages. Operationally, Unite Axess delivers many benefits. Physicians and caregivers using the application are instantly more contactable. Quick, easy access to the right information or integration, regardless of location, enables improved decision-making and can have a positive effect on patient care. Message prioritization presented via a smart, attractive and intuitive graphic user interface can also help physicians and other caregivers handle workloads more effectively. Enabling and secure, Unite Axess puts the potential to offer improved standards of healthcare in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. Unite Axess is an enabling smart device application that helps healthcare providers deliver improved patient care. Unite Axess enables complete integration with other Ascom solutions such as Patient Monitoring or Nurse Call, fire or other alarms and building management systems. Unite Axess enables complete Unite integration for messaging. Information is presented via a smart, attractive and intuitive Graphic User Interface. Diversions – if the user is not present on the WiFi or IP-DECT network, messages are automatically sent to the smart device. Escalations – if a message is not acknowledged within a pre-determined time, it is automatically escalated to another person, regardless of whether they are using WiFi, IP-DECT or a smart device. Intuitive message categorization offers easier access to certain types of message. Allows for the storage of all information on one device, independent of carrier technology. Centrally stored data prevents unauthorized data disclosure and optimizes security and patient integrity. Unite Axess produces an audit trail comprising of just one log for all messages and responses, independent of technology – this optimizes traceability and accountability. By using text messages and mail if no data connection is available, Unite Axess ensures notifications always reach the intended recipient, even if coverage is not optimal.
  • Camp digital marstrand_ascom

    1. 1. Affärskritisk mobilitet – smartaenheter i livsavgörande situationer. Stefan Brämberg CTO Ascom Wireless Solutions
    2. 2. Mission Critical Communication, When every second Counts Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 2
    3. 3. Agenda • Ascom, företaget • Verklig användning av våra produkter • Teknologi och användare • FramtidStefan Brämberg © Ascom 3
    4. 4. ASCOM Ascom employs about 2’100 people worldwide. Ascom has subsidiaries in approx. 20 countries. In 2011 Ascom generated revenues of CHF 437.5m with an EBITDA margin of 13.7% For 2013, Ascom has set itself the goal of achieving a Group EBITDA margin of 14-15%. Ascom registered shares (ASCN) are listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.  Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 4
    5. 5. Göteborg (Wireless Solutions) Reston Dübendorf/Zurich (Network Testing) (Group Headquarters) Ascom headquarters Ascom local presence ASCOM 2.0 – A TRULY INTERNATIONAL COMPANYMarch 2012 © Ascom Group CONFIDENTIAL 25 YEARS OF INNOVATION 5
    6. 6. THE INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANYInvestments in new products, markets, and technologies aim at furtherconsolidating and expanding our leading market position in the respectivemarkets. Our strategy focuses on creating sustainable values. Wireless Solutions Network Testing For all healthcare communications. Testing, optimization, benchmarking and Wireless Communication solutions for monitoring solutions for mobile networks. hospitals, senior care and independent living.   Brämberg © Ascom 6
    7. 7. [ WIRELESS SOLUTIONS ]OUR BUSINESS AREAS Hospital Elderly Care Independent Living Industry Secure Retail Hotel Establishment s Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 7
    8. 8. [ WIRELESS SOLUTIONS ]PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY WORK PLACE TELEPHONY PROFESSIONAL PAGING NURSE CALL DECT IP-DECT VoWiFi MESSAGING Range of DECT  Next generation of  Ascom’s offering  Narrow-band radio  Communication  IP-based messaging handsets, base DECT products, includes purpose based (HF/UHF) systems for hospitals system integrating stations, radio (handsets, base build handsets, messaging and and elderly homes existing systems to controllers (for stations, gateways) messaging system personal alarm (institutional & home) securely deliver connecting base integrating proven and multiple gateway system with location  Modular and messages across stations and PBXs) DECT standard with interfaces for features scaleable with wireline & wireless and accessories VoIP integration to tradition  Offers on-site distributed internal & external Handsets purpose  Interoperability with PBXs coverage at low cost intelligence networks build to specific new and legacy  VoWiFi handset and and features such as  Features include  Can convert messages segment environment systems provides accessories group paging panels and corridor from any source – Combines voice inexpensive migration incorporating voice displays; can be human or machine telephony, path for installed base telephony (including integrated with originated – into the messaging, personal Push-To-Talk), workplace telephony, format required by the alarming and location messaging, personal paging recipient device alarm and localisation Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 8
