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    FILM240 feedback FILM240 feedback Presentation Transcript

    • Considering an online class?what did last years students SAY about FILM240 online @ Queens University?
    • image: Eric__I_E These  (unedited)  comments  from   Queens  students   in  the  online  section  of  FILM240,   were  cut/pasted  (&  anonymized)   from  December  2011  exit  surveys.
    • " I really enjoyed taking this class! I am in Nursing so this class is unlike any other course I have had the opportunity of taking. Also I like the online webinars because it gave me flexibility in my timetable! Thanks! image: geezaweezer
    • Overall I found the course to bethe best attempt I have seen atengaging student in distanceeducation as it seemed to do anexcellent job of crafting the coursecompletely with the intent of itbeing received over the internetrather than the apparent statusquo of shuffle pre-existing courseto work online. I think theemphasis on creating a webclassroom with the use of moreproprietary class web pages wasvery helpful. I feel the webinarswere quite good though I hadtrouble attending due totimezones difference so perhapsthe course could consider in thefuture making the webinars moreflexible in regards to time. image: moriza
    • image: Reini68Love  the  class,  the  best  online  class  content  Ive  ever  seen!  Keep  it  up!
    • I  admire  this  course  for   several  reasons.   Primarily,  in  adapting  to   modern  changes  in   workforce  requirements,   Film  240  is  pushing   traditional  academic   boundaries.  Secondly,   Film240  has  served  as   my  most  interesting   class  because  of  how   integrated  the  subjects   are  with  my  activities  on   a  day  to  day  basis,  as  well   as  the  capacity  for  online   discussion.image: cafemama
    • image: moriza I found this class very interesting and unlike some of my other classes, it was really fun to attend the lectures! I loved that everything was online and it seems like the future for other classes as well..!
    • I often attend the online webinars even though I was enrolled in section 001. I found the webinars to be extremely convenient and a very effective learning tool. I given the choice again I would definitely enroll in the online section of this course.image: striatic
    • Overall, I feel this class was very effective at encouraging active participation.The webinars were a novel and interactive alternative to the standard onlinecourse, and I sincerely hope that they will soon become feasible for all onlinecourses to use.Without a doubt, this course made the best use of technologythan any other I have taken during my four years at Queens. One of the maincriticisms I have had of other online courses is that the price of taking them isthe same as a lecture course, yet fewer resources are typically used to deliverthem. I am pleased that this course is an exception, and I feel that theexperience was well worth the price. I also appreciate the manyopportunities to make suggestions on how to make the course even better.Thank you for all your hard work in designing this high quality course! image: thekevinchang
    • image: polapix This course is greatand I love the onlineaspect of it because Idont have to worryabout making it to classas its just a few clicksaway. Thanks so muchfor the amazing term!
    • image: *clarity*This is a very enjoyable course and the online socialmedia participation definitely enhanced my learningexperience. Being able to communicate with so manypeers in an open forum such as Moodle provides agreat deal of benefit to all students. Thank you.
    • Thank you very much for providing me with such aninformative course! When I was signing up for it, I trulydidnt know what to expect (with it being my first onlinecourse). I am very inclined to take as many onlinecourses as possible, it really fits my personality and I "believe gives an accurate reflection of my knowledgeas well. Hope to see you soon in another online course :) image: dusk-photography
    • image: Wiertz Sebastien image: w3i_yu Thanks  for  that  feedback! Were  @  FILM240.com  or   &Please  note:  These  comments  were  not  part  of  the  USAT  evaluation.  They  were  submitted  via  an  end-­‐of-­‐term  online  evaluation  form,  in  response  to  the  optional  prompt:  "Any  additional  feedback,  comments  or  questions  to  send  to  SEM?"
    • Oh, and by the way... Online,  live,  multimedia  and   interactive  lectures  (or   webinars)  in  FILM240  take   place  on  Fridays  2:30-­‐4:30   and  again  Saturday  mornings   10:00-­‐12  noon.  Webinars  are   recorded  for  later  use  on-­‐ demand  (handy  at  exam   time).  No  downloads,  installs,   or  telephone  call-­‐ins  required,   but  you  do  need  headphones   or  speakers.
    • image: gajman The  contents  of  this  document  including  images  have  a  Attribution-­‐NonCommercial  Unported  license.  Please  share  nicely. Presentation  prepared  by  Sidneyeve  Matrix,  2012.