#SEU12 - General Session siemens solid edge business update -tony affuso


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Tony Affuso, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, kicks off the event with an update on the Solid Edge business. Learn about recent, strategic investments that Siemens has made in the Solid Edge product and organization, and how these investments are translating into growing momentum in the marketplace. Tony will also review key customer successes and show why an increasing number of companies are selecting Solid Edge with synchronous technology over the competition.

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#SEU12 - General Session siemens solid edge business update -tony affuso

  1. 1. Leading Through InnovationSiemens PLM Software Business ReviewTony AffusoChairman #SEU12
  2. 2. Siemens AG – over 160 years of innovationin Engineering and Manufacturing Revenue of $102.6 billion in Fiscal Year 2011 Energy Sector Industry Sector Healthcare Sector Revenue: $38.5 billion Revenue: $45.9 billion Revenue: $17.5 billionA global team of 360,000 employees, doing business activities in 190 countries “Innovation is our lifeblood”  $5.4 Bil R&D in FY11; 5.3% of revenue  Roughly 17,000 software engineers  27,800 R&D employees worldwide  8,600 inventions in fiscal 2011 Werner von Siemens: “I won’t sell the future for a short term profit.” © Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Page 2 Siemens PLM Software
  3. 3. Having the Strength to LeadAccess to Innovation Across Siemens 160+ Years of Innovation 57,900 active patents, 8,600 inventions in 2011Page 3 Siemens PLM Software
  4. 4. Siemens Vision for the Digital EnterpriseLong-range Investment Planning & FundingIntegrated Product and Production LifecyclesPage 4 Siemens PLM Software
  5. 5. Example Results of Vision Investments… Integrated Product and Production LifecyclesEnterprise Level Product Lifecycle Management PLM ERP PLMManagement Level Manufacturing Execution MES MES Plant EngineeringOperator Level Totally Integrated TIA Automation PCS 7 SCADAControl LevelField Level Automation Systems for Production… …Operations …Products Page 5 Siemens PLM Software
  6. 6. Added 3,500 new customers in last 12 months…Currently 71,000 customers and 7,000,000 licensed seatsAEROSPACE AUTOMOTIVE MACHINERY HIGH TECH Ships, CPG, Energy, DEFENSE TRANSPORT & INDUSTRIAL & Life Sciences, ELECTRONICS (19%) (31%) (15%) (14%) (21%) CPG & Life Sciences 11,400 Academic Partners… training over 1.2 million students per year Page 6 Siemens PLM Software
  7. 7. 2011…A Year of Continued Success Expanding Our Market Key Delivering the Value Position Customer on our of our and Growth Success Vision PortfolioPage 7 Siemens PLM Software
  8. 8. 2011…A Year of Continued Successin both mainstream and product engineering Scaling from the End User (our roots)…to the Enterprise:  Solid Edge: Channel partners generated 90% revenue.  Solid Edge: 30% license growth in 2011  Solid Edge: > 40% license growth in Americas for H1 2012  SPLM: Outgrew the overall MCAD market gaining share.  SPLM: Overall leadership in cPDM market.  SPLM: Overall leadership in Digital Manufacturing market. Page 8 Siemens PLM Software
  9. 9. 2011…A Year of Continued SuccessKey Customer Success (examples)  BAE Systems Submarine Solutions  Johnson Controls  Boeing  GM “Our 10-year agreement “Siemens’ robustscalable, “…we needed Software’s “Siemens PLMaofPLM and “The openness a thorough conducted the reinforcesprocess… Siemens selection PLM clear objective Lifecycle Engineering will responsive, and partnership, and dedication Siemens the Software  Procter & Gamble of contributed proved … Daimlerimprove, theto be …help us AG use PLM Software to both our software has helped the comprehensive PLM us  Daimler solution,” we use throughout companies’ success,” most advanced for BAE the best vendor technology in secure an engineering solutions  Emerson the industry …” Systems to advantage…” competitive partner with..” Boeing.”  Space Systems/Loral  Local Motors  JSC KUZNETSOV  L’OREAL  Hi-P (Shanghai) Precision Tooling Co. “we never let a customer fail”Page 9 Siemens PLM Software
  10. 10. 2011…A Year of Continued SuccessExpanding the Value of our Portfolio Key 2011 Investments:  Solid Edge ST4  Introduced Active Workspace  Acquired Vistagy (composites)  NX 8  Teamcenter 9/ Mobility  Tecnomatix 10Page 10 Siemens PLM Software
