Billboard: Magazine Analysis


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Billboard: Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. COLOUR COVERLINESHere Billboard conforms to the three colour palette but very simply. The The main cover line “BEYONCE” in capitals is the centre of visualdark blue is present in the main cover line, the lime green relates to the interest so it clear that it relates to the main image. The text ismasthead fill of the„d‟ in the smallest cover lines, and wob is used by presented as a gradient from white, left to dark blue, right. Thiswhite text on the gradient background. The mise-en-scene of the central allows it to match the colour pallet of the magazine and drawimage of the dress adds contrast to the dark background; making it stand attention to it in comparison to the solid/defined colour of otherout more. The only exception to the colour palette rule is the masthead text. The minor cover lines in relation to the main cover line are used to entice the reader, firstly by using single nouns such aslogo which the „b‟ is filled with red, this is the regular appearance of the “Singer. Actress.Businesswoman.Philanthropist.” in a smaller fontlogo so this same exception resumes for every issue. Overall the blue to positively sum up their main feature in the magazine. The wordtheme gives the magazine a cool feel which also makes it transmit „PLUS‟ on the cover also gives connotations to the reader that thereconnotations of being trendy. This colour also shows superiority that is is more „for your money‟ and extra content in the magazine. A plugnormally a male stereotyped colour so adds to the powerful „women‟s is also used: „Paramore hits the road as headliner‟ to attract themusic# theme. reader into the music group‟s latest activities and want to be a part of it. Another cover line appears around a blue lined circle which immediately strengthens the importance of the subject in comparison to the other cover lines.AUDIENCE FONTS Firstly, it is important to pointThe audience for this out that significant cover storiesmagazine would be are displayed in capitals whereasprimarily young women as least significant articles are inabove the masthead lower case such as „Rising Star‟.“women‟s music” is The thin and wide font usedprominent; attracting in consistently for the main coverwomen as they can relate to lines gives the magazine a chic and fashionable look. This fontthe theme of the magazine. also correlates with the targetThe central image of music audience of women as it is noticon, Beyonce, would too thick and therefore intrusive;attract her fans and young appealing to their primarywomen who can relate to audience of women. Theher age. Men would be the emboldened fonts connotate tosecondary audience who the audience that the cover linewould be drawn to other or subject is significant againsttopics or are regular the rest such as „Lady Gaga‟. Thisreaders of Billboard. The strategy also balances the fontscolour blue would also and giving the page more variety.subconsciously appeal tomen but is also a mutualappealing colour when SPACING & OTHERdiverged with the picture of COMMENTa female. Billboard is an American magazine as well as an internationallyMAIN IMAGE recognised music chart which has a variety of different music genresThe cover image is of within the charts. The magazinefemale singer, Beyonce however focuses on mainstream BY SIAN LYNESwhich reinforces the music such as pop/dance which has a mass audience in comparison to„women‟s music‟ theme THE MASTHEAD other genres. Therefore artists oragain and appeals to their other music relations regularlyprimary focus audience for appear on the cover in relation to The masthead conforms to the rule of thirds as the Billboardthis issue of women. With their success or rising achievement logo and tag line take up the entire spacing. Billboard‟s logo isthe icon‟s hands on her hip in the Billboard 100 chart (the very simple with iconic coloured circles in the lettering. As thewith a strong posture this overall chart sales). The magazine logo fills the masthead from left to right it enables theconveys power and is published on a weekly basis in magazine to be immediately recognisable on the shelf and the same timing as the regularindependence of the stand out against other magazines. The central image chart updates. Billboard circulatesperson. This therefore takes obscures part of the masthead which suggests it is already a 19,000 a week, but has been ina lot of the middle space in recognisable magazine and connotates to the audience that it decline and prolongs recognitionthe rule of thirds. Text is mainly from its web and chart is a reputable magazine if they have not read it before. Theavoided on the top of the based industries. The spacing is line „women‟s music‟ above the logo immediately informs theimage (except for neutral as a lot of text is used as the audience about the theme of the magazine before buying it.BEYONCE) which shows bottom left and right of the cover Unlike „RollingStone‟ magazine the banner does not fit withinthat the cover artist is with spacing between the top left the masthead but at the bottom right corner. This gives the and right text. This spacing in theimportant and no central image and coverlines more space to display. The central rule of thirds balance thecompromise is taken to kerning of the logo is also very close but does touch which cover so it is not over cluttered andshow the full image of the makes it more distinguishable to read and adds a simple & the customer is not bombardedimportant artist. with the magazine‟s offers. modern look to the cover.