Building a mobile app


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How to build a mobile app.

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Building a mobile app

  1. 1. Building a Mobile AppHow to go about building your app
  2. 2. Basic Process App Wire- Build Test Publish Vision framing
  3. 3. What to watch out for?• IP/Idea – Have basic agreements(NDAs etc.) in place and outsource portions of your project.• Cheap is not always the best. Work with people/companies who know can bring in their subject matter expertise to the table and are committed to your project• Prototypes are great and exciting but its usually the last 20% of the functionality that will take up 80% of your time• Do not change directions too many times, there is no perfect “app”• Do you research and make quick decisions. Its OK to make bad decisions than not making them at all• Do not outsource till you have your app vision defined! Enjoy doing what you do 
  4. 4. App Vision and Strategy• What is your app’s USP• How will you fund the development & design work• What’s your forte – Sales/Marketing/Design/Development• How will your get the right skills and people outside your forte• Ways to monetize your app – ads, lite & paid versions, in app purchases, subscription and virtual currency• Market research for competitive applications• How are you competitors making money• What is the primary use case for your app• Is it truly unique and have you validated your idea with consumers/users/businesses
  5. 5. App Vision – Funding sources • Gust - • Angel co – • Kickstarter – • Rockethub –
  6. 6. Wire-framing and prototyping tools •justinmind– Rich interactive wireframes to define mobile apps. •UXPin– User experience design tools for professionals. •Symbolicons- Simple, precise and awesome vector icons. •Prototypes – Turn your stackable designs into a tappable iPhone prototype. •Blueprint – An iPad app for mocking up iPad/iPhone applications. •Mobility– A free set of mobile UI design elements. •Android GUI Set – Free Android GUI set including Photoshop files. •Balsamiq – A rapid wireframing tool.
  7. 7. Development Tools Mobile Roadie - Full CMS, no coding app builder for iOS and Android. Appafolio – 100% native apps, content caching for offline viewing and more. AppMakr – Point and click solution for building rich content based apps. RareWire – DIY app creation studio. Coming soon. GameSalad Creator – Create, test and publish your own game. Drag and drop. SwebApps – An easy way to build your app in minutes. TapLynx – Create an app from your website in minutes. AppBreeder – “The online iPhone app builder.” App Press – Build iOS apps without coding. PhoneGap – Open source HTML5 framework that supports 7 platforms. Kontagent - User analytics for the mobile web. Appcelerator – Mobile app platform for building on Android, iOS and mobile web. Sencha – HTML5 framework for mobile devies. Flow – Build real-time apps faster, better, smarter. Game Closure – Offer a JavaScript game SDK. Runs on mobile/tablet devices. StackMob – Robust and flexible end-to-end HTML5 platform. Claritics – Intelligent analytics for mobile app developers. Tiggzi – Cloud-based mobile app builder. Rhomobile-Develop applications for the next generation of business Kony Solutions – Enterprise mobile app development platform Adobe flashbuilder – SDK for building games and applications.
  8. 8. Project Mgmt. and others… Appency - Professional mobile application marketing. - Market your mobile apps with beauty, strength and intelligence. Chartboost - Succeed in the app store through cross-promotion. Appular - iPhone application marketing and public relations. Appolocious - Discover iPhone and iPad apps. A Yahoo directory. Orientation to Android Training – Official Android classes. StackOverflow - Question and answer site for programmers. Tap2Print – Monetize your photo/image app. StartApp – Get paid for your Android app downloads. Pivotal Tracker – Simple agile project management Unfuddle – Project management, version control and more Asana – Task management for teams Test flight app – share app build to beta testers. Centercode – Beta testing The beta family – Easy beta testing for mobile apps
  9. 9. Launch and post launch… • Monitor, monitor, monitor – Feedback is key! • Real world can be very different from your initial “vision” • Be prepared to iterate and pivot ! • If your app is a hit think about how to compete with the 100s of other apps that will duplicate your functionality in 2-4 months • Add features or remove features based on user feedback • Negative feedbacks are valuable. Improvise based on that. • Don’t pack too many features for your next release. LESS IS MORE FOR MOBILE.
  10. 10. Appcelerator survey of mobile developers
  11. 11. Trends for 2013 • Mobile will forever change retail, and it starts now. In-store shopping behavior, the mobile wallet concept, and the likelihood that users will make more purchases via their mobile phone than via their credit card in 2013. • Don’t wait for NFC! Based on mobile developer predictions, Near-Field Communication is not a requirement for retail transformation and retailers should certainly not hold up 2013 mobile commerce initiatives as they wait for NFC to evolve. • AR Adoption - Users adopt augmented reality in a big way. Examples like user submitted reviews (restaurants, and services), field service, and knowledge sharing apps are all available today. • Tablets too: Mobile developers predict that in 2013 every smartphone user will also own a tablet, and that most people will own a smart-enabled device other than a tablet or smartphone as well.
  12. 12. Email: Skype: Us Phone: 1-(888)-368-4318With your app idea Web Form : Link