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  • 1. AUDIENCE RESEARCH - GENDER Q magazine circulates 80,500 magazines with a readership of 473,000. It is important for the magazine to differentiate between circulation and readership, as a one copy may be read by several others. From the diagram below it is clear that Q magazine has a majority appeal to males, nearly reaching 3 quarters as its audience. It is important to acknowledge this as Q magazine can choose topics that appeal to males more without it affecting their readership. The quarter of women who read Q will not be effected by the male style but still take interest in its variety of music topics. Both these audiences may also be familiar with Q’s other subsidiary brands, such as Q Radio, QTV or even events such as the Q Awards and Glastonbury (with which it partners itself). With this strong majority, it may be in my best interest to create a magazine with a considerable gap in the market: a music magazine that appeals to the majority of females. This would be a good idea as no current magazine appeals to the majority or just meets the gender ratio with an even coverage. AUDIENCE RESEARCH – ABC1 PROFILE & TIME AUDIENCE RESEARCH – AGE RANGE ORGANISATION ANALYSIS From the table below, we can see that Q magazine has aSince Q Magazine’s launch in 1986, it has a consistent appeal primary audience of young adults (33.3%). This is a goodto an affluent majority in readership. This is vital for the target market as younger audience are now increasingly usingmagazine’s profits and influence as they will be able to expand social media sites to discuss their likes, dislikes and opinions.more if their readership has a disposable income. This is clear They are more likely to then easily distribute word and mouthin the ABC1 pie chart below demonstrating that a majority about the magazine and expand to a further unique and newwho purchase the magazine do have the money to spare to audience. Through this Q magazine can adapt their content tocontinue interest in its content. From this the magazine can appeal to their younger readers through lexis and graphology.then develop a regular readership either through However Q magazine still has a high appeal to 24-34 yearssubscriptions or just a monthly buy. I should also consider the which suggests that their content still sustains a level oftime organisation of my publication. Personally, I prefer if a maturity that allows open discussion between the twomagazine is published monthly as this allows the content to be categories. Therefore it is crucial to have younger adults tomore exclusive and feature articles and interviews of a variety. appear on the cover so that the audience can relate to thisThe time span can also allow a build up of events so there is image and have an appeal to purchase the issue. However thismore topics to discuss, such as album releases and interviews is based mainly on the conventions of society where it is nowwith high status musicians that don’t come regularly. In Q popular to be featuring younger and cool artists (music artistsmagazine’s case, when their ABC1 as well as C2DE purchase feature to relate to the music brand). Exceptions to this wouldthe magazine they feel they can get more for their money and include artists that have already made their mark on thefeel content at the time span to allow a better quality of music industry, such as John Lennon, Madonna and Michaelmagazine. This coincides with another statistic that 97% of Q Jackson. From this I know to consider a relatable cover iconmagazine readers rate Q as a quality magazine. Therefore out so that my audience can relate and purchase it.performing competitors and increasing success.