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Hack for security
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Hack for security


Published on

My blog :) just visit us at …

My blog :) just visit us at

<a>Valentine's Day 2015</a> | <a>Valentine's Day</a> | <a>Mother's Day 2015 </a>

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Hack For Security Web Design, Web Application Security and Digital Inspiration.
  • 2. When it all was started ? • In the 2nd semester of the Engineering. • I have learned about the XSS, SQLI and File Upload and symlink and rooting. • That was enough to get the root access in the server.
  • 3. I started exploiting vulnerability! • After learning the stuffs I have started exploiting the vulnerability of the Pakistani websites as they where hacking Indian websites!
  • 4. Why I stopped exploiting vulnerability ? • One day when I was enjoying my coffee, I thought exploiting the vulnerability of the website is bad thing instead I can help the Indian webmasters to secure their application by reporting the vulnerability to them! And again I stopped doing that because most of them didn’t cared about the website security
  • 5. They said you have to face our legal Department ! • As I was reporting the bug to the webmasters, one of them said that don’t test your skills on our websites else you have to face our legal department !!
  • 6. My Reaction: • I just said “Okay!” • What I was willing to say ? If you didn’t patched SQL loophole then you probably gonna face our legal department !
  • 7. I have started Blogging ! •Why ??? • I wanted to improve my English language. • And Warren Buffett once said Never be depended on Single income source 
  • 8. Why I have started participating in Bug Bounty Programs ? • They Respect the Security Researchers (Hackers). • They Give acknowledgements ! • They give cool stuffs that money can’t buy 
  • 9. I got acknowledged By Apple Inc. • I have found mixed-content issue in and they gave me acknowledgement.
  • 10. Got acknowledged by Google • #Finally Dream came true ♥ m/ :) • I have found XXS vulnerability in Google Art Project and they have offered me acknowledgement in Google Honorable mention and $100 as a reward.
  • 11. PayPal Offered me $500 as a reward  • I have found Server Miss Configuration in
  • 12. Again Dream came true  • #Again accomplished my Dream ♥ m/ :D • I have found Email Spoofing in and again they offered acknowledgement in Google Reward Recipients and $100 as a reward 
  • 13. How much I Made ? • I am a web Entrepreneur and I don’t work for money  • I work for respect and my dreams  • By the way I have made $3095.83 in last 6 months of 2013  !
  • 14. What if you want me to test your website for vulnerability ? • Just contact me @ and we will discuss about it 
  • 15. About Me: • Name: Siddharth Solanki • Security Researcher/Hacker (As they call me! ) • Blogger (By choice :D) • Engineer (By choice :D) • Graphics Designer (By choice)
  • 16. Thanks : • Thanks to Vasim Belim, Dushyant Vaghela and Utsav oza, for Being Awesome Friends! • Thanks to Almighty GOD for making me Fully, Totally and completely Independent  ! • Thanks to Echai and My college (VVP) for giving me opportunity to promote my skills!
  • 17. Questions ?
  • 18. Let’s be Friends  @HackForSecurity /Siddharth.solanki.hfs /HackForSecurity /siddharthsolankihfs /+SiddhartHSolankI