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Side Smirk Mobile Research

  1. 1. MOBILERESEARCHWe’ll let you in on a few secrets and you’ll be smirking too.
  2. 2. Methodologies We Use: Mobile usability testing Mobile qualitative studies Mobile quantitative surveysMobile research methodologies are relatively new and relativelyunknown. Which is surprising due to the fact that everyone seemsto be talking about mobile.We utilize turnkey solutions for mobile research. You getimmediate feedback in the shape of heatmaps, clickstreamanalysis and real-time data/reporting.We’re going to be blunt here. No one has any patience for a websiteor app that doesn’t work on their phone or tablet. A situation whereyour user is trying to access something remotely is typically asituation with limited time. It just has to work.What Mobile Looks Like
  3. 3. What Mobile Surveys Look LikeEngagingContinueSmartContinueFeatures Include: Qualitative and quantitative uses Real-time reporting and analysis Use on any device Closed and open-ended questions Customized branding and flexible design Graphic and visual interface Better user experience Lack of participant boredom and fatigue
  4. 4. What Mobile Usability Looks LikeFeatures Include: Real-time reporting and analysis Setup a project with tasks and questionsin minutes Use on any device (Android, iPhone, iPad,etc.) No software to download Reporting features include clickstreamanalysis, heatmaps and video playback Lack of participant boredom and fatigue
  5. 5. Headlines from Recent News(aka, why you can’t afford NOT to do mobile research)• 68 percent of smartphone and tablet owners have attempted to makepurchases on their devices. However, 66 percent abandoned purchasesbecause of issues at checkout.– Read More• Attracting the most marketing dollars, mobile media advertising iscredited with having the biggest sales impact -- driving $73.8 billion inincremental sales in the economy in 2012.– Read More
  6. 6. RecruitingWhat is the most important part of market research? Asking the right people theright questions. We help you find these people in new, innovative and cost-effective ways.Our team includes people who pioneered the use of social media to findqualified and engaging respondents. No panels. No "professional" researchparticipants. We recruit fresh respondents on a project basis.Our recruiting methods have several advantages: 50% less per respondent thantraditional methods, obtain a ready-to-participate sample within 48hrs, qualifiedpeople screened twice, use to find niche and “hard to reach” people.
  7. 7. What Recruiting Looks LikeAdvantages: Less expensive than traditional methods - 50% less Fast – as fast as 48hrs Qualified – multi-step screening process Niche and "hard to reach" are easy for us Use with any of our research methods – online,offline, qualitative, quantitativeCycling EnthusiastsBaby Boomers in KCTeens NOT on FacebookOnline Grocery ShoppersOrganic Dog Food Purchasers
  8. 8. Contact us with questions or to request pricing/