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  • 1. The entrance to the Sidney Silverman Library is located on the 2nd floor ofthe Pitkin Education Center.
  • 2. To the right of the entrance is the Service Desk. This is where you can checkout or return materials, and pick up print materials that have been put onreserve by your instructor.
  • 3. Across from the Service Desk is a map of the Main and Upper floors of theSidney Silverman Library. The Upper Floor is accessible by the stairwelllocated behind the Reference Desk.
  • 4. There is also a self-checkout station in front of the Service Desk. You can checkout books yourself using your Bergen ID card. The self-checkout is for booksonly, and not media materials.
  • 5. To the left of the entrance is the Periodicals reading area. Here is where youcan find current issues of many magazines, newspapers, and some printjournals.
  • 6. To the left of the entrance is the Periodicals reading area. Here is where youcan find current issues of many magazines, newspapers, and some printjournals.
  • 7. The Periodicals section (across from the entrance, beyond the computers) iswhere you can find back issues of many journals and magazines. Check thecatalog to see which years the Library holds in print format.
  • 8. The Media shelves are located next to the Periodicals, besides the ServiceDesk and Multi-media Viewing Rooms. Here you can find VHS, DVDs, andaudiobooks.
  • 9. The Sidney Silverman Library has over 100 Windows PC computers availablefor use by students and the public. Free black and white printing is available.Instructions on how to print are located by each computer.
  • 10. There are 6 print stations in the library. Depending on which computerlocation you are using, your job will be sent to Printer 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Printer 6is for legal-sized printing only, for students in the Nursing or Paralegalprograms.
  • 11. The PC Help Desk is staffed by a STC (Student Technology Consultant) for helpwith minor computer problems such as printing, word processing, ornavigating Moodle. The PC Help Desk is located by Printers 3 & 4.
  • 12. The Reference Desk is located on the far side of the Main Room of the firstfloor of the Library, across from the Service Desk. Here a librarian can assistyou with finding books or research for your assignments.
  • 13. In front of the Reference Desk are a number of handouts which can be usefulin your research, such as citation guides, worksheets for evaluating Internetresources, or how to conduct literary research.
  • 14. There are two computer labs in the library, L-222 (Main Floor) and L-309(Upper Floor). The computer labs are for student use only, and have colorprinting available.
  • 15. The Copy Room is located to the left side of the Library, beyond the ReferenceDesk. Black and white copies can be made for $.10 per page. Instructions onpurchasing and reloading cards are on each machine.
  • 16. The copiers in the library use a copy card system. Cards must be purchasedusing single $1 bills. Value can be added in $1, $5, $10 or $20 increments, andreloaded throughout the semester. Cash only.
  • 17. The Popular Reading shelf is located to the right of the Reference Desk. Hereyou can find many recent best sellers, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • 18. The Library has a Legal Reference section on the Main Floor beyond thecomputer lab. Call numbers beginning with K can be found here.
  • 19. The stairwell to the Upper Floor is located behind the Reference Desk, to theright of the Copy Room. To the left of the stairwell is the library’s graphicnovel collection.
  • 20. Call numbers A-J, L-O, and Q-Z are located on the Upper Floor. Call numbersare marked by the yellow signs on the sides of the shelves.
  • 21. A catalog computer is located at the top of the stairs to look up materials.There is no printing or Internet access from this computer.
  • 22. There are several Silent Study areas on the Upper Floor. The Silent Study areasare for students only.
  • 23. There are several Silent Study areas on the Upper Floor. The Silent Study areasare for students only.
  • 24. The Upper Floor has a number of study carrels for use by individuals. Somehave outlets for plugging in laptops.
  • 25. The library has 5 group study rooms available on the Main Floor. Group studyrooms are available to groups of 3 or more for a 2-hour period. The keys maybe signed out using your student ID card.
  • 26. The Library has two multi-media rooms on the Main Floor whereVHS, DVDs, and other media can be watched or listened to. The media roomsalso have adaptive equipment for those students with physical disabilities.
  • 27. The Library has three classrooms available for Library Instruction (L-204, L-205, and L-206). They are located at the back of the Library on the Main Floor.
  • 28. The entrance is also the exit of the Library. Please refrain from using thefire exits unless it’s an emergency!