    9. 9. [ ]REAL LIFE USAGE OF OUR PRODUCTS & SYSTEMS Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 9
    10. 10. [ ] Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 10
    11. 11. [ ] Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 11
    12. 12. LONE WORKER Test panel Lone Central Dispatch Worker Rescue Central dispatch & Alarm! Alarmsdisplay Visual test at Central stamped of Events dispatch Alarms Rescue of workshift in team start team & location Rescue teammoves automatically alarm info team and ok Rescue assist quicklylogged to acknowledges alarm notified map automatically notifiedStefan Brämberg © Ascom 12
    13. 13. WIRELESS IT MAINTENANCE Switches/Routers WLAN Access Points IP-PBXs IT Manager Speech accountcanat IT Manager is No system connection Port 12attemptingnear SIP capacity for IP-DECT Base stations Hacker in Switch in with Access point to automatically receive campus sectionlounge full at teachers north breach fire503 expired extension C, floor web Server building wall from notifications in 3 is not server functioning s supervised IP equipmentStefan Brämberg © Ascom 13
    14. 14. Technology and usersStefan Brämberg © Ascom 14
    15. 15. The user domain view Personal domain Hybrid domain Operative domain Applications tied to your Applications that span several Applications tied to the operative personal use, Unconnected Business processes and has Business process. Highly with location Relevance both on and off connected with current location. location of information More functional then personal • Stock market related • News, Time tables • Patient Portals • Quotation tools • Business process information • Call Centre • Customer data bases with graphs and statistics • Assistant/secretary • Mail /Calendar • Mail/ Meeting notification • Hotel retail • Production supervision • Personal alarm •Nurse call systemsStefan Brämberg © Ascom 15
    16. 16. Technology view Personal domain Hybrid domain Operative domain Single Narrow band Paging cellStefan Brämberg © Ascom 16
    17. 17. Ascom product offering view Personal domain Hybrid domain Operative domain DECT Not in Focus for ”Apps” for terminals Smartphones Ascom WiFi terminals IP Nurse Call Application IP DECT devicesStefan Brämberg © Ascom 17
    18. 18. New functionalityStefan Brämberg © Ascom 18
    19. 19. HEART-MONITOR ALARM – WITH WAVEFORMStefan Brämberg © Ascom 19
    20. 20. [ UNITE AXESS ]PROFESSIONAL MESSAGING FOR SMART DEVICEUSERSAscom Unite Axess, a messaging client andserver based application for devices based onApple iOS and Google Android.Integrated part of the Ascom Unite Aware Solution.Take full advantage of the functionality andreliability of Unite. An excellent complement to IP-DECT, VoWiFi and Paging.Provides: - Messages, notifications and alarms from Ascom Unite to on-site and off-site users. - Improved decision-making with appropriate medical alert tone/beep signals (IEC60601-1-8) - Secure clinical message transfer to on-site and off-site users Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 20
    21. 21. [ UNITE AXESS ]UNIFORM INDICATION BEHAVIOR ON ALL DEVICESImprove communication andusability:Clearly defined message prioritiesAppropriate medical alert tone/beepsignals (IEC60601-1-8)Color codingCategorization of messages for easieraccessSupports Interactive MessagingAvailability Status(Easily set desired notification behavior) Do Not Disturb (DND) Emergencies Only Off Duty Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 21
    22. 22. [ UNITE AXESS ] ASCOM UNITE – A SMART INTEGRATION PORTFOLIO Healthcare Integration Information Framework Systems Examples Events Ascom Unite Nurse Call Code Blue Patient V-tach Monitoring Laboratory Critical Value Notification Radiology Abnormal Call Reports Unite Order Entry & Order Requisitions Application ADT Manager Alarms, Out of Band Building Mgmt Alerts Fire Alarm, Infant Security Mgmt Abduction User-based Text Web Browser Messages Unite Connectivity Display Devices Email SMTP Messaging Manager Smart Devices, IP-DECT, VoWiFi, Paging, etc Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 22
    23. 23. [ UNITE AXESS ]DATA SECURITY Mobile ClientIf a device is lost or stolen, no data 3is disclosed. Everything is stored 1 Push Notificationcentrally Public 2 User AuthorizationUser authorization via corporate 3 Data AccessActive Directory serverAll communication is encrypted end- DMZ Secure reverse proxyto-end for maximum security 1 2 Unite Connectivity Manager Active Directory & domain Unite Application Manager Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 23
    24. 24. Trends and future developmentStefan Brämberg © Ascom 24
    25. 25. Several counter-acting forces Cost cutting Larger organizations • Smart phones MDD/FDA requirements • Remote device management Efficiency and LCC • BYOD Security and privacy • Tech savvy workforce • More controlled • Purpose build smartphones devicesStefan Brämberg © Ascom 25
    26. 26. THANK YOU! Stefan Brämberg © Ascom 26