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The rockefeller center pp

  1. 1. The Rockefeller Center An educational experience with OnBoard Sightseeing Tours in New York City!
  2. 2. With constructiontaking nearly 10 years atthe forefront of The GreatDepression, TheRockefeller Center holdsimportant historicallandmarks of time in eachand every one of thebuildings on the 22 acrestretch. Among the 19commercial buildingswithin the RockefellerCenter are The G.E.Building – also known as30 Rock – and Radio CityMusic Hall, two of themost well-known buildingsin the complex.
  3. 3. With the comical musings of Tina Fey’s famous prime-timetelevision show, 30 Rock, many tourists already know the G.E.Building is home to the Top of The Rock Observation Deck, andthe NBC Headquarters. Occupying their floors on a condominiumbased contract, NBC is home to some of America’s favoritetelevision shows like; The Dr. Oz show, Saturday Night Live, andLate Night with Jimmy Fallon. NBC has also held contracts withshows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien, still maintains TheTonight Show – which included Johnny Carson and is now hostedby Jay Leno – and aired Friends and Will & Grace.
  4. 4. The Top of The RockObservation Deck was builtin 1933 and underwent a 75million dollar renovation in2005. The deck is 20 feetwide and located on the 70thfloor, the same location thatthe momentous photograph,“Lunchtime atop aSkyscraper” was taken byCharles C. Ebbes in 1932.On ground level of 30 Rock,within the plaza stands thenotable Statue of Atlas – aforty-five foot bronze statuewith Atlas supporting anarmillary sphere torepresent the heavens –sculpted by Lee Lawrie withthe collaborated help ofRene Paul Chambellan.
  5. 5. While visiting Manhattan, a tourist will find themselves a mere 8blocks away from The Rockefeller Center when sightseeingTimes Square. It’s a convenient location to see and a great wayto get an outstanding view of Manhattan. You’ll be able to seethe Rockefeller Center with us on the New York City See It All!Tour, the New York City See It All! Premium Tour, and the NewYork See The Lights! Tour! During the summer, when in season,we also provide complimentary Top of The Rock tickets toguests with our New York See The Lights! Tour.
  6. 6. NYC ToursPresentation brought to you by Check out the following sites for more New York CityOnBoard Tours. Check out our sightseeing tours and travel information:tours in New York City http://sightseeingtours.pbworks.comLas Vegas DCLos Angeles Statue of Liberty - One World Trade Center -
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