NYC Attractions: New York Stock Exchange


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NYC Attractions: New York Stock Exchange

  1. 1. New York Stock ExchangeAn Educational Presentation from OnBoard Tours
  2. 2. New York Stock Exchange The New York Stock exchange, or “The Big Board” as traders know it, is amongst the most significant banking institutions positioned in Manhattan, NY. It’s the world’s largest stock trading exchange, as well as the average trading value, each day, can be an estimated 153 billion dollars. Another landmark that’s a necessity to see when visiting Manhattan, The building is also present in some amazing American films, including, “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy, and “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas. It’s probably the most well-known building inside the Financial District in New York City, positioned on 11 Wall Street near Battery Park City, for its Classical Revival architecture type, leaving this building looking majestic and honorable. © OnBoard 2010 2
  3. 3. New York Stock Exchange ToursFor visitors, it’s always mind-blowing to determinewhere almost all of the worlds stocks, bonds andcommon commodities travel through, and offers afeeling of reality towards the fragility of currency. Itsone of those places you typically hear about, but neverget the chance to visit and see. So, while youre visitingNew York City, be certain to drop by, and spend sometime there, so that you can function as anyone to returnhome after some expertise in the biggest stockexchange.To ensure you learn about it, consider the NY See It AllTour or NYC Freedom Tour to truly experience thisattraction on Wall Street. The NY Stock Exchange is apopular stop on OnBoards sightseeing tours. OurGuides walk the gang off Broadway onto Wall Streetand supply the tour group a historical narrative for theN.Y.S.E., along with the reputation Wall Street andFederal Hall, where George Washington wasinaugurated. This brisk walk as a result of OnBoard 2010 © Wall Street 3
  4. 4. A New York City AttractionSome History of the ExchangeThe NYSE is situated on Broad Street. It has beenclosed to tourists since the World Trade Center attackin 2001, and we don’t know if it will ever reopen forvisitors.However we an awesome outlook during theastounding Corinthian columns around the front in thebuilding. The Exchange was established in 1792 when24 New York City companies and suppliers finalizedthe Buttonwood Contract under a buttonwoodshrub. Since then, the NYSE has expanded to becomean international icon.• Remember: a few blocks away at South Street Seaport, you can catch a boat for a Statue of Liberty Cruise. © OnBoard 2010 4
  5. 5. The Bowling Green BullFrom the NYSE, youll be able to headback to Broadway and stroll as a resultof the favorite Wall Street Bull, one ofthe best picture possibilities in yourcommunity. Designed by then-unknownartist Arturo Di Modica, this icon since1989 includes a 7,000 pound sort of aasking for bull with flaring nose whichare touched or rubbed for best offortune by many people investors fromthe day. The statue was motivated bythe 1987 Crash.If you take the OnBoard Tour, you willlearn the odd way in which the statuecame to be placed near Wall Sreet.
  6. 6. A Word from our Sponsor OnBoard Tours © OnBoard 2012 6
  7. 7. Brought to you by OnBoard Tours OnBoard Tours typically combine a walking tour with a yacht cruise and short rides on a climate-controlled mini-coach.Check out our tours in:• New York City• Las Vegas• Washington DC• Los Angeles © OnBoard 2010 7
  8. 8. New York CityCheck out the following sites for more New YorkCity sightseeing tours and travel information: Presentation brought to you by OnBoard Tours. Check out our tours in New York City • Las Vegas • Washington DC • Los Angeles