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Junior paper revision

  1. 1. Sierra 1 Religion is a big social and personal issue. People have many beliefs andperspectives to choose from and sometimes this can be very confusing. Have you everconsidered which religion is right for you? So choose a religion that you desire more thananything. (Holman) “10 Now I am giving an opinion on this because it is profitable for you, whoa year ago began not only to do something but also to desire it. <2Corinthians 8:10>” Followyour desire and have your result with a non-stop happiness of joy. In order to make the bestchoice, people should explore their faith and desire their outmost choice. There are a variety of doctrines that people can consider. Jehovah Witnesses, for instance,were once called The Watchover or Awake. Jehovah Witnesses were founded by Charles TazeRussell (1852-1916) in 1879 in Pittsburg. This doctrine is more traditional because of what theypractice. Their practices are “No blood transfusions, no celebration of non-Jehovah`s Witnessesholidays, no use of crosses or other religious images”. The leaders who led and take partial careof the congregation are elders. The “body of elders supervises a congregation up to 200members. Jehovah`s Witnesses have their own beliefs and knowledge of Jesus Christ just asother religions do. They believe, “144,000 elect will reign in heaven and have spirit bodies.Other Witnesses will live forever on a restored paradise on earth. All others will be annihilated.Hell does not exist.” These beliefs of Jehovah`s Witnesses and different doctrines have incommon, as in the “Purpose of Life: Live forever after death instead of being annihilated” or“How to Live: Live morally and in accordance with Jehovah`s commandments, spread the goodnews of the Kingdom to others”. As in the Holman Student Bible says, “if you love Me, you willkeep my commandments <John 14:15>.” From other Spiritual churches, has been taught that it isa good suggestion to live according to how God would want you to live. The reason for that isthe Creator would never lead you into death or in any situation of any other kind of suffering that
  2. 2. Sierra 2you can’t bare. It is an important suggestion that you should pick a religion or a doctrine that youare willing to obey their since of culture and traditions. Pick a particular oneof your choice, ofyour desire. There is another doctrine people can consider, Mormonism. Mormonism was foundedApril 6, 1830, by the prophet Joseph Smith. Mormons are located all over the United States(Religion). This doctrine has some beliefs similar to mine. “Latter-Day Saint (LDS) youth areencouraged to prepare for future temple sealing” (Religion).Some believe that youth shouldaccept God and be sold out to Him. From understanding in the doctrine of Mormonism, youthshould not have a spouse or have a close dating relationship until the age of 16 (Google). Youthlike these should spend their time on something that will progress their lives and will make themlearn how to have everything in balance once they have their partner. When a youth is ready tohave this particular new chapter in their lives; why not have one. Visualizing this from a parent’sperspective, I would not have my son or daughter to date when they are really young. As in formyself I started dating when I was 12 or 13 years old. As I have matured myself in that area, Ihave realized that I did not gain any knowledge of dating when I was younger. From what I thinkwhat the Mormons perspective is it’s too young to have a type of relationship in the early teenyears. The one thing that has caught my attention about Mormonism is that “They are taught toreserve sex of marriage because premarital and extramarital sex is a violation of the sacred use ofone’s sexuality” (Religion). I have been taught in another doctrine, waiting before you are be-wedded to have sexual contact, is the absolute honorable thing to do. As people now days say,”what is done; is done!” Sometimes in our own conscious we know either what we are doing isgood or bad. In the Holman Student Bible says,” For I do not understand what I am doing,because I do not practice what I want to do, but I do what I hate.” In this verse is saying, I do not
