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Qr code marketing_campaign

  1. 1. QR Code Marketing Campaign KAMA
  2. 2. What Are QR Codes
  3. 3. QR Codes
  4. 4. QR Code at the Naperville, IL Public Library assists visitors with helpful advice.
  5. 5. A QR code on a café in Seattle, WA links to Google Places and reviews on Yelp and around the web.
  6. 6. School Information Board
  7. 7. Sample Flier for school Window
  8. 8. Understand Your Target Audience Does he/she need instructions about the use of QR codes? Does he/she need to use a specific type of code reader? Will the codes be scanned indoors or outside?Have Clear Objectives—Here are some possibilities: Grow your email list Increase Likes for your Facebook page Increase your blog subscribersProvide Useful and Valuable Incentives—Here are some options: Enter a contest to win Deliver a discount coupon Download a free eBook Talk to a live agent Take a virtual tour Demonstrate a product or service with video Download a free mp3 Get VIP access
  9. 9. You Can Be CreativeA customized QR code by Patrick Donnelly of 2ergo for American Parkour
  10. 10. These best practices willmaximize your success with 2D codes Test your QR codes with multiple readers and devices. Use link shorteners to create clean codes. Avoid using colors that do not provide sufficient contrast—a potential problem with both QR codes and customized MS tags. Make your codes at least 1″ x 1″—larger is better. Provide a sufficient quiet zone around the code. Avoid using 2D codes on highly reflective surfaces. Consider where your codes will be scanned. One unfortunate application was in the New York City subway where there is not an Internet connection. Use a quality QR code generator. My favorite is Kerem Erkan. Use a quality scanner or reader. Two excellent choices are Qrafter and i-nigma. Qrafter is unique in that it is both a code generator and scanner in one app.
  11. 11. Link your codes to mobile- friendly or mobile-optimized sites The most common mistake marketers make with QR codes is having them resolve to a standard web page that is not mobile-friendly. Worse yet is to have a code connect to a site with Flash video, which is not supported by the iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) that account for nearly 50% of the code readers in the world. At a minimum, the page your code connects to should be mobile-friendly. For example, one of my codes resolves to the speaking page on my WordPress blog. A couple of taps on my iPhone enlarges it to fit nicely to my screen. Mobile-optimized is better than mobile-friendly. Mobile sites are websites optimized specifically for smartphones. Host these mobile sites on a subdomain or subdirectory of your main website, thereby giving you the SEO benefit of the traffic they bring.
  12. 12. Here are additionalconsiderations when building a mobile site Build your site around the desired user experience. Smaller images and solid colors load more quickly. Size your links and buttons to be touch-friendly. Use concise copy—sentences rather than paragraphs. Use “fluid width” for horizontal and vertical orientation. Test, test and test again—on iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms.
  13. 13. Smart Phone Friendly
  14. 14. Here’s a list of the mostrequested features for mobile- optimized sites Tap to call links. Tap to email links. Tap to SMS (text). Google maps integration. Social sharing links. Links to Yelp, Flickr and other mobile- optimized sites. Links to YouTube and Vimeo (both mobile- optimized).
  15. 15. Still Not Sure About HowImportant QR Codes Will Be For Your Future?
  16. 16. Get Busy!!!