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SigEp Balanced Man Guide

  1. 1. Building balanced leaders for the world’s communities
  2. 2. Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love are the cardinal principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon and represent the Fraternity’s core values. Pursuit of the Balanced Man Ideal of Sound Mind and Sound Body is the Fraternity’s focus. Sigma Phi Epsilon is uniquely positioned among American college fraternities to build the lives of not only its proud brothers, but also the communities in which they live and work. With leaders of character and values, SigEp will impact our world.
  3. 3. Then Now In the late 1980s the fraternity That course traced our roots SigEp’s bold initiatives have system in America was in back to the classical Greek ideal given our undergraduates a decline—membership, academ- of the Balanced Man—Sound means to live their best lives ics, image. Values were fading. Mind, Sound Body. SigEp and achieve their goals. Our SigEp was the largest fraternity undertook a mission to Build programs build the confidence in the nation and used that Balanced Leaders for the to lead—now and in the future. status to pioneer a new begin- World’s Communities. The We build from and enhance our ning for all fraternities. We effort would revolutionize members’ existing values base. set a course to restore the the fraternity We balance our brothers’ relevance of the American movement ambitions through the pursuit college fraternity. We sought in America. of a Sound Mind in a Sound to build upon the strengths of Body. We enable personal the opening line of the SigEp development through SigEp’s Charter: “This Fraternity leadership programs. We do will be different….” all this as a valued partner in higher education and a pioneer in the development of college men across America.
  4. 4. Our Values Sigma Phi Epsilon’s cardinal principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love have withstood the tests of time for over a century on the American college campus. More than 14,000 undergraduate SigEps on campus today believe in these values as a means to become balanced men, setting themselves apart as leaders. These undergraduates join more than 270,000 lifetime members in the pursuit of excellence. O UR VALUES • S OUND M IND, S OUND B ODY • RESIDENTIAL L EARNING C OMMUNITY • BALANCED M AN P ROGRAM • L EADERSHIP C ONTINUUM Virtue is the moral essence of the fraternity. Living a virtuous life is making the most of your time and talents with unfailing integrity. Diligence is the force that drives the fraternity. Living diligently is living your best life with courage and tenacity. Brotherly Love is the foundation of the fraternity. Living with brotherly love is supporting fellow citizens through true and active friendship.
  5. 5. “This Fraternity will be different; it will be based on the love of God and the principle of peace through brotherhood…its purpose shall be to intensify and perpetuate friendship and promote happiness among its members, to encourage literature and education, and to create such sentiments, mould such opinions, and perform such deeds as shall conduce to the building of a noble and pure manhood.” – Excerpt from the charter, 1901
  6. 6. Sound Mind, Sound Body The ancient Greeks believed that a healthy body was vital as the vessel of the mind. Sigma Phi Epsilon draws on its classical Greek roots to build a noble and pure manhood through the balance of Sound Mind and Sound Body. A Balanced Man is par excellent in manhood. O UR VALUES • S OUND M IND, S OUND B ODY • RESIDENTIAL L EARNING C OMMUNITY • BALANCED M AN P ROGRAM • L EADERSHIP C ONTINUUM Sound Mind is more than just academics—it’s creativity, critical thought, and knowledge. The Sound Mind is sharp and clever, thoughtful and reflective. It thrives with higher learning & education, conversation, discussion, debate, and cultural pursuits. Many chapters have formal dining eti- quette training for their members and teach them swing, salsa, and ballroom dancing. Members learn how to buy a car, a home, how to manage a budget, how to dress for any occasion, and other impor- tant life skills. Through leadership experiences they learn how to lead men toward achieving goals, conflict resolution, project management, and how to sell an intangible idea like friendship. Many chapters host philosophy, religion, and political science professors to talk on current events, politics, and how to make an impact in today’s world with the understanding that the pursuit of knowledge is unending. “Chance favors the prepared mind” – Louis Pasteur
  7. 7. Many chapters educate their members on how to prepare healthier meals, how to self- screen for testicular cancer—a leading health threat to young men, how to properly manage stress, time and personal mental health with techniques such as Yoga, CPR and other life-saving practices. Many chapters host Sound Body is more dieticians, doctors, coaches and than just athletics— other speakers to discuss relevant health and wellness issues with it’s total wellness, their members to help them live conditioning, and their best lives. endurance. “A sound mind in a The Sound Body is ready and sound body is a short able, robust and nourished. but full description It is fostered with regular of a happy state in exercise, relaxation, healthy this world.” limits, medical screenings, and – John Locke proper nutrition.
