Waste Time Effectively


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Waste Time Effectively

  1. 1. How to waste Office Time Effectively?
  2. 2. Make sure not to arrive at office in time, however ensure to mark correct time in time log . Make sure you leave office early , however mark correct time in log.
  3. 3. Keep your work area cluttered, giving an impression to others that you are only person in office who works.
  4. 4. Always retain irrelevant paper and move all relevant paper to other’s desk. This must be done a.s.a.p
  5. 5. Never keep any document on your desk, pass the same to your colleague marking as “ FOR YOUR INFORMATION “
  6. 6. Ensure that you spend maximum time on telephone, this shows that how important socially and otherwise you are to the outer world.
  7. 7. Never laugh while talking on phone, ensure either to whisper with confused look or speak loudly when boss is around, this way you ensure that everybody notices that you are going through some crisis.
  8. 8. The longer the crisis last better it is, you get sympathy. Plan to come out of first crisis ONLY when you already have scheduled your next crisis plan.
  9. 9. Wear frown look on your face in office ALWAYS.
  10. 10. If wanted to laugh then make others realize that you are laughing but you are not enjoying. ARTIFICAIL
  11. 11. More lines on your forehead better it is for you. Ensure to give impression that you are always RACING against time, and still could NOT make it.
  12. 12. Never perform any task correctly at the first go, because you are also responsible to ensure your boss also work. Efficiently perform routine task in less than 2 hrs.
  13. 13. Ensure that you superior calls you more than 20 times a day
  14. 14. Blame every other thing available in the office for delay in getting the work done in time
  15. 15. Discuss issues which are irrelevant to great lengths , and all relevant issues must be ignored if brought for discussion pretend you are thinking and avoid participating in the same.
  16. 16. Never respond to any query with confirmation, always buy time to check and get back.
  17. 17. Never give clear answer even if you know the same on tips , this way you buy time. Depending upon the urgency of your boss’s requirement for information , take plenty of time. This will make him realize your efficiency.
  18. 18. Always give your response in the last, this will ensure you to get the tag of philosopher.
  19. 19. PSIT, MPEC and KIT Do ensure to discuss with your boss how you are being approached by competitors for job, and express your loyalty by informing that you are not considering the same
  20. 20. Keep all information in your tight custody, that makes you boss more dependent
  21. 21. Must have DO NOT DISTURB tag line some where on your desk
  22. 22. Do circulate in the office area.
  23. 23. Have plenty of reminders stick ons on your desk
  24. 24. Spread rumors that are highly irrelevant among people you know are representative of your office local News paper.
  25. 25. Always come late for office get together Leave the office functions early to give impression that how important you are.
  26. 26. Still looking for more. Wait for my next presentation
  27. 27. Effective Presentations Series Thank You! You can reach me at: Vinod.sharma@jimkanpur.ac.in