  11. 11. 2011…A Year of Continued SuccessDelivering on our Vision Provide everyone in the process a clearer view of the information needed to make smarter decisions and better products “Every two days now we create as much information as wePage 11 did from the dawn of civilization up til 2003”…Eric PLM Software Siemens Schmidt
  12. 12. HD-PLM VisionEnabling Smarter Decisions, Better Products through… Vision Design Goals…  Intelligently Integrated Information  Future-proof Architecture  HD User Experience …for Every SPLM ProductPage 12 Siemens PLM Software
  13. 13. 2011…A Year of Continued SuccessDelivering on our VisionPage 13 Siemens PLM Software
  14. 14. 2011…A Year of Continued Success Delivering on our Vision Siemens PLM Software – our Leadership Team Tony Chuck Harry Affuso Grindstaff Volande Chairman CFO President & CEOStrategy & CTO Business Segments Sales, Marketing & Service Delivery Jim Rusk Eric John F. Product Sterling Paul Miller Engineering Vogel Strategy Lifecycle GS&S Software Collaboration Software Karsten Kevin David Dave Tony Steve Newbury Eustace Taylor Shook Hemmelgarn Bashada Mainstream Product- Global Americas EMEA Industries Engineering driven Marketing Software Services Zvi Feuer Steve Luby Raj Bob KC Urban Manufacturing Specialized Khoshoo Jones Yee August Engineering Engineering Strategic US and GM Asia-Pacific Germany Software Software Initiatives Paul Sicking CTO New PLM Organization Structure - Product Business Segments Page 14 Siemens PLM Software
  15. 15. 2011…A Year of Continued SuccessDelivering on our Vision New PLM Organization Structure –Major Product Business Segments Mainstream Engineering Product Engineering Software Software Lifecycle Collaboration Manufacturing Engineering Software Software Performs the product lifecycle management functions for our products & services (e.g. product strategy, management, marketing, development, verification, …)Page 15 Siemens PLM Software
  16. 16. The Role of Solid Edge in our Business Success In 2011 Solid Edge software rev. growth Growth outpaced Solidworks and Autodesk. Technical Innovation: Insight XT, ST5, Mobile Viewer Innovation Business Innovation: Local Motors, (Solid Edge Design1 + Web visualization) Growing number of customers making Key Wins the switch to Solid Edge…Page 16 Siemens PLM Software
  17. 17. Business InnovationOur Open Components in Action Real tools for Real work…community communications in 3DPage 17 Siemens PLM Software
  18. 18. Business InnovationOur Open Components in Action… Real tools for Real work…community communications in 3D Expanding the capabilities of the community and the processes through a common language…Page 18 Siemens PLM Software
  19. 19. Solid Edge Customer WinsMaking the switch around the world Americas Americas Europe, Middle East and Africa Asia PacificPage 19 Siemens PLM Software
  20. 20. Solid Edge Customer WinsMaking the switch around the world AmericasPage 20 Siemens PLM Software
  21. 21. Caprock ManfacturingContract manufacturer makes the switch to Solid EdgeKeys to success: Re-evaluate existing CAD system Find faster way to edit customer data; a better way to import data Move from complex history-based modeling to synchronous technology Results: 5X decrease in design time Avoids having to start over in “What used to take us 50% of redesign projects several hours to Avoided possible modeling edit…[now] takes us less than an hour using Solid kernel disruption Edge” Joshua Walles Sr Project Engineer Page 21 Siemens PLM Software
  22. 22. Helena Laboratories Medical device maker makes the switch to Solid EdgeKeys to success: Convert legacy data (including 18-years of 3D wireframe data) to Solid Edge using synchronous technology Move from complex history-based modeling to synchronous technologyResults: 100% data conversion to Solid Edge Eliminated difficult ordered-feature When I picked up design processes to leverage creativity Solid Edge and and experience of entire design team synchronous Synchronous technology leverages all technology, I got it, imported supplier data fast and easy." Solid Edge data files much smaller and Bob Sarrine Design Engineer easier to work with Page 22 Siemens PLM Software
  23. 23. SummaryOrganized to Drive Mainstream GrowthBacked by the Strength of SiemensContinued Success and Growth in the MarketLong-range Investing to create Industry LeadershipGaining Momentum in Customer Conversions Solid Edge. Design Better!Page 23 Siemens PLM Software
  24. 24. Thank You! #SEU12