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Ycab volunteering program r1


This is one of the methods that can be implemented for NGO's or Corporations - world wide

This is one of the methods that can be implemented for NGO's or Corporations - world wide

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  • 2. “Stop living for my self and startliving for others.” Veronica Colondam
  • 3. About Volunteering Implementation of CSR programs through volunteering methods can improve the good innovation and communication of a organization/corporate because it build a good network and relation with community and surrounding….
  • 5. Objective Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life, but people also volunteer for their own skill development, to meet others, to make contacts for possible employment, to have fun, and a variety of other reasons that could be considered self-serving. Volunteerism is the act of selflessly giving your life to something you believe free of pay. Although if a person volunteers they may not earn money, it produces a feeling of self-worth and volunteers earn respect and Favors instead of money…
  • 6. International volunteering Program
  • 7. Volunteering types•Skills-based volunteering•Volunteering in Developing Countries•Virtual Volunteering•Micro-Volunteering•Environmental Volunteering•Volunteering in an Emergency•Volunteering in Schools•Community Voluntary Work•Corporate Volunteering *See next page..
  • 8. Who can Volunteer •Volunteering as Family •Volunteering as Individual •Volunteering as Group or Partner •Volunteering as Child •Volunteering as Corporation
  • 10. Why Invest in Corporate VolunteeringBenefits to the Employee• Improves performance• Increases job satisfaction, attitude and morale• Encourages teamwork• Promotes leadership and skill development• Improves communication between employees and their supervisors, and across departmentsBenefits to the Corporation• Builds brand awareness and affinity• Strengthens trust and loyalty among consumers• Enhances corporate image and reputation• Improves employee retention• Increases employee productivity and loyalty• Provides an effective vehicle to reach strategic goalsBenefits to the Community• Provides skilled and talented volunteer pool, as employees devote personal and professionalskills to community needs• Offers direct cost savings for community service organizations in saved recruiting and labor costs• Creates quantifiable social impact• Helps bring community needs into focusSource : http://www.volunteermatch.org/corporations/resources/businesscase.jsp
  • 11. H.E.R.O Program Hero Project – Make a Difference is a volunteering methods that indulge employees of corporate whom can participate in volunteering program that which is provide by YCAB Foundation in several stages and activations. The program is focus in enrichment and mentoring others (unfortunate) through community services and responsibilities programs. The main idea are involving employees in ‘Assessing Sosial Chesion and Strengthening Economies’ towards others.
  • 12. Corporate Volunteering Factshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volunteering A majority of the companies at the Fortune 500 allow their employees to volunteer during work hours. These formalized Employee Volunteering Programs (EVPs), also called Employer Supported Volunteering, are regarded as a part of the companies sustainability efforts and their social responsibility activities. About 40% of Fortune 500 companies provide monetary donations, also known as volunteer grants, to nonprofits as a way to recognize their employees who dedicate significant amounts of time to volunteering in the community. According to information from VolunteerMatch, a service that provides Employee Volunteering Program solutions, the key drivers for companies that produce and manage EVPs is that it builds brand awareness and affinity, strengthens trust and loyalty among consumers, enhances corporate image and reputation, improves employee retention, increases employee productivity and loyalty and provides an effective vehicle to reach strategic goals.
  • 13. H.E.R.O Cycling process
  • 14. *H.E.R.O program tagline‘’Act now – think later’’
  • 15. Corporate Volunteer ProgramInductionOn the Job TrainingStaff involvement in orientation and trainingVolunteer involvement in orientation and trainingContinuing education & Training
  • 16. Volunteering methods Volunteers Involvement Activities Counseling Programs Mentoring Volunteers Enrichment
  • 17. Format of Registration
  • 18. Categories of Corporate VolunteeringGold Member : $ 5,000Silver Member : $ 3,000Bronze Member : $ 1,000Note :1.Corporate membership for gold member consist of 10 volunteers andreceive 5 times social training, 5 social program enrichment, certification ofcompliment and corporate volunteering resources kit2.Corporate membership for silver member consist of 6 volunteers andreceive 3 times social training, 3 social program enrichment, certification ofcompliment and corporate volunteering resources kit3.Corporate membership for bronze member consist of 3 volunteers andreceive 1 times social training, 1 social program enrichment, certification ofcompliment and corporate volunteering resources kit
  • 19. Volunteer Framework • Impact of HeLP (Healthy Lifestyle Promotion) • Impact of HoLD (House of Learning and Development) • Impact of HoPEH.E.R.O Volunteering (Hands-on Operation Project ‘Make a Difference’ for Entrepreneurship)
  • 20. Example programs of Corporate Volunteering Environmental Clean-Up Project Number of employee volunteers needed: 5–30 Dates: Nominate a date Location: TBA 3 weeks lead time required to organise appropriate paperwork Additional Costs: $150 Corporate Registration Fee Volunteers are needed to assist this major Australian environmental organisation with the Clean-Up and beautification of sites in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Volunteer teams can choose a site requiring attention. This may be a park, beach, waterway or any shared space. A Clean-Up kit, with bags, gloves and relevant paperwork will be provided once registration is completed. The nominated site coordinator will provide a site briefing on the day. Volunteers will then work independently as a group to rid this area of unwanted rubbish. This is an excellent team building exercise. Sample of project : http://www.volunteering.com.au/corporate_volunteering/corporate_volunteering_oppor
  • 21. Timeline Enrichment Long Term – Advance Experience volunteer | Team Leader Mid Term – Intermediate Professional Volunteer Short Term – Basic Beginner Volunteer 2 times 4 times 1 Quarter
  • 22. Volunteer ‘Buddy’ Program (Mentoring) Buddy program is focus on how 1 person can help their community through YCAB programs such as HOPE, HELD and HELP in striving a better future. The methods of corporate contribution is to support the program actualization not in terms of donation but employee capital and social knowledge.
  • 23. Purpose of Buddy Program Every corporate volunteering should have a buddy coordinator (mentor/team leader) that can connect with YCAB communities programs a can be leverage as a brand ambassador for Corp. volunteering program and should receive a professional training that consist of ; team building, leadership, communication skills and case studies.
  • 24. Engagement of Corporate Volunteering Workshops Industry Visit Field Practices Teaching - sharing
  • 25. Target of Volunteering Corp. ProgramEnhancing Indonesia Corporate CSR Solution
  • 26. Campaign Methods JOIN HANDS OPEN YOUR HEART GIVE 10%. GIVE 100% GIVE 110% GIVE AN HOUR GIVE A SATURDAY THINK OF WE BEFORE ME Veronica Colondam Make a Difference…
  • 27. THANK YOU Sidi Rana Menggala (62) 81315513016 sidiranamenggala@yahoo.co.id