  8. 8. Residential Learning Community Today, colleges and universities are incorporating the 2500 year old philosophy of Sound Mind, Sound Body into the way they teach, into the way they work with their students, and into the way they look at their campus environments. SigEp is geared to become a valued partner in higher education through the Residential Learning Community program. Today, SigEp members are receiving college credit for having been a member. The Residential Learning Community concept is nothing new Based on four components, the to higher education. In fact, the idea was born more than 800 RLC is a holistic approach to realizing the fraternity’s mission years ago within the organizational structures of Oxford and of Building Balanced Leaders for Cambridge Universities in England. It wasn’t until recently, the World’s Communities. however, that many American Personal and Academic colleges and universities Development adopted their own Residential With a focus on sound mind and sound body, the chapter’s Learning Community models. programming fosters positive and healthy habits that will facilitate SigEp’s Residential Learning higher levels of undergraduate Community (RLC) Program success and equip members with was created in 2000 to provide the tools necessary for post- graduate success. undergraduate men an experience unlike any other on campus. It builds upon “It is not living many of Oxford’s and that is important, Cambridge’s original but living rightly.” educational philosophies, – Socrates providing our members an incredible opportunity for personal growth and academic development.
  9. 9. O UR V ALUES • S OUND M IND, S OUND B ODY • RESIDENTIAL L EARNING C OMMUNITY • B ALANCED M AN P ROGRAM • LEADERSHIP C ONTINUUM Network of Support Living and Learning A Sigma Phi Epsilon Residential This is your brotherhood in Environment Learning Community is more than action. Our network of alumni The chapter house becomes a just bricks and mortar; it’s a and volunteers is critical to the place where members live, culture of excellence that exudes success of an RLC. It augments the interact, and learn. At RLCs, throughout a chapter’s member- fraternity experience by providing members no longer retreat from ship. There is no doubt that we are consistent mentoring and direc- the chapter house in order to providing a valuable and relevant tion to the chapter and its leaders. achieve their academic goals; undergraduate experience at our they gravitate toward it, knowing RLC chapters – we are recruiting Faculty Fellow Engagement they have the support they need and retaining more campus A Faculty Fellow is a member of to be successful. leaders who are outperforming the university faculty or academic their peers academically. In doing support staff who enhances the so, we are restoring the relevance academic culture of a chapter and of the American environment of a chapter facility. college fraternity.