  3. 3. Sierra 3understand why I like to do things that are bad, but even though I know that it is bad, I intend todo them. Just as the doctrine that I live by, and the Mormon doctrine, have some similarqualities. Just as you can see I have chosen a religion and a type of doctrine that completes meand envelops me with full of happiness. Just as I did, having the desire in from the heart leads toa inspiring enjoyment in your life. Have you ever thought how this state will be when someone chooses a president justbecause of their faith? Just as in any other doctrine that you can find here in the United States,opinions and perspectives are a bit controversial, for example in the case of Mitt Romney .vs.Rick Perry, in “the gathering at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in early October produced more thanits share of excitement when Robert Jefferess, a Dallas Evangelical mega pastor, introduced RickPerry and told the reporters that Mormonism—the faith of Mitt Romney, Perry`s chief rival—is a`cult` and that those of us who are born-again followers of Christ should always prefer acompetent Christian to a competent non-Christian like Mitt Romney. `” (Meacham) MittRomney and Rick Perry are rivals in being president of the United States.Reverend RobertJeffress considers Rick Perry a good upright Christian man, and considers, Mitt Romney a non-Christian. (Meacham) Reverend had said to reporters, “In choosing our nominee, we shouldinspect his religion, and someone who is a good moral person should choose someone subscribesto our religious beliefs.” (Gentry) The question is, how did Mitt Romney defended himself? MittRomney responded, “That idea that we should choose people based upon their religion for publicoffice is what I find most troubling because the founders of this country went to great length andthey even should put it in the Constitution, that we should not choose people that represents us inthe government based upon their religion.” (Gentry) Should Politics and Religion should betogether? No, Politics and Religion are two very different things (Hernandez). The United States
  4. 4. Sierra 4wouldn’t find that much appealing when their president is chosen just because the quantity ofpeople is in the same religion as the president. Religion is constructed to have a closerelationship with Jesus Christ. Politics is created to have an organized system in the UnitedStates of America. “Religion has a different type of law other than Politics. You cannot followwhat other opinions and other perspectives for the US.” (Hernandez)“This should be a nationthat recognize and respect other faiths, where there is a tolerance of other people and faiths.Reverend Jeffress is wrong. We should select people not upon their faith, not what synagogue orchurch they go to, is a very dangerous and enormous departure of our Constitution.” (Gentry)What America stands for is unity, honor, and peace. The American Flag stands for the hard workand care that the government has for us. “Why should we be talking about Job instead of jobs?”(Meacham)In the Bible says that we are one body, one mind, and in one soul. If we pick acandidate upon our religious beliefs, this nation would be divided up. This nation would forgetwhat America is all about. Here in the United States has opportunities and liberty. The HolyGhost is hovered upon the earth and where the Holy Ghost is, there is liberty. We have the Civiland the Spiritual right to have the liberty to express upon our beliefs as in one nation.As for me, Ihave chosen a different doctrine, with a burning desire in my heart, then Rick Perry and MittRomney. Out of all these different doctrines that people can consider, I have come to a conclusionthat my heart desires to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. Christianity “was founded inthe early 1st century A.D. with the teaching, miracles, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus ofNazereth”. “Today it is the largest religion in the world, with around 2 billion followers.Especially dominant in the western world, today’s Christianity has a wide variety of forms,beliefs, and practices but all centers around faith in Jesus Christ” (Religion). From my point of
  5. 5. Sierra 5view, I did not pick this sort of doctrine because of the quantity of people that follows it. I pickedJesus Christ because it was ringing with in my heart. By only going to different churches andexperiencing different ways you can praise God, has impacted me in different ways. One of theexperiences I had was when my brother spoke to me about Jesus Christ while we were headingto church. While he was speaking to me and hear very carefully, every word he had said, I beganto cry. He told me,” the reason why you are crying is because God is touching your heart.” Thatwas when I first felt the Holy Spirit tickling inside of me; and since then, I’ve always want tofeel Him all the time. When I had gone to church with my brother, at that time, I felt safe, happy,belonged, at peace, and loved. From a few months later, I have accepted Jesus Christ with all theintegrity of my heart. Inconclusion,I have chosen a religion that has embraced my entire life and I have metthese three things. Many people think that having a religion to live by, means that I can’t havefun, I can’t live my life freely, and that repeated excuse that I hear, it’s not time for me yet. Ihave chosen a religion that has embraced my entire lifeand I have met those three things. Asidefrom my views and my beliefs, I am willing to vote for a president that will, one day, make adifference in this nation.So, think which religion is right for you?