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Agile is not the easy way out

Agile is not the easy way out






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    Agile is not the easy way out Agile is not the easy way out Presentation Transcript

    • Agile Is Not the EasyWay Out (But It Does Work) Rebecca Parsons
    • Tale of Two Toy Castlesfrom Rich Hickey and Neal Ford. Metaphor to keep in mind duringthe talk...
    • The Knitted and Lego CastlesYes, you can buy that on Amazon...Think about this in context of team, system, and businessmodel...
    • Agile Principleslike transparency, reflection, and feedback...
    • Inform the practiceslike pair programming, CI, standups, retrospectives, etc...
    • Resulting in anapproach that is
    • Disciplined
    • Sustainable
    • Grounded in Reality
    • and EffectiveFor each of these, I’ll describe principles and practices thatrelate... show how and why they’re not easy but why theycontribute to success.Many items could appear in different headings and they inter-relate.That’s why principles matter....
    • Disciplined Pair programming, testing and continuous integration Unambiguous definition of done Continual refactoring Standups and retrospectives Cavalier attitudes can not survive (no place to hide)Ironic that some orgs feel agile only applies with talenteddevelopers but also accuse devs of wanting agile so they can bereckless
    • Processes together form a rigorous structure within which to workBroken builds, style monitors, continuous peer review, etc....
    • Sustainable Not just iterative (mini-waterfalls) Balance of short and long term Scope control limits waste The Agile Contract No need for heroesScrum as mini-waterfalls
    • The team selects the processes, empowering them and making it sustainableCollective ownership of project and process allows team to buy inand look to make things work over the long run for allstakeholders. Broad team means broad ownership and sharedsuccess.
    • Grounded in Reality Yesterday’s weather Clarity of actual progress Adaptive planning, evolutionary architecture, emergent design... Actually adaptive/evolutionary everything We’re not just order takersOpportunities come from being responsive
    • Embracing and exploiting opportunities as they appear and dealing with issues as they ariseHow much more effective can you be?
    • Tale of Two Toy Castles Revisited
    • The Knitted and Lego CastlesElegant, unified whole, but unravels with change. Again, team,systems and business models. We live in a world that requires usto change.
    • Questions?