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Billboardcontents 120115130549-phpapp02

  1. 1. BY SIAN LYNESCONTENT JUXTAPOSITION OF ELEMENTSNME’s readership is aimed at young adults who are interested in The page numbers have been chosen to be displayed in aindie music. With this preference in music genre the colour scheme red in comparison to the black colour font; this enablesalso sways with darker colours such as grey and black and striking it to stand out more and also complies to the three colourcolours such as red. They incorporated this as their house style and palette pattern (red, white, black). Interestingly inis clear within this contents page as they have featured their logo comparison to Billboard, arrows are used to point out theabove the contents and a wob style (white text on black) sub- articles featured ‘ON THE COVER’ rather than displayedheadings to categorise all the articles. This gives the contents a them in a whole category by themselves. Not only doesmore dramatic impact on the audience and appeals to their male this make the article appear more exclusive amongst themajority readers as well. But the red is a universally appealing rest in their displayed categories but it also connotatescolour so would also attract the female buyers of the magazine. The that someone is pointing to read that particular article.content orientates its articles around an image with a small By this method the reader can arguably find forparagraph to associate with it. A plug is also used beside thecontents which is strategically important as this page will be the themselves articles featured on the cover lines whichmost viewed as the reader will turn to this page to find things that interested them but also guides them to articles ofinterest them the most and pick and choose their preferences. The similar conventions such as ‘Features’ in this case. Thisplug advertises a subscription to the magazine and is in striking can then attract the reader to become a regular reader asyellow font against a contrasting black background which makes it they discover articles that interest them more. The whitestand out against the white background house style which is space between the contents listings in quite large, this isadopted through the rest of the magazine. The brand uses a possibly because they used a bold capitalised sans serifconsistent sans serif font for their text as it is a more powerful style font as a topic heading and would confuse against anyand arguably less feminine that serif fonts which are assumed. other text.