Career Connection: Does Major Matter?


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How do you go from college to your dream career? Meet seniors who are about to take the next step!

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  • The first myth is quite humorous yet we hear it all the time. Although it is possible for you to stay in the same job your entire life, major and career do not have a direct correlation. A student that changes their major at least once within their first three semesters increases their chances of graduating in four years significantly! To parents, you should be encouraging your students to be curious! This will help lead them closer to their passion and a career that ultimately interests them.
  • How many people do you know that have changed their job at least once in their life? Especially in 2011, more individuals are changing their field or profession.
  • According to a college article, “A liberal arts degree aims to produce exceptional communicators, smart interpreters, fast learners, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and most importantly, interesting human beings”. There are a wide variety of examples of individuals that have graduated from one field and are now successfully pursuing one completely different. For example, did you know that Michael Jordan was a History major?The Dean of the School of Business at Siena College was a Physics major?The Head of Albany Medical College was a History major? And the stories continue!
  • Most fields don’t require a specific major. For the ones that do, it is often something you pursue after your undergraduate years. They would rather hire a well-rounded, educated person and teach them the specific skills. This is today’s marketplace- the tasks are diverse and you need the kind of person that can not only face the challenges but overcome them.
  • There are many reasons as to why students are more successful in courses that they are interested in. Instead of thinking long term job placement, you should be thinking “what do I enjoy doing and how can I incorporate that into a job that I can eventually pursue.”
  • Why are students going to be more successful in courses they enjoy? This is an easy one! If you are in courses that interest you, you are then going to be paying closer attention to the professor and the content of the class. The more involved you are in class, the more the teacher will notice your efforts and then could potentially lead you to student/faculty research, internships, or even a job!
  • critical analysis, reflection, effective communication, and information literacy. A personalized education; Broadened view; Transferable skills; Adaptability
  • Your success is determined by you and what you put into your college education. How you build your skills both inside and outside the classroom are extremely crucial. Pick a college that will give you the opportunities to do so.
  • Career Connection: Does Major Matter?

    1. 1. Career Connections Lauren Mazurowski ’09 Assistant Director of Admissions Tony Rivera Assistant Director of Admissions
    2. 2. Career/Major MythChoosing a major and a career are the same thing.
    3. 3. Career/Major Myth Your first job will be your lifetime career.
    4. 4. Career/Major MythEmployers are looking for job-specific training.
    5. 5. • The average person will change careers 2-3 times. ¹• 80% of college graduates have a job unrelated to their major.²• 40-60% of CEOs have a liberal arts education. ³¹U.S. Department of Labor Statistics²University of Illinois Survey³ Survey
    6. 6. “What are you going to do with that degree?” The question should be:“What is your passion and where do you want to apply your passion?”
    7. 7. Why?• Stronger academic performance• Enjoy going to class• More voluntary involvement
    8. 8. What Employers Want • Communication skills • Integrity • Teamwork • Analytic skills
    9. 9. What Employers Want• Flexibility• Computer skills• Self-confidence
    10. 10. The Liberal Arts and Careers • Depth & wealth of perspective • Readiness to learn • Ability to make connections
    11. 11. Enhancing your Potential• Internships• Career Center• Faculty/Student Research• Independent Studies• Extracurricular Activities• Study Abroad• Work Experience• Minor
    12. 12. Let’s hear from the students!
    13. 13. Keep in Touch! Lauren Mazurowski (518) Tony Rivera (518)783-4210