The College Interview: Putting Your Best Foot Forward
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The College Interview: Putting Your Best Foot Forward



What should I wear? What should I ask? What makes a good interview? What makes a bad one? We've got the answers!

What should I wear? What should I ask? What makes a good interview? What makes a bad one? We've got the answers!



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  • Welcome to the College Interview. My name is Tara Heffernan and I am an Assistant Director of Admissions at Siena College. Today I will be sharing with you some tips on the college interview, and how it can make you a strong candidate for admissions.
  • During the next few minutes I will walk you through the interview process. I will touch on reasons for interviewing, the types of interviews the schools you are looking at may offer, how to prepare, what to expect, and how to follow up once the interview is over.
  • Why Interview? Well it is a great way for you to show the admissions committee your great personality. It is also a great to explain any glitches in your application. We understand that life happens. For example, maybe you were ill, experienced a death in the family, or could just not get through chemistry. We understand that circumstances arise. The interview is a outlet for you to express that with an admissions counselor, and the counselor can then make a note in your application file. The interview is a great way to get the specific answers to your questions regarding the institution that you may not get during a large group information session or campus tour. I might not tell you about Siena’s radio and broadcast opportunities as an undergraduate, because I did not know that this was your passion. So please, come with a list of questions. We are here to answer them, and if we do not know the answer, I guarantee we will find it and follow up with you.The interview is a great way to show interest in the college. When we review your application we will see that you met with someone, and we will look at your application as closely as possible. And, if there are specific questions, there is now someone in the office who knows you.Lastly, the interview is a good way to practice. In the next few years you will be interviewing for internships, jobs or graduate and professional schools. Why not start practicing now!
  • Here is a list of some of the types of interviews the schools you are looking at may offer. Not all schools offer on campus interviews, but may have alumni in your areas who conduct interviews. Please contact your schools to learn more about their interview offerings.Also some admissions counselors may interview you while they are recruiting near your home town. At Siena, we interview on campus, but accommodate off campus campus interviews as well. On our website, you will find the admissions counselors who recruit near you. Please do not hesitate to contact any us to arrange an interview when we are visiting in the Fall.
  • Before you come to campus take some time to prepare for the interview. First, research the college you are visiting. If you are planning to attend a research university, you will probably be disappointed when the admissions counselors is explaining the benefits of a liberal arts education. Again, bring a list of questions. Our goal is to make sure you leave the interview knowing everything you need to know about the college. Having a list of questions will allow both you and the admissions counselor to have a good conversation about your needs.Be ready to answer the questions that will be asked. Admissions couselors are looking to learn about your high school experience. For example, the clubs and sports you are involved in, the classes you have taken, or any jobs you have had. One word answers does not leave a positive impression with the admissions counselors. We know that you are nervous, but if you come prepared, I promise you are in for a good conversation and positive experience.
  • Here are some easy ways to smoothly get through the interview. I encourage you to dress nice. Business casual is best. We are not expecting you to wear a full suit, but ripped jeans, tight clothing, or sweatpants usually do not go over well with the admissions counselor. Tell us your stories and relax. We enjoy learning more about you.
  • After the interview don’t forgot to ask for a business card. That way you can follow up with any questions throughout the admissions process. Also write a thank you note. A thank you note goes a long way and is a great opportunity to get more noticed.Take notes about the college. We know that you are visting a lot of schools and things can get jumbled. Take some time after each visit to write down your likes and dislikes, and do not hesitate to follow up with the admissoins counselor.
  • I enjoyed talking with you about the college interview. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to call me or email me. And check out these websites. They are great places to learn more about the application process.
  • Please keep in touch. We really do want to help with throughout this process. We are easily accesible through email and the web. Definitley check out It is a one stop way to Siena’s social media, including, Facebook, You Tube and Blogs.I wish you the best of luck with your college search and look forward to hope to see you on campus!

The College Interview: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The College Interview MaryKate Kraus ’01 Assistant Director of Admissions
  • 2. The College Interview• Why Interview?• Types of interviews• Preparing for the interview• The interview• After the interview
  • 3. Why Interview? • To add personality • To explain yourself • To get answers • To show interest • To practice
  • 4. Types of Interviews On-campus with Admissions Off-campus with Admissions Student representatives Alumni interviewsEvaluative interviews for special programs
  • 5. Preparing for the Interview• Research the college• Have detailed questions ready• Prepare responses• Know the impression you want to make
  • 6. The Interview • Dress neatly and comfortably • Engage the interviewer • Use evidence, tell stories • Speak clearly • Relax
  • 7. After the Interview• Get a business card• Write a thank you note• Jot down likes and dislikes about the college• Follow up with questions
  • 8. Contact Information MaryKate Kraus 518.783.2902 mkraus@siena.eduResources:
  • 9. Keep in Touch Siena College 515 Loudon Road Loudonville, NY 12211 888.AT.SIENA (toll-free) 518.783-2436 (fax) look forward to helping you throughout the admissions process!