  10. 10. Balanced Man Program Individuals who truly live the Balanced Man Ideal of Sound Mind, Sound Body are more confident and have a positive outlook. They achieve their goals with the help of their brothers. The energy and motivation of these scholars influences their chapter brothers to live their best lives. O UR VALUES • S OUND M IND, S OUND B ODY • RESIDENTIAL L EARNING C OMMUNITY • B ALANCED M AN P ROGRAM • LEADERSHIP C ONTINUUM The Balanced Man Program is SigEp’s difference in the Greek The program guides members to build positive habits and key life community. The BMP offers a no-pledging, four year skills through mentoring and experience focused on scholarship, leadership, and life skills. experiential learning. SigEp Members learn to live their best lives through unique, members are educated in time management, etiquette, physical rewarding programming tailored to fit their needs and prepare fitness, career planning, and life them for the journey of life ahead. By developing a Sound skills such as cooking, financial Mind in a Sound Body, SigEp members are given the tools to planning, and relationships. Using self-reflection, discussion, evalua- succeed during school and beyond. The BMP provides a fun, tion, and personal written goals, practical way to achieve your goals through a series of self- the Balanced Man Program paced challenges that center on personal growth and prepares young men for the journey of life. development. The BMP’s unique structure allows The core components of each challenge are: goal-setting and chapters to develop achievement; academic support; programming to fit their personal health and wellness; campus experience and recruit mentoring – guidance from older members and alumni on doing the best men year-round. your best; and service and experi- ential learning. “By believing passionately in something which still does not exist, we create it.” – Nikos Kazantzakis
  11. 11. “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love.” – Sophocles Sigma Challenge – How to get Epsilon Challenge – SigEps Some projects have included the most from SigEp and college as Balanced Leaders establishing a community In the Sigma challenge, members In the Epsilon challenge, triathlon, providing day-care participate in a time management members serve as leaders in services for underprivileged workshop to learn to handle one’s the chapter and/or on campus; families, restoring a town center, commitments; learn how to build will be challenged to move and reclaiming portions of a teams through shared goals and beyond their comfort zone national park. These men are the pursuits; learn about values-based culturally; participate in a service epitome of servant leadership. leadership and learning project to give back to SigEp’s cardinal the campus or community; and Brother Mentor principles; and begin to build professional skills Challenge – Preparing for learn about that will distance them from success after college SigEp’s history, their peers. In the Brother Mentor challenge, its current members gain valuable life skills standing in the Fellow Challenge (Optional) in financial planning, entertain- Greek commu- A 500-hour service learning ing, major life decisions; build nity, and its project for members of the contacts outside the chapter future. Epsilon Challenge. In the Fellow through alumni engagement and Challenge, participants organize national programs; mentor Phi Challenge – Building a their brothers to benefit the younger members; and identify sound mind in a sound body community; create an entrepre- where the SigEp experience will In the Phi challenge, members neurial venture to support the take them next. learn best practices in personal local community; learn project and professional etiquette; begin management skills; and leave a their involvement in other student legacy in the community. organizations; begin to develop leadership and professional skills; and learn pertinent personal health and wellness information.
  12. 12. Leadership Continuum The Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation has the largest endowment of any national collegiate fraternity and funds the Leadership Continuum—EDGE, Carlson Leadership Academy, Ruck Leadership Institute, and Tragos Quest to Greece. All these programs serve the purpose of Building Balanced Leaders for the World’s Communities through the balance of Sound Mind and Sound Body. O UR VALUES • S OUND M IND, S OUND B ODY • RESIDENTIAL L EARNING C OMMUNITY • B ALANCED M AN P ROGRAM • L EADERSHIP C ONTINUUM EDGE – Learning to Carlson Leadership live your best life Academy – Effective and SigEp should be one the greatest affective leadership experiences of your life. As such, the The Academy program is the central Fraternity offers its own innovative component of the Leadership program for first-year members, Continuum, providing hands-on EDGE. EDGE is about making healthy training to more than 2,000 under- choices that match your personal graduates and volunteers annually. values and those of Sigma Phi The Academies are held in February Epsilon. Participants build greater after chapter elections, and chapters self-awareness about the conse- are encouraged to bring all new “Almost everything quences of their actions and those officers, Chapter Counselors, I have needed to around them through interactive Balanced Man Stewards and rising know about leadership discussions and reflective activities. chapter leaders. The academy Participants have fun through program provides practice in in the Marines Corps, challenging experiences such as management skills, goal develop- I learned in SigEp.” ropes courses, physical challenges, ment, and academic and career and activities based upon camarade- planning. Put on by the National — Gen. James T. Conway rie. Participants choose the lifestyle Leadership Committee and the Southeast Missouri State ’69, they wish to lead and receive training Headquarters staff, the Academies Commandant, United States on overcoming obstacles with regard provide an appropriate venue for the Marines Corps to alcohol and drug abuse, personal presentation of chapter awards for wellness, and goal achievement. The notable achievements in recruitment, program involves a highly regarded development, and scholarship and for faculty of senior undergraduates, individual achievement in student distinguished alumni, and renowned leadership or volunteer involvement. guest speakers. Who?: Over 2,700 undergraduate members attend EDGE each year. How much?: Participants attend at no cost through a generous grant from the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation. Where?: At more than 25 locations across the country To date, over 11,000 members have participated in this leadership program.
  13. 13. The academy program is named for Brother Curtis L. Carlson, Minnesota, ’37, Founder and Chairman of The Carlson Companies, a global leader with various holdings such as T.G.I. Friday’s, Radisson Hotels, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Who?: Over 2,000 members attend Carlson Leadership Academies each year. How much?: Four chapter officers and a volunteer have paid registrations. Additional participants are responsible for a registration fee, lodging, and travel. Where?: At nine locations across the country To date, over 70,000 members have participated in this leadership program. Ruck Leadership Institute – Teaching the few to impact the many The Ruck Leadership Institute is the Fraternity’s premier leadership development experience, the “Top Gun” of SigEp. The program is a living tribute to Past Grand President Frank J. Ruck, Jr., Michigan ’46, who Tragos Quest to Greece – Where?: Greece challenged SigEps to go beyond our Exploring the birthplace of To date, over 100 members have participated in Sound Mind, Sound Body this leadership program. perceived limitations. The Greeks believed in arête, or being The nation’s best and brightest gather Grand Chapter Conclave – the best that you can be, striving for in Virginia, for a five-day program The ultimate SigEp experience excellence. It is only proper that focused on personal leadership and Conclave offers educational opportu- SigEp offer the opportunity to live the Balanced Man Ideal. Competition nities for undergraduates assembling and learn at the very site of the for entry into the program is fierce as SigEp’s best facilitators, educators birthplace of Greek antiquity. Each hundreds of notable undergraduates and speakers. Brothers participate summer, SigEp undergraduates walk apply annually. Once on-site, they can in legislation, continue networking in the footsteps of giants such as expect constant motion, activity, and and personal development, and are Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. These energy. Attendees see first-hand how exposed to hundreds of alumni so special brothers gain valuable insight Sound Mind and Sound Body can they can see first-hand the lifelong into the Balanced Man Ideal become a tangible part of chapter life experience of brotherhood in of Sound Mind and Sound Body. through competitive challenges, Sigma Phi Epsilon. theatrical productions, lessons in This 11-day program is a scholarship Who?: More than 1,300 members attend leadership, and facilitation by opportunity generously provided by each Grand Chapter Conclave. the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational How much?: Two undergraduate prominent SigEp alumni. delegates are paid for by the chapter and Who?: Over 150 members attend Ruck Foundation. For those fortunate the chapter counselor receives a hotel and travel stipend. annually. enough to be selected, their lives How much?: $395 registration fee. When?: Held every two years. are never the same again. Where?: Richmond and Williamsburg, VA To date, over 800 members have Who?: 17 members are selected to attend the Tragos Quest to Greece each year. *Scholarships and funding for Leadership Continuum participated in this leadership program. How much?: Free* programs are provided by the Educational Foundation. For more information, visit
  14. 14. Building Balanced Leaders for the World’s Communities Individuals who commit to the Balanced Man Ideal as a way of life and who can clearly articulate that ideal to others are privileged to enjoy the most rewarding SigEp experience possible. The path to achieving personal success starts immediately at SigEp and the proof is all across the county— the Fraternity commits to helping its members live their best lives through a balance of Sound Mind and Sound Body. It is a way of life, and it’s contagious…
  15. 15. SigEp. Different. Sigma Phi Epsilon has the highest grade point average of any national fraternity. With the best first-year retention for new recruits, the strongest leadership program and the backing of our alumni and volunteers, SigEp is the most preferred college program in America and the nation’s largest fraternity. All Fraternity Average SigEp Total men recruited 1,652 6,046 Total undergrad members 4,680 14,000+ Average chapter size 38 56 Number of chapters 107 255 Find out more about the leading fraternity on college campuses today. Call 804-353-1901